Best Vegan Burger with less calories

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Trying to narrow down to the best vegan/plant burger out there? Not too many calories please



  • mikhnpaitsmum
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    I like to use the beyond ground and make my own patties. Can make them smaller and keep the calories down. Usually get 6 from 1 package.
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    Boca Burgers! They're only 70-80 calories for the original one. Some are higher.
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    Make them yourself, much cheaper, healthier, and you have total control over the ingredients and calorie level. There are countless super easy vegan burger recipes out there.
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    Most of the time we use boca burgers because we like the taste and calories. Our adult child prefers Morningstar Farms (the classic brand, not the newer Incogmeato version). MF is a bit higher calories than Boca, but not as much as the Impossible-type brands.

    I've tried most of the newer types of vegan burgers (because I got them free or nearly free) and my favorite was Meatless Farms. I can't imagine purchasing any of these on a normal basis, though, both for price and calories.
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    I'm pretty fond of this one-- I usually add some TVP or plant-based meat crumble to bump up the protein, but the original recipe is pretty good on its own :)
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    I'm not a fake meat fan. If I want a sandwich-y thing that's burger adjacent, I just use sliced smoked tofu, or marinated/amended (by me) plain tempeh. I've eaten other commercial patty-type things that were OK, but not wonderful to me; and I've made various homemade ones that were OK, but not enough better than tempeh to be worth the trouble, to me.

    I tried that g*dawful Impossible Burger thing as a sample at Costco, and it tasted like a regular low-to-mid-ish quality beef burger, as best I remember how beef burgers tasted when I last ate one back in 1974. Since I never liked meat much in the first place, it was a nonstarter for me (and the only reason I used the term "g*dawful" - it may delight those who did like meat). If I liked meat, probably I'd try some of the quasi-meat commercial flavors of tempeh.
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    They're all so disappointing, aren't they? None of the ones you can buy in a store are very good and most have 5 or fewer grams of protein. Trader Joe's has (or had) a high-protein one, but it was un-delicious. We try to buy the Dr. Praeger's ones, but they can be pricy and hard to find. Honestly, we should really just make our own and freeze them, but who has the time?
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    My favorite so far is the Impossible burger but it really depends on how its cooked and spiced it can vary from restaurant to restaurant or how its cooked at home. Its not low calorie though. My wife mixed Impossible ground, impossible sausage, green chile, and stuffed it with Miyoko's cheese and it was an awesome fat burger when we grilled them but they were really high calorie.

    Probably the best low calorie option is Boca Burger but they are an acquired taste. You can move to more veggie type burgers that might have lower calorie options but they aren't like a traditional burger. Gardein makes a pretty good burger too. I think most of these are all sodium bombs if you are watching your salt intake.

    We've had some grilled tofu burgers that were really good but like Impossible burgers it all depends on how they are cooked and spiced.
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    As others have said, Boca original seems to be the lowest in calories. Personally, I don't much like them. I do like the Boca Spicy Chicken burgers; I think they are 130 calories (as opposed to something like 80), but I'd rather have something that will leave me happy and satisfied and rather than something I don't much like that will cause food cravings later. I also like some of the Gardein brand products.

    One option I like is getting Impossible "meat" and creating burgers out of that plus a flax "egg" or two, low calorie bread crumbs, and some shredded vegetables and favourite spices.

    Among fake meats, I like Field Roast sausages and roasts best; they are made with minimally processed ingredients, have lots of protein, and taste good. They aren't especially low in calories, but they are pretty filling. One of those alongside veggies or a salad makes a very good post-workout meal.
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    This one is 90 calories and pretty good. My mom doesn’t like fake meats but actually liked it.

    Haven’t tried this one yet but it’s on the list for my next shopping trip.

    I found these at Publix in the salad/produce section with the tofu.

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    Speaking of portabella/portobello mushrooms (a.k.a. overgrown creminis), a good-sized cap, grilled or roasted, possibly after marinating in something flavorful before cooking, makes an excellent sandwich.

    Not a lot of protein (in that quantity), but also not many calories, so it almost reaches my personal rule of thumb for protein/calorie ratio - I figure any single ingredient with 10 or fewer calories (from all macros) per protein gram is a decent vegetarian protein source (subject to issues with essential amino acid (EAA) balance, of course).

    Plain portobellos run around 10.5 calories per protein gram.
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    I don't have many fake meats (in fact this is the only one I do like) but I love the Co-Op Incredible Burgers (uk). With Leon Love Burger sauce and lots of salad 😋
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    I think it's all relative to what macros you're looking for. The more protein and fat = more calories. More carbs and veggies based = less calories.
    I personally like the gardein options because they have more protein, and less carbs/fat for the calories.
    Beyond has a lot of protein but also fat.
    Burgers like Amy's are nice, but not enough protein for my macros.
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    Boca Burgers! They're only 70-80 calories for the original one. Some are higher.

    I've only tried 2 brands of the burgers, Boca and Morningstar. I made the mistake of buying Morningstar this last time, they're higher calorie and I don't like them as much. Boca would be my pick but as I said, haven't tried the others. Boca does have less calories and good flavor.