Women 200lb+, Let's Be Majestic This March!!!



  • sarah12277
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    Age 45
    Height 5'4"
    SW 249 3/2020
    CW 216.8
    GW for March 216
    UGW 145

    3/1: 217.4 lbs
    3/8: 217.4
    3/14: 216.8
    3/21: 218.2
    3/25: 216.8
    Total month loss: -0.6

    Weekly goals:
    -At least 1 day at gym
    -64 oz of water each day

    Made my March goal. Glad I had taken a shower this morning otherwise my weight was going to be the same. Phew. Just needed to see the 6 a bit more than I had as I’ve danced around since Oct. might have a sodium hit with this trip but showing movement prior at least.

    @CupcakeCrusoe i have intolerances so the foods last time were mostly things I can’t have. Tomatoes mostly there. Also just timing of when to eat that doesn’t interfere with missing people or panels was the issue too last time. I wish it was temptations lol. I do have those plans at Disney; I’m usually okay to moderate there but allowing the things I think are worth it.

    Pull up machine- my old trainer had me try it once. So helpful. I’m a tad intimidated to try at the current gym but one of these days I’ll give another try. I tend to watch those that use it thinking I can do that.

    Trying accessing the boards through the app now I’m now understanding the upgrade. Much usable than prior. I might be able to check in more often. Old version had the boards unreadable for me; so much better.
  • justanotherloser007
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    48 yo 5’3” 6/2013 SW 277 ((in 2021 lost 57 lbs from May 1- Dec 31))
    March goal - lose 2 lbs

    5/1 229.4
    6/1 220.2
    7/1 210.8
    8/1 203.4
    9/1 198.2
    10/1 191.6
    11/1 184
    12/1 176.2
    1/1 172.2
    2/1 172.2
    3/4/ 165.8 cycle
    3/11 164.8
    3/18 166.2
    3/25 164

    Yesterday was 162, but my peri-meno cycle is all over the place with water and for reasons I don't understand I am smaller than I was at the beginning of the month even with water weight??? I don't get it. I think I will set my goal at 2 lbs per month due to water weight reasons. That will help me be patient. Between the night sweats, and the shorter cycle that also retains water when I usually ovulate, I mean this is just confusing weight wise. Glad I know that, I bet that is why so many women feel like they can't lose weight during peri-meno the water fluctuations appear to be higher and oddly frequent for me.

    ✝️Walk at least 3-5 miles every single day!
    ✝️Be patient! Remember that increments are where it is at, and focus on habits.
    ✝️Be consistent in logging, exercise, and weighing all food.
    ✝️Remember: Total loss of over 110 lbs!!
  • CupcakeCrusoe
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    Good morning and happy Saturday, everyone!

    When you get up at 4 every morning, even 6 on the weekends is sleeping in. Small benefit, I guess.

    Tonight I'm making mediterranean food, I'm very excited about it. For today, lots of cleaning, a walk when the sun gets up, grocery run, and if I have time, painting some furniture before I relax and play video games.

    Prelogging tonight's dinner will be super necessary today. I'm going to want a little of everything.


    Anyway! Latest low on the scale today, lol, 193.6.

    Tag party time!
    @danikat15 this is a great NSV! Also, every person who has maintained weight loss that I know has a consistent exercise routine, so I think it's an excellent idea.
    @ladychr0nic sounds like you're getting a lot of good exercise in, and you earned that burger! Yum.
    @seltzer_lover it has been hilarious to watch your whoosh on the timeline, haha.
    @sarah12277 glad to hear it. Yeah, when I first discovered the boards here, there was this wealth of knowledge, it's amazing. And when you read long enough, you notice a pattern to all the advice of successful people on the boards- and then you can incorporate that advice as it might apply to you. It really helped me set my mindset.
    @justanotherloser007 it's so funny when I share water weight fluctuations with Whatsisface, he is flabbergasted. Bodies are weird! I'm glad you're trying to be more patient with yours, it's interesting how hormones affect so much.
    @KMC55 you can do it! You're absolutely right.

    Quick personal story: growing up, my brothers and sister and I would all sneak food when my mom wasn't looking. That habit followed me for such a long time, the mindset that "if no one sees, it didn't happen." Turns out, my body "sees" everything, lol. So I became the BIGGEST proponent of logging everything, ESPECIALLY when it's not part of the plan.

    Because then I have the data- and sometimes that data tells me that, no actually, you can eat a few more calories than you thought you could, and still lose weight at a decent rate. Which is what I'm figuring out now.

    I used to set my calories to something terrible, like 1200, and then I would "cheat," because I was hungry, not log it, and then my rate of loss would be slow, and I would be like, "woe is me, I can't even lose a decent amount on 1200, and I'm so hungry!" when really, I was eating more than that, I just wasn't tracking it.

    All this to say (sorry for the long story, lol!), yes, you're on the right track.

