Women 200lb+, Let's Be Majestic This March!!!



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    commenting real quick to make it easier for another user to find.
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    tahitig wrote: »
    Thank you all for being patient enough to hear my motivation again and again - it means so much !

    Basically, I lied on a form required to reserve a small float plane for a trip to a remote spot in Alaska in July so that my mother can see the grizzly bears up close on her 90th birthday. 🐻🐻🐻

    I reported my weight at 195 pounds when in fact it was 215.
    If I don't make my flight weight, and that includes jacket and boots, we could be denied the chance to
    board, and my mother could miss her bucket-list wish.

    I won't disappoint her, so I have to make it down to 185 by our trip!

    Last month, I complained about a 3-week plateau, but it finally budged --yay!

    This month, it's definitely Onederland time.
    That'll be a big boost, as I'll finally be on the downhill side of this weight loss goal.

    SW: January 1: 215
    CW: 200
    March goal: Onederland and a few more
    July goal: 185

    You've made AMAZING progress, @swimmom_1 !

    Thank you and you can do it! I have faith in you!

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    thank you ❤️😊 great loss for you too! 😁
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    Hey y’all! I’m Val. .....
    I had lost 30 lbs but have gained half of it back. I’m getting back on the bandwagon because I am not giving up. 💪🏽I need to do this for myself, also for my son and my sister who also struggle with weight.


    My plan that works is to log my food daily and to excersize no less than every other day . Also to drink my water no less than 8 cups and to eat more fruits and veggies with each meal.

    I learned to set small goals because they are more realistic for me and just build from that. So my goal this month is to lose 10 pounds.

    I’m so glad I found this discussion for 200 lbs plus. Looking to encourage and to be encouraged! 🥰

    Hi Val! You got this!

    SW 230
    march 2 230
    march 3 229.5
    march 4 227.4

    GW 190
    UGW 150-175