Must Finish the Entire Bag

Last night I felt like I wanted a little something sweet after dinner. I rummaged through my pantry and ran into a forgotten unopened bag of coconut clusters. I had received a large basket of goodies for my birthday and thought I had gotten rid of everything but there they were. Part of me was excited and the other part knew what was about to go down. I ate one and couldn't think of anything but eating the rest. I tried to eat a piece of fruit but of course that didn't work. Now, I know myself and if I continue to try to find healthy substitutes, I'm just going to eat the thing I want in the end. Of course I ate all four servings in the bag and felt so satisfied at the time. I wasn't sad, stressed, or bored but there was a back and forth that went on in my head for over an hour. I just couldn't rest till that bag was gone.

Now it's the middle of the night. I feel hot and nauseated (perhaps a high blood sugar, but I'm not a diabetic thankfully). Why do I absolutely need to finish the entire bag? Anyone else have this weird quirk? This has been a lifelong thing. I also just needed to vent.


  • yirara
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    Yes, I do the same. For that reason I make sure I don't have big portions of anything at home. And if I want something that I can only get in a bigger bag then I account for it.
  • chris89topher
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    I have that problem too. Usually, if I get a craving for something or want to try a new "treat", I buy the smallest possible amount, eat what I want and trash the rest. Otherwise it's going down. I don't have self control with candy like things, especially at night.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    log it and move on. all you can do

    most of the time, with most things, I have decent self control. SOME things... not so much. or... not at all. I generally avoid having those things in the house unless I am willing to sacrifice the calories for it (and I do allow it to happen from time to time. and by that I mean a couple of times a year- not a month LOL) because an entire package of nutter butter wafer cookies... is a WHOLE lotta calories. ;)
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    Thanks guys. I appreciate the responses. It's good to know it's a fairly common problem. I try to buy single serving things for this reason however no one seems to sell certain things I love like single slices of pecan pie lol. Yes, I will definitely log everything even though I'm not fond of over negative 1000 calorie balance in red. Love nutter butters too! Peanut butter anything really. Wanting to be more mindful this go around and hoping not to yo-yo back up again.
  • TxTiffani
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    I lose all control with some things (a certain couple of chocolate candies specifically) where I seriously feel like an addict. If I eat these candies then I almost have an out of body experience that I feel I cannot stop eating them and then it gives me practically insatiable cravings for them for days! I don’t know why I am wired this way as I know ppl who can eat a little and be satisfied and fine. I may just not eat these things as an addict to something must completely abstain, or maybe when I’m to goal I’ll try again and see if it’s something I can eat a little of and quit. Time will tell.
  • ReenieHJ
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    Raising hand to admit same. :(

    Future reference, throw something like that right in the trash. :/ I have to or else it's settling in nicely right around my middle. I make dh hide irresistible stuff like that.
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    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    For some people, for some foods, it can work to pre-portion a big bag/container into individual portions (bags or other containers) as part of putting the groceries away . . . even freezing some of those portions, where the food type allows. Not a panacea, though.

    Brains are weird.

    I'm a completist so this is exactly what I do. I'm good until I open the bag or box so, once that happens, I make little 100 calorie snack bags of cereal or chips or popcorn or whatever. Whatever is easily mindlessly eaten from handfuls to mouth.
  • SoleTrainer60
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    Hey Nursegirl_jax ,I have such a terrible time staying away from sweets. I seem to crave them mostly at night. I also have other healthy snacks that I could eat, but always go for the sweets.Oh, do I wish I could break this terrible habit. We must try to change our mindset and reach for healthier snacks. 🙂 We can do this !
  • elisa123gal
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    yeah.. I feel you. I have to throw every chocolate out and any other food I find tempting. I set my house up for success, or I'll fall off the wagon.
    When I read how people on here have family members who have bags of chips, cookies ..and ice cream? I admire them for coping with that.
  • Nursegirl_jax
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    I've found my people here on MFP!

    Unfortunately pre portioning or freezing certain desserts doesn't work for me. Once, I nearly broke my teeth on some frozen fudge. Bought a variety pack and convinced myself I could have one or two pieces a day. Finished a toddler sized shoe box full of fudge in 2 days. My dad is the same way. He had 2 pints of ice cream untouched from a party and ate it all in one day so perhaps it's a environmental thing. Also, I really do think certain foods have an addictive quality about them.

    Three days after the coconut cluster incident I feel back on track. The day after is always the hardest because I find myself wanting to eat whatever (like I'm detoxing). If I didn't have a nice big meal sized salad planned with lots of protein a good fats, I'd backslide really fast.
  • anew45
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    You may have to high of a calorie deficit. I find when I hit the sweet spot of a maintainable calorie deficit I don’t binge eat. I also have times when my cardio gets high for a prolonged period of time which puts me into a huge deficit and can lead to a binge. The other tell tale sign for me is that when I don’t feel bad about the binge it’s normally because I really need the calories. Longevity is much more important than a quick fix so if you are loosing weight to fast I would slightly adjust your calories to get out of an unhealthy/unsustainable lifestyle. If you don’t want to increase your scheduled calories you may just want to keep an eye open to seasons of super high activity and add 100 calories here and there to keep yourself in check before the binge.
  • Hollis100
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    That type of food is a trigger food for me. I don't bring it home, or if somebody gives it to me as a gift, I throw it away when the person is gone, or pour water on it and ruin it, get rid of it. People used to put candy gifts on my desk during the holidays and I would always get rid of it when the person was gone.

    If I want a piece of chocolate, I eat one piece outside the house. I don't let myself feel guilty about wasting edible food -- I read somewhere that I am not a trash can and remind myself of that thought.

    I've also read that there are two kinds of people, moderators and abstainers. I'm definitely an abstainer. If I don't eat it, I don't miss it and don't feel deprived. Other people are moderators and can easily have a little every day. They would feel deprived if they had to do without.

    We each have to work through this ourselves.