Women 200lb+, Let's Be Majestic This March!!!



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    Username: EDTake2
    Weigh In Day: Mondays
    2/28/22: 200.4
    3/7/22: 197.4
    3/14/22: 197.8
    3/21/22: 194.6

    Goal for March: get to low 190's (193lb - 191lb) - my birthday will be end of March and would love to be out of the obese category which is 190 or less (birthday wish ;) )

    Work is still very busy, it will be like this until April 19th. There is no time to exercise at all, but I am trying to get my steps in (as much as I can). I am happy with the meal preps and measuring ahead of time though, it is really working (the anxiety and stress I was feeling during team lunch at work last week is almost gone). I have been measuring and counting calories for 70 days, not doing it for even one day makes me feel out of balance. I guess this habit has been built :) On to the next one, the exercise habit.

    10 more days left to my birthday, hopefully I can make it to goal :#
  • _manny_702
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    Age: 33
    Height: 5' 11"
    Highest weight: 282lbs 10/2021

    My goals for March are:
    👉 hit 215 or lower
    👉 drink more water, at least 80oz a day
    👉 incorporate intermittent fasting into my routine 2 times a week
    Last week:
    👉 establish circuit training routine ❌️
    👉 don't deprive myself ✔️
    This week:
    👉 Try the circuit thing again
    👉 Attempt 1-24 hour fast
    👉 Actually drink the powdered greens that taste disgusting 😒

    March 7: 227.5
    March 14: 223.3
    March 21: 219.2
    March 28:
  • bonniemcc4
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    I was able to do my seated exercise video just now. The pain isn’t gone but it’s improved quite a bit so I wanted to take advantage of that while also being careful. I don’t think I’m able to do my walking again yet so the seated exercise seemed the wise choice.
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    _manny_702 wrote: »
    Age: 33
    Height: 5' 11"
    Highest weight: 282lbs 10/2021

    My goals for March are:
    👉 hit 215 or lower

    March 7: 227.5
    March 14: 223.3
    March 21: 219.2

    You should know that generally speaking, you aren't going to lose 5 lbs a week every week. Or no one would have problems losing weight.
  • hap2go
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    SW 230
    march 2 SW 230
    march 3 229.5
    march 4 227.4

    march 7 227.2 (it was a... not so good for my weight loss journey weekend so...)
    march 8 227.8 well THAT'S the wrong direction (although in all fairness, I forgot to weigh before I got dressed...)
    march 9 226 (phew better)

    on spring break - I was hoping to just maintain since we were road tripping looking at schools for my daughter but I still managed to close all my activity rings every day AND lost a few more pounds! YAY!

    march 21 223.8

    march goal weight 215 ( I dont think this will happen but Ill be thrilled if I get under 220!)
    GW 190
    UG 150-175

    Total March loss so far 6.2 lbs slow and steady right?

  • _manny_702
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    I'm aware, I haven't been lucky to lose 4 per week, I've worked my butt off and have been fasting to achieve what I want. Everyone drops weight differently, especially depending on how much work they put in. All of February I dealt with the scale not moving Mondays through Wednesdays and sometimes until Thursdays. I didn't stop or give up, I experimented. I researched fasting and implemented it into my routine to see if it would benefit me, turns out that it does. I also realized my Sunday meals, due to not being home, were loaded with salt and I made adjustments.
    Generally speaking, if you hit a wall, you research what your options are or mix things up. Trying new things can alter your progress (good or bad), but you decide what works best for you and never assume what works for one will work for all. I wish you the best this week.
  • justanotherloser007
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    _manny_702 wrote: »
    I'm aware, I haven't been lucky to lose 4 per week, I've worked my butt off
    I was not suggesting by any stretch of the imagination that you weren't working incredibly hard! I am suggesting other things.

  • kenziestabes
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    We will see what tomorrow (my actual weigh in day) brings, but this morning I was at 197. Hopefully that or less when I wake up tomorrow.
  • _manny_702
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    Look, your comment is legitimate and there are many people who need to understand that comment. I know you were not implying that I don't put the work in, I just felt I needed to state the facts so that others could get a better understanding of how I was achieving my loss. Because you are right, some won't be able to lose 5 pounds a week. When my body adapts and I hit that wall, I'll have to change something and I'm ok with that. We are here to support eachother and if something works for me, I have no problem sharing it because it could help someone else. 😊
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    Hoping to be in the 250's again soon woop woop.

