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    March Starting Weight: 157.2 lbs
    March Goal Weight: 150 lbs
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 135 lbs

    Mar 1: 157.2 lbs
    Mar 6: 154.9 lbs
    Mar 13: 154.4 lbs
    Mar 20: 158.4 lbs
    Mar 27: 153.8 lbs

    Wow!!! Ok, so I didn’t quite meet my March goal but I’m definitely close. What I’ve done to lose from the extra weight gained I put on during the week of the 20th was green smoothies. I made green smoothies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while snacking on fruits and almonds in between. I would also drink at least 16 cups of water/day.

    On days when I felt like those smoothies just wasn’t enough then I would replace one of my smoothies for a healthy meal. This way I didn’t deny myself and I also continued to workout. Nothing major but just low impact workouts. I wanted to keep moving.

    Overall, I’m happy with my progress and I will
    continue to keep pushing forward.

    Thanks guys! I wish us all nothing but the best in out fitness journey 😊
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    AlexEllaK wrote: »
    The scales have been all over the place this week with ups and downs so not really sure if this is a true loss this week or not. The fluctuations have been between 129-133 I have had a wedding this week and a few relapses of poor eating so it’s likely to be higher than this over the next few days, but I’m telling myself that’s fine as overall we are going down so down is good.

    Age and height: 29, 5ft3”
    Heaviest in November 2021: 153
    March Start Weight: 140.8
    March Goal Weight:135
    Ultimate Goal Weight:119-122

    Mar 1: 140.8…Birthday week
    Mar 7: 139.2
    Mar 14: 136
    Mar 21: 132.8
    Mar 28: 131.4
    Mar 31

    You might be the perfect candidate to look into the ideas in The Hacker's Diet. It uses math to take varying weights into a better context. It recognizes that the weight you see on the scale today matters more than the weight it showed ten days ago, but that all the weights between then and now should be considered since weight loss is not linear, and since what you see on the scale isn't just YOU it's other things you're carrying with you right now.

    Look especially at the section on Signal and Noise.

    There are some good online tools that will do all the math for you. You just have to put in six to twelve days of daily weights. Some will even interpolate a weight on a day you forget to weigh. As a personal example, I ate a lot more than normal yesterday. A lot. I was actually surprised the scale was ONLY up three pounds from yesterday; there's a big mass of food moving through me as well as a bunch of water. The tools I use to look at my weight TREND say my weight only went up 0.2 pounds.

    If I truly was up 0.2 pounds, that would suggest I ate 700 calories over my maintenance goal. I can believe I did that.

    I use TrendWeight and WeightGrapher. Other people use Libra or Happy Scale. Check it out. You might smile more!

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    @mtaratoot thank you for taking the time to give me these suggestions. I’ve just downloaded happy scale so hopefully this may work better than my current tracking which doesn’t give any averages or stuff like that.
    Going to read up about hackers diet later today, I think educating ourselves on all this sort of stuff does really help so thank you so much for telling me about it.
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    March Start Weight: 176.4
    March Goal Weight: 169.2
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 168 (for now! will reassess once I get there but this was the original 125 pound goal I set)

    Mar 1: 176.4
    Mar 8: 172.6 (-3.8)
    Mar 15: 172.4 (-0.2)
    Mar 22: 167.8 (-4.6)
    Mar 28: 169.6 (+1.8)
    Mar 31:
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    My name is Donna. I am 61 years old and I live in the Midwest of the US. I am 5’ 5” tall.

    Start Weight (from Feb 28th ): 198.2
    Goal Weight: 193.2 (5 pound loss)

    End of Challenge Weight: xxxxx
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 145-155 (I’ll know it when I get there!)

    Mar 01…..…..196.6…..(Trend Weight: 196.5)….. Good luck everyone this round! Let’s make March look GREAT on our charts!

    Mar 08…..…..198.2…..(Trend Weight: 196.7)….. Should I blame this on what the store put on sale this week or should I blame my lack of accountability? I think we all know the answer to that question.

    Mar 15…..…..199.0…..(Trend Weight: 197.7)….. Not happy with that trend weight especially.

    Mar 22…..…..199.8…..(Trend Weight: 198.4)….. From bad to worse. There was that travel yesterday and the Golden Corral buffet that jilted my numbers this morning. However, I’ve mainly been going back & forth in a 2 pound space and basically treading water. I need a huge change in my attitude and my habits. I’m in a slump.

    Mar 29…..…..199.8…..(Trend Weight: 199.2)….. So close to where I just don’t want to be again. So far from where I need to be. More changes needed.

    Mar 31…..…..(Trend Weight: xxxxx)…..

    Every healthy habit brings me closer to scratching each of these off to NEVER see them again!
    250’s; 240’s; 230’s; 220's; 210's; 200's; 190's; 180’s; 170's; 160's; 150's

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    March start weight: 242
    March goal weight: 235
    Ultimate goal weight: 190 (to start)

    March 1: 242
    March 8: 242
    March 15: 243
    March 22: 243
    March 29: 243