    Have a great Saturday, everyone!
  • ladychr0nic
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    March Start Weight: 202.8
    March Goal Weight: 195
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 150

    Mar 1: 202.8
    Mar 8: 202.2
    Mar 15: 199
    Mar 22: 198
    Mar 26: 195.8

    Wow I'm so happy with my loss. I've been extremely active, hiking 4 hours a day for the last 4 days on my mini vacation so it definitely paid off! I also ate really well. I'm getting good at stopping when I'm full.

    I'm almost at my March goal!

    Let's keep this up ladies!
  • goal06082021
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    I think I skipped an update post last weekend because I was traveling, but here I am now, anyway...

    Age: 30
    Height: 5'3"
    SW: 252.8 lb (11/13/2020)
    CW: 194.0 lb (3/1/2022)
    3/5: 192.4
    3/12: 192.4, again, i guess 🙄
    3/19: ??? (traveling)
    3/26: 188.8
    GW for March: 188
    GW for 2022: 146ish

    I did see 187.4 on the scale yesterday, so I'm calling that a win for the month. My Q2 workout plan starts Monday and I am once again weirdly excited about it - I think the quarterly approach is working well, keeping me from getting bored or frustrated with exercise.

    I did successfully complete Couch to 5k this month, I don't remember if I posted about it here. I did not run five full kilometers, but I did run for thirty full minutes, so that's something. For Q2 my cardio goal is to work on my mile time, but also I really want to get back to the "hikes" I was doing last year in the natural areas around me. I've mostly just been walking around the loop that is the street I live on, or occasionally around town (like for the reddit r/LoseIt Challenge Walkathon - there should be another one of those coming up around Easter-ish, I think).

    I've also cribbed an upper-body-focused workout plan from Muscle and Fitness that I'm excited to start - if it works half as well as the lower-body-focused plans I used last year I'll be thrilled. The only movement I'm a little leery of is the alternating medicine ball pushup, but I am going to attempt them and if it's too hard I'll just do incline pushups.

    I also really enjoyed the 30-day evening yoga practice "challenge" I did, so I'm going to start incorporating yoga into my weekly routine as well. I bought a mat and blocks and everything, LMAO.
  • lmgoff232
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    Age: 44
    Height: 5'10"
    HW: 290.6 (4/19/2021)
    SW: 287.4 (7/16/2021)
    CW: 222.0 (3/1/2022)

    GW for March: 217
    GW for 2022: 170
    UGW: 170

    3/5: 222.6
    3/12: 221.6
    3/19: 217.6
    3/26: 216.2

    Woo-hoo! I made my goal for the month for the first time since, I think, November. And my scale is back to behaving in a more predictable manner. Still have little bounces, like normal, but not the up and down 2 lbs every day thing that I was seeing before my week of maintenance. Also, happy that my constant hungry feeling that I was feeling before my maintenance week have subsided. So 2 wins for the break!

    I am looking at 4 places this weekend. Hoping at least one of them will work out; 2 of the 4 are outside of my comfort level for rent, but there is nothing that is close to what I want in my desired price range. So I will be doing some number crunching today to see if the higher rent is doable without being so broke that I can't do anything else, lol.

    Good job all on the amazing dedication and progress you have made. I ❤️ this group!

    Goals for March
    - Meet protein goal at least 3x weekly ✔️ 3 of 7
    - Meet fiber goal at least 3x weekly ✔️ 5 of 7
    - Eat out no more than 1x per week ❌️ ate out 2 time last week, but one of them was healthy-ish (sushi)
    - Get minimum of 6000 steps daily ❌️ 5 of 7
    - Drink minimum of 8 glasses water daily ❌️ 6 of 7
    - Take a day of self-care: Day off work, massage, and manicure/pedicure - I am planning on taking some PTO next Friday, but will delay the massage/mani/pedi until after I have moved. I did take a mid-day break this week to get my greys covered though, and apparently I have developed an intolerance for the hair dye 😞 Will be trying a semi-permenant organic version next time and hope it works, or else I am going to have to learn how to love rocking my grey hair, lol
  • justanotherloser007
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    edited March 2022
    Lookin good @goal06082021!
    @ladychr0nic where are you hiking on your mini-vacay? Sounds like a ton of fun!! I miss hiking, maybe soon.
    @CupcakeCrusoe is there any particular reason you get up at 4am? I ended up with a 4am habit with no real reason for it. It is nice to know that there could be a reason to get up that time every day.

    My hubby is a cajun, and while I am German/Polish I thought that this Lent I would try my hand at a pescatarian diet (meaning, I have been struggling to learn how to cook fish/shrimp). I have been cooking shrimp for a few weeks, and every time I make it the hubby says things like, "what kind of shrimp is this? something isn't right about it" etc. etc. Granted, I am all like, shrimp is shrimp is shrimp all tastes the same to me. I accidentally figured out what his issue is! In the cookbooks, they all say "Never overcook shrimp" "overcooked shrimp is rubbery, never do that" even in the instant pot they are very careful about preventing rubbery shrimp.