    3/18 264.8
    3/19 262.8
    3/20 262.8
    3/21 262
    3/22 262
  • CupcakeCrusoe
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    Good morning everyone!

    I got a nice little drop on the scale in the middle of TOM for a change, I think it's because I've been tracking my intake so closely this time around- I'm always a hunger monster during PMS.

    Anyway! I mentioned to my husband that a petty reason I have to lose weight is to show my stepmother in law, who is always complaining about needing to lose weight but never actually doing anything about it. And he turned it into a positive: a lot of sports stars, including Michael Jordan (!) used to find the smallest reasons to be ticked off at or offended by their opponents to fuel their competitive work they put in.


    I fully expected him to just call me a petty *kitten*, lol. I married the right one, folks.

    Tag party time!
    @bonniemcc4 I can't bring my phone into work. :( But I did take a nice long walk at the end of the day, so I have 5k steps I know I took, plus whatever I did at work, so I think I made it. Thanks for the suggestion! You are making really good progress despite exercise setbacks, because weight loss happens in the kitchen. Well done. I hope the arthritis stops making itself a nuisance soon.

    @seltzer_lover I'm glad to hear your pup is alright, and it sounds like a very satisfying workout you had! 50lbs is a huge accomplishment, it will happen soon.

    @EDTake2 So happy to hear logging has become a habit for you, it really is the biggest thing to help. 10 days for under 2 lbs is totally doable. :)

    @_manny_702 you are making good progress! If what you've got going is sustainable and healthy for you, then I'm happy for you. :heart:
    I think what @justanotherloser007 was trying to say is that there will come a point when your calorie needs will be reduced (because you've gotten smaller!) and it will become impossible to make enough deficit to make 5lbs/week happen, because that's a deficit of 17500 calories a week.

    If your maintenance cals are, say, 2600 (popped that one into an online calculator for your age, weight, and height), you'd be eating 100 calories/day to make that amount of deficit happen, or burning all but 100 of your calories, which is obvs not healthy, you can't live on that. We just don't want you to either have unrealistic expectations or an unhealthy rate of loss. Seeing someone your size aiming for 5lbs/week loss sets off alarm bells in my brain, a little.

    Going slower is not failure- I blame the weight loss industry for this. I trust that you'll put the brakes on this before you start doing anything that might harm you, because I want to see you happy, healthy, and successful, not just successful. :heart:
    ..stepping off the soapbox now, sorry. My mom had an ED, and had to get hospitalized for it more than once, so this hits a little close to home. I wanted to give you my 2 cents, worth what you paid for it.

    @hap2go look at you losing weight while on vacation!

    @kenziestabes crossing my fingers for you!

    @roz0810 looking good!

    Have a great Tuesday, everyone!


  • hap2go
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    Need ideas for prep ahead breakfasts that are filling/snackable that dont include seeds/nuts (not allergic, just dont like them much) Also, need to be sure to TRACK AS I GO - if I wait until the end of the day, I overeat.
  • bridalblonde
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    Hi there! My name is Ashley, I'm 32. I used MFP in my early-mid 20s and the fell off, so here I am again. I just found this thread. I know it's the tail end of March, but I'm still gonna jump in with some end of the month goals. Feel free to add me, btw! I'm looking for friends in a similar boat so that we can support and challenge one another.

    End of Month Goals
    * Gallon of water a day (two of my Hydrojugs)
    * Log every.single.thing. & stick to meal plan
    * Stick to sleep schedule & get enough sleep (i.e. no bringing my phone into bed and scrolling tiktok for an hour past my decided bedtime)
    * No alcohol
    * Workout 5x/week
    * Meditate daily

    I think I'm going to take a break from weighing myself because I get way too in my head about it, but I will take my measurements and some progress photos tonight.
  • ladychr0nic
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    March Start Weight: 202.8
    March Goal Weight: 195
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 150

    Mar 1: 202.8
    Mar 8: 202.2
    Mar 15: 199
    Mar 22: 198
    Mar 29:

    Slowly but surely I'm heading in the right direction. Still working out everyday and feeling sooo good. I really know the gym well now and have lots of routines so I'm never bored. I'm headed to vancouver island today with my dog to see family, so I won't be able to go to the gym but we are going to go for long walks and hikes so it should be good. Still going to track and try to stay healthy.

