Just Give Me 10 Days -Round 177



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    I’m 5’7, 29 years old, female. I follow a lifting
    program and would like to decrease my body fat while maintaining muscle mass.

    My starting weight in Oct 2021 was 156.6

    Goals: stay in a mild calorie deficit, hit 110-140 grams of protein per day, 20-30 minutes of cardio on lifting days (4xweek, non-work days), complete all 6 programmed strength training sessions during my 4 days off per week

    Previous Rounds
    169 150->151.2 (150.9) 🦃
    170 151.2->148.3 (150.5)
    171 148.5 -> 147.9 (147.8)
    172 147.9-> 150.3 (147.9) 🎄
    173 147.7-> 151(?) 🎆
    174 150.5 -> 147.4 (149.1)
    175 146.6 -> 143.5 (145.7)
    176 143.9-> 144.8 (144.9) ❄️

    Previous Posts
    2/6 Got a new phone today. iPhones are so seamless to upgrade that it never really feels like you get a new phone. Did a Turkish get up, deadlift, push-up work up and then leg day for strength. Hit 215 for sets of 4 on back squat. I’ve been eating at a higher calorie level for the past week and still feel pretty hungry. Having lots of fun watching the Olympics! Back to work tomorrow for a couple days. Protein: 142

    2/7 work 1/2. The hospital is getting military nurses for the Covid surge.. buuut the surge is ending and we are in the process of closing beds to Covid to convert back to neuro 🤷‍♀️ Still having fun watching the Olympics. Roasted cauliflower, farro, tomato, spinach dish with tofu for dinner. Protein: 128

    2/8 work 2/2. Shadowing in the cath lab tomorrow. Mojo black bean and kale bowls with seitan for dinner. Protein: 128

    2/9 Super nice day here today! Did a rowing sprint workout, took a walk, push day for strength. 115# for sets of 4 bench press. I was curious about my form on deficit push-ups and had my husband take a video and was surprised at how jacked my back is looking. Roasted cauliflower, bean, tahini soup with tofu for dinner. Protein: 160


    2/6 144.4
    2/7 145.5
    2/8 146.1
    2/9 145.7
    2/10 145 Another really nice day! I did a kettlebell swing, farmer’s carry, weighted deadbug workout, took two walks (my dog was so happy), and did a pull day with lots of deadlifts for strength. Mushroom stroganoff with seitan for dinner. Protein: 168

    You pack in a lot of protein! Hard for me to do. Would you mind sharing your sources?

    I’ve been curious about the same thing too! I eat meat and it can be a struggle to get to 130g for me.