    Guess what kind of shrimp the hubby evidently wants? Rubbery, over cooked shrimp.. like in gumbo or other Louisiana dishes. Evidently, in their cookbooks they never say "avoid over-cooking shrimp". That is assuming anyone ever got a recipe out of their ancestors. His family members have a habit of dying with the freaking recipe. And no, that is not an accident. They are that insane about their darn recipes.
  • justanotherloser007
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    lmgoff232 wrote: »
    Will be trying a semi-permanent organic version next time and hope it works, or else I am going to have to learn how to love rocking my grey hair, lol

    Can you use henna? They have some really nice reds, browns and blacks. Nothing wrong with grey hair too!!

  • lmgoff232
    lmgoff232 Posts: 277 Member

    Can you use henna? They have some really nice reds, browns and blacks. Nothing wrong with grey hair too!!

    That may be a good option. I am definitely going to do some more research and check it out. I tried loving my greys coming out of lockdowns, when they were nearly fully grown out, and had to convince myself every day that I liked it. I mean, I do like them & they have a lovely sparkle when my hair is clean, BUT they make me feel older than I otherwise feel if that makes any sense at all, hahaha. 😀 Thanks!

  • CupcakeCrusoe
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    Good morning and happy Sunday!

    Went over last night, and I'm not sure if I logged everything, I did some from memory. But I tried. And I know it wasn't too crazy, so back on the horse today. After my diet break in two weeks, I think I'm going to go for calorie cycling for sure to have a few more calories Friday-Sunday. I may have to pay (!) for MFP premium to make it easier, ugh.

    Weight on the scale stayed the same as yesterday, though! So onward.

    Tag party!
    @ladychr0nic this is great news, way to go! Lots of cardio does help with weight loss, it's true. When I was training for the half marathon I did several years ago, I was running 15-20 miles a week at the end, and I had SO many calories. Sigh. I miss those days, haha. I just don't have the time right now to run for hours a week.
    @goal06082021 I love to see all the experimenting you're doing with exercise, to see what you like. I need to start doing that, as well. And congrats on almost being at your month goal!
    @lmgoff232 good for you, I'm glad you're not constantly hungry- maintenance breaks are good. For hair dye, I do an overdye. The brand I use is called Aura- they send you dye and a color conditioner so you can touch it up whenever you'd like, but there are lots of others- overtone is one, I know. The nice thing about grays is, when you find a dye that will work, you can dye them any color you'd like, because they're so light! I'm thinking about going purple for the summer :wink:
    @justanotherloser007 I get up at 4 so I can be at work by 6. I only live 15 minutes away from where I work, but I like having a minute to drink my coffee and pull myself together before I go. Guaranteed quiet house (most days).
    @cowgirlslikeus86 nice! and you, too, are almost at your month goal weight!

    Have a great day, everyone! I'm going to keep a lovely corset I've got in mind today- another 20 lbs and I should be able to get it on again.


  • jazzadesigns
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    Hi I’m 53 and 5’6”.

    Original Starting Weight: 257.8 (1/14/21)

    March Start Weight: 219.2
    March Goal Weight: 217.0
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 170

    Mar 5: 220.1 (+0.1)
    Mar 12: 218.6 (-1.5)
    Mar 19: 217.0 (-1.6)
    Mar 26: 216.1 (-0.9)
    Mar 31:

    Sorry these past couple of months have been crazy and I only come here to log weekly now. I haven’t been logging every day and my exercise is sporadic. I think my losses may be from stress. It may be a couple more months until I can get back on track. I’m still 2.5 lbs higher than I was right before Thanksgiving. I went totally off track over the holidays. Lesson learned for this year’s holidays.
  • osier5
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    Age 50, 5'6"
    Starting weight: 223.5 (1/1/22)
    Ultimate goal weight: 160

    1/1 223.5
    1/8 222.4
    1/15 221.2
    1/22 219.9
    1/29 219.4
    Jan. loss: 4.1

    2/4 218.9
    2/13 217.5
    2/20 216.1
    2/27 Out of town
    Feb. loss: 3.3

    3/6 216.2
    3/13 215.3
    3/20 214.8
    3/27 214.1
    March loss: 2

    Weight loss was so slow this month but at least I never threw in the towel. I was out of town more than usual and eating out really affected me.
  • seltzer_lover
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    SW (7/23): 300
    2/28: 254.6
    3/7: 253.2
    3/14: 251.7
    3/21: 250.8
    3/28: 249.2

    March GW: in the 240s ✔️

    🍀 March Goals🍀

    🍀 Keep the house tidy
    🍀 Meal plan and prep
    🍀 Make smart choices when eating out
    🍀 Be a more active participant in this thread

    Well, my "whoosh" ended and I'm up from my low of 247.7 that I saw earlier in the week. Not stressing it! Worked out hard the last few days and had Panera last night....so a fairly sodium-heavy dinner. Just glad I hit my goal for March and had steady, consistent losses over the weeks.