Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 179



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    3/1 267.6
    3/2 266
    3/3 265.2
    3/4 263.4
    3/5 262

    Dcotors call back on the 14th to see if I can go back on Orlistat (diet pills). Was on them in 2012 and lost 50lbs in 6 months. Hopefully will be able to get them again.
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    Round 179 (my 15th)
    February 26, 2022 - March 7, 2022
    Female, 5’7”
    HW: 181 pounds (Dec 30, 2019)
    Previous Rounds:
    R164 SW: 164.7, EW: 162.3
    R165 EW: 161.2
    R166 EW: 157.4
    R167 EW: 157.0
    R168 EW: 153.7
    R169 EW: 154.3 - Thanksgiving week
    R170 EW: 149.9
    R171 EW: 151.0 - Travel almost the entire round
    R172 EW: 149.7 - Christmas holidays
    R173 EW: 148.6
    R174 EW: 146.8
    R175 EW: 145.5
    R176 EW: 143.5
    R177 EW: 142.4
    R178 EW: 140.2
    RSW: 140.2 pounds (02/25/22, EO Round 178)
    RGW: 139 pounds (-1.2 pounds)

    2/26: 141.5 - Had a fun dinner party at our house last night with some old work friends. Did get my workout in at the start of my day and was running around all day getting everything prepped. I decided to stop counting calories after I pre-logged and even the most minimal of servings of what I made put me over the goal. This next week I will have to work hard to get back down to where I ended the last round, just in time to travel and eat out the last few days of the round.
    2/27: 141.3 - Although I’ve been exercising and getting a lot of move points on my Apple Watch, I’m disappointed in myself the last 2 nights of late night eating. Totally within my control, but need to stop it. What the two evenings have in common were that my eating patterns were out of the norm. Night 1 was the dinner party - fine to go over calories, but really no need to keep eating after the guests have left. Last night was a hockey game - ate dinner early and had a lot of calories left to meet goal. Guess what I did at 10pm? I recognize the issue, but don’t yet quite have my habit/strategy in place to combat it every time.
    2/28: 140.2 - Yay! Back to where I ended the last round. Focused on my calories yesterday. Did my normal workout plus a 3.5 mile walk. Good sleep.
    3/1: 140.4 - Interval workout and a short walk. Normal eating, a little high on carbs/fat. Slept well.
    3/2: 140.4 - Interval workout and a short walk. Normal eating.
    3/3: 140.4 - Holding steady. I'll get a workout in today before getting in a car for 5 hours.
    3/4: - DNW - traveling and no scale. Got my workout in before a 5 hour drive. Eating was within calories but barely as I had to estimate dinner.
    3/5: - DNW - traveling and no scale. 8 plus miles of walking yesterday to counteract eating out for brunch and dinner.
    3/6: - DNW - traveling and no scale
    3/7: -

    Total round weight loss/gain to date from EO last round: + 0.2 pounds

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    Female 5’1” Age 72 years
    Started Keto WOE 7/17/17 (mid-Rnd 10)
    *Travel - no scale part of the time
    HWE 197.0 (2/2008)
    Weight on 1/17/17 174.5
    OGW 137 (set by WW 2008, WW goal 1985 was 126) UGW was 125 (HS weight 1968)
    Maintaining below 120

    👍👍This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE👍👍
    Rnd 7 167.0 to Rnd 17 155.5
    To Rnd 27 146*
    To Rnd 37 139.0
    To Rnd 47 133.5*
    To Rnd 57 131.5
    To Rnd 67 128.0
    To Rnd 77 125.0
    To Rnd 87 121.0*
    To Rnd 97 121.0
    To Rnd 107 122.0
    To Rnd 117 116.0
    To Rnd 127 117.0
    To Rnd 137 117.0
    To Rnd 147 116.0
    To Rnd 157 115.5
    SW Rnd 157 115.5 AW 114.75
    SW Rnd 158 115.5 AW 115.8
    SW Rnd 159 115.5 AW 116.3
    SW Rnd 160 118.0 AW 118.0
    SW RND 161 117.0 AW 117.45
    SW RND 162 117.0 AW 117.6
    SW RND 163 117.0 AW 118.45
    SW RND 164 117.5 AW 118.05
    SW RND 165 118.0 AW 118.02
    SW RND 166 120.0 AW 118.2
    SW RND 167 119.5 AW 119.4
    SW RND 168 117.5 AW 118.9
    SW RND 169 119.5 AW 119.85
    SW RND 170 122.0. AW 118.6
    SW RND 171 117.0 AW 119.05
    SW RND 172 118.0 AW 119.05
    SW RND 173 119.5. AW 118.6
    SW RND 174 118.5 AW 119.3
    SW RND 175 118.0 AW 118.2
    SW RND 176 117.0 AW 117.75
    SW RND 177 118.5 AW 118.3
    SW RND 178 119.5 AW 118.7

    We ALL have good rounds and bad but that is part of life. Don’t stay away, stay accountable. We don’t judge, we support.-Jpv,2/13/19

    What we need to succeed is a sustainable way of eating, not a DIET we go on and off.

    People say keto/LCHF isn’t sustainable. I’ve been doing it for over 4.5 years with amazing results!

    This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE.

    **Comments apply to previous day**

    SW RND 179 118.0
    2/26 118.5 In-n-Out Flying Dutchman seemed really salty to me but salt doesn’t usually make me gain. 🤷‍♀️
    2/27 119.5 (No TMI x 2?) Sewing day today and low carb snacky lunch.
    2/28 119.5 Somewhat productive sewing day. Enough other movement that I didn’t end up with a headache due to arthritis in my neck. DD#2 was there, I took her home after. DGD#3 came down to hug me and I felt DGGB#1 move - 21 weeks down, 19 to go. Art Quilts, etc this morning and I’m off!
    3/1 119.0 1/2 Greek salad for dinner w/steak for dinner yesterday’s OMAD after 20 hour IF, tonight burgers (from the grill) and veg.
    3/2 119.0 I know I have been lacking in the most important macro lately - protein. I need to make more of an an effort to get that in.
    3/3 119.0 Drank half of a high protein coffee yesterday before DH said he was hungry. We went to El Pollo Loco. I ate a thigh and leg (these pieces keep getting smaller and smaller,) the Loco Salad was nothing but iceberg lettuce (I ate half,) the broccoli was good. I’ll finish the coffee today when I break my fast. I’m beginning to think the scale is stuck. EDIT: almost 8.5 hours of sleep!
    3/4 119.5 Ghengis Grill for early lunch yesterday-chicken and veg, 3 small meat only tacos at 6PM
    3/5 119.0 This is weird. And today I’m baking a ham. What was I thinking buying a 12# ham for two people? We’ll see what happens.🤷‍♀️

    @AR10at50 I find the protein coffee very satisfying. I seem to have gotten away from doing that first thing in the morning. Perhaps that is what has my scale is doing this weirdness.
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    @_JeffreyD_ I’m sorry about your neighbor. We have a friend going through something similar. Don’t know what’s wrong with her but I’m and out of the hospital/rehab/home for the last 3 weeks. She told her husband she wants to die because of the pain and asked his permission yesterday “to go.” Married about 60 years. Not on hospice but maybe after the PET scan a doctor can order that. Tests a year or so ago showed nothing. It’s so sad. Prayers for your neighbor’s family and friends and for ours.

    @quiltingjaine your note is amazing because the evening before I talked to them about giving her permission to go. I believe "it's a thing."