How long, and how many?



  • hunnahs26
    hunnahs26 Posts: 288 Member
    On and off for a few years. Changed accounts quite a few times actually
  • MamaNessa228
    MamaNessa228 Posts: 29 Member
    Over ten years.. This is probably my third username previously BootyShakingBadass and BeamingBadass.. I might have had one other a long time ago...
  • fitishbyfifty
    fitishbyfifty Posts: 23 Member
    This month marks 10 years I’ve been on and off MFP. Initially, I lost 47 pounds and was 6 pounds from my goal when I started getting burned out/lazy with logging my food. Logging food works for me as long as I stay consistent. I believe this is my 4th account 😬😂😂😂
  • SwannySez
    SwannySez Posts: 5,846 Member
    Since 2012. Just the one name. Oh so many memories.
  • kinetixtrainer2
    kinetixtrainer2 Posts: 8,042 Member
    Since 2015. Same name, same account. 😁
  • KL1887
    KL1887 Posts: 71 Member
    Roughly 2015/2016 time, this is my second account. Someone (not sure if friend or a random) attempted to hack my social media and like an idiot I had them all linked. So I wiped everything, took a three month break and started again, now to build back up my 1200 day plus streak 😩
  • angiep0910
    angiep0910 Posts: 11 Member
    Hi, I’m Angie from Arizona. Started 4 years ago, same account. I just reactivated a few weeks ago. My girlfriend encouraged me to get back on the app to track my food and activity. Is anyone else following the Mediterranean diet?
  • SomeMFPuser
    SomeMFPuser Posts: 53 Member
    I setup my initial account in 2014 and kept it very active for about 4 years (lost 50+lbs, etc...)

    Since then, work and life demands pulled me in different directions at various points. When I knew there'd me many months of not logging in, I deleted my accounts to prevent hacking issues. Probably 3 different times, actually.

    Looks like life has become a little more settled now so I plan on hanging on as long as I can with this one.
  • LoveyChar
    LoveyChar Posts: 3,893 Member
    Only one account ever and I've had it since October 2015. I rarely pop in here, anymore, though.
  • Singing_Banshee
    Singing_Banshee Posts: 44 Member
    Yea where is everyone?
    this place is no longer active 😔
  • ReenieHJ
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    Yea where is everyone?
    this place is no longer active 😔

    I know. :( T'is very quiet at times.
  • honey_honey_12
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    ReenieHJ wrote: »
    Yea where is everyone?
    this place is no longer active 😔

    I know. :( T'is very quiet at times.

    That’s such a nice way of putting it.

    It’s flat out boring most of the time these days.