What are some good cardio workouts

I’ve been having trouble finding cardio workouts. Plz if you know any good workouts tell me (:


  • DancingMoosie
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    Youtube? I do cardio daily with a youtube workout. I rarely have to repeat. What kind of workouts do you like? (Walking,dance, kickboxing, step, etc)
  • cwolfman13
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    Any cardiovascular work is good work for your cardiovascular system. "Good" would otherwise require more context as in, good for what exactly? I'm an outdoor recreation enthusiast...most of my cardiovascular exercise consists of riding bikes, hiking, and walking. I don't really do much in the way of "workouts"...most of my exercise is just me being outside and having fun. During the work week, I may take a spin class or I might get on my bike on my indoor trainer and do a quick 30 minute cycling workout (more so in the winter), but that's mostly just to keep me moving and keep me in shape for outdoor adventure.

    I was on a road trip for spring break with my kids all of last week...we knocked out five mountain hikes. Returned home on Saturday and I went out to the foothills and spent about 4 hours mountain biking. All good cardiovascular exercise and super fun.
  • yirara
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    I do exactly what the wolfman above does: run, hike, cycle. At times I also get my inline skates out and go on a tour with them. Doing anything cardio inside is just dull for me. Watching tv while exercising? Nah, it would just show that I'm not interested in the exercise and need to distract myself - which means I'd not be concentrating on movement and form. I like being active, and I like being outside = win win.
  • westrich20940
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    I think you'd get better answers if you explain WHY you are 'having trouble' finding cardio workouts?

    Like...you can jump up and down in place if you want. You can do anything that will elevate your heartrate.

    I run and hike mostly for cardio. Dance? Which is really just me jumping up and down and around. IDK man...what do you like doing? You don't have to do some planned out thing at all.
  • NorthCascades
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    Riding a bike, hiking, skiing, running, rock climbing, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, etc.
  • antigymrat
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    The best cardio workout is finding the one you enjoy the most!

    I have a bunch of unused gym equipment in my workout room... :(

    I found that in order to get into a routine, I needed to join aerobics classes - and I found Zumba to be my favorite thing ever! It's been over a year and I can't see myself ever NOT doing it.

    What do YOU like to do?
    Run, jog, swim, lift weights, walk, fast walk, dance, do 80s type workouts, play a sport (which one?)?
  • lollie1285
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    Growwothjo on YouTube - she’s amazing!
  • getting_stronger1483
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    Highly recommend popsugar fitness on YouTube! So many different kinds of exercise and instructors