Trying this again

Hi all!
I'm going to attempt this weight losing journey once again. I feel like it's almost useless for me to even try. I don't eat because I'm hungry, I eat because I'm bored. Even though I have a ton of things to do, I can't seem to stop picking. If it's there...I eat it.
Any suggestions how to overview this?
I hope everyone else is doing great and having success!


  • You said, ”I eat because I’m bored even though I have a ton of things to do.” Are you bored, or are you procrastinating? I am totally guilty of eating to procrastinate. I will make a million trips to the pantry to avoid study time! Amazingly, once my homework is complete I no longer feel the need to snack.
  • quiksylver296
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    Another vote for "log it before you eat it"! It's very eye opening to see the snack in your food diary.
  • spiriteagle99
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    You say that if it's there, you'll pick at it, so make sure that the food you have around is not high calorie or highly tempting. Pick at carrots or celery or broccoli instead of nuts and crackers and cookies.