    It's amazing see everyones progress in here! Keep up the good work ladies!!
  • seltzer_lover
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    hap2go wrote: »
    Need ideas for prep ahead breakfasts that are filling/snackable that dont include seeds/nuts (not allergic, just dont like them much) Also, need to be sure to TRACK AS I GO - if I wait until the end of the day, I overeat.

    I make egg cups so I can grab and go. I toss in veggies, sausage, rotisserie chicken meat, cheese....whatever I have on hand, really! I use a Skinnytaste.com recipe as a template, but put in whatever I have on hand instead of the recipe ingredients: https://www.skinnytaste.com/petite-crust-less-quiche/

    Or I make a frittata for the week.
  • sarah12277
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    Age 45
    Height 5'4"
    SW 249 3/2020
    CW 219
    GW for March 216
    UGW 145

    3/1: 217.4 lbs
    3/8: 217.4
    3/14: 216.8
    3/21: 218.2
    Total month loss:

    Weekly goals:
    -Continue logging on MFP
    -At least 1 day at gym
    -64 oz of water each day

    UGH to the salty corned beef. It’s all gone after today thank goodness. I hope mom gets a different one in the future.
    I did get to the gym last week and tried the rowing machine. Wasn’t Monday but got there Tuesday. Did a warm up and cool down of the treadmill with 10 minutes of rowing. That’s quite hard. I’ll add a bit more each time. Could not get to the gym last night but plan to tonight; did mail dad a book I’ve been promising so that was a win.

    Trying to plan out a bit what DH and I will do for food at the convention. Last time we struggled to get food and he joked I was starving him LOL. So planning for snacks I can moderate and making some almond butter & jelly sandwiches to take so we don’t have to have the food there that’s expensive and not great for calories. Planning out when to eat is the hardest as FOMO is real there lol. Definitely struggled with that last time. I switched to a hotel that advertises breakfast so that’s a help.
  • seltzer_lover
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    sarah12277 wrote: »
    I did get to the gym last week and tried the rowing machine. Wasn’t Monday but got there Tuesday. Did a warm up and cool down of the treadmill with 10 minutes of rowing. That’s quite hard. I’ll add a bit more each time.

    Rowing is SO HARD!! The fitness class I take often has significant rowing, and I watched a LOT of youtube videos to get my form into good shape. They really helped.

  • kenziestabes
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    Age: 26
    Height: 5'10"
    SW: 246.9 lb (07/13/2021)
    CW: 198.6 lb (3/1/2022)
    March GW: 194 lb
    GW: 165 lb
    Weight lost: 49.7
    Pounds until goal: 32.2

    3/1: 198.6
    3/8: 199.3
    3/15: 198.2
    3/22: 197.2 (-1.0 pounds)

    Can't complain. Can't complain. My gym apparently has an assisted pull-up machine, and I needed less counter weight that I thought. (115 pounds versus the 145 I thought I needed.) Going to make use of that more because it was a phenomenal arm and core workout.

    Pup got surgery this morning, so I was up earlier than I usually am, which may have thrown off my scale (due to my bladder not being fully awake). She's recovering well. Still thanking the Lord above for pet insurance.

    Managed to convince the roommate to go on a 25 minute morning walk with me. Tuesday is one of my active resting days, so light cardio only. It was fun catching up with her.
  • _manny_702
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    😅 I totally get it. It's not a usual thing for me to lose that much per week and I know that the majority of my loss is due to the 16:8 fasting. I monitor my fat/muscle/water % too because I want this done the right way so I can be as healthy as possible. I will say that while fasting I've been consuming around 1100 calories a day and I'm allowed 1600. I would never purposely eat less than 1000 for weight loss because that is an unhealthy route and not sustainable. Fasting is not for those who are prone to eating disorders, for sure. 🤔 I think my first response came off a little abrupt, but I just wanted to explain so that people wouldn't assume I was doing anything unhealthy or think that's what they should be losing. I'm in the Winter challenge (Jan, Feb, Mar) that ends this month and 215 was my goal for the end of it, which is why it's my goal here as well. Honestly, if I lost less than 1 pound per week I would still be happy because it's progress 🤷‍♀️ .
  • _manny_702
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