Name one weight loss tip that worked for you besides tracking



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    2.) Log the next day the night before. That way you don't have to make a decision when you're stressed, rushed, and hungry.

    love this and I do this too! I work from home and I cook our meals a I measure as I cook, and track in MFP before I sit down to eat it with the fam.

    4.) When you do laundry, put your workout clothes together for the week so you can grab and go easily.

    I'm fortunate to work from home. I've switched to to leisure/work-out wear outfits with tennis shoes on when I wake up, so I can take a walk around the block here and there, or be ready to be active with something during the day.

    6.) Have a good plan for whatever is your weakest time of day when you're prone to snacking. For me, that's evenings before bed.

    I have trouble in this area too! I track my evening/afternoon snacks FIRST so I can plan my meals better. 100 calorie bag of popcorn, low-sugar oatmeal with blueberries, or some individual wrapped chocolates are my go-to's.

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    No snacking between meals and eating my last meal by 5:30 or 6:00.
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    Make a routine you can stick with. While it may be tempting to overcommit when you get started, don't. You can add to it later, and it'll make you feel good about getting to that point in your progression, while the opposite, overcommitting and having to cut back, will discourage you.

    This is so true! I can't tell you how many I have seen quit due to this exact issue. They just disappear into a hole of exhaustion/overwhelm. I always feel sad, and hope I will see them again.
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    Go to standby meals that always fit your calories. Find the one you will eat and like and hits some of your weaker macros. Always keeping the ingredients for that meal (or 3) - so you don't have to habitually obsess about food all day, every day, for every meal.

    I have a high fiber tortilla, with egg whites, refried bean and veggies every day usually for breakfast. No matter how much calorie deficit I am in, and no matter how many maintenance calories this meal is perfect. 1) gives me 50% of my daily protein 2) gives me 100% of my daily fiber for around 200-300 calories. Perfect start to the day! I don't have to constantly stress about protein.
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    This thread is golden and should be stickied. So many good things here! I'm still early in my journey but things I think will be really helpful to me:

    --Go for good, not perfection; development of habits, not motivation. It's more important for me to log than it is to be 100% accurate. I'm not going to stress about the number of cherry tomatoes or even if it is a teaspoon or a teaspoon and a half of olive oil. (I imagine as I get closer to maintenance, I might need to be more careful.)

    --Someone on a different thread posted that going for seconds usually puts her over her calories. I am trying to stay away from seconds, except for vegetables and salads.

    --Keep trying to look back at my diary and see where I can make little improvements, tweaks that will make a difference.

    --Believe (this is the best thing I've gotten from the lists, that people CAN and DO lose significant amounts of weight *AND KEEP IT OFF.* And not believing that I would or could keep it off is, I think, why I never tried to lose much before. In other words, I think that even before we get there, our focus can/should be on practicing how we will maintain.
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    So many awesome tips! I also agree that this thread should be stickied.

    Prioritize yourself and your goal, be it weight loss, getting blood sugar in control, whatever. And realize you will not achieve your goal until you do make that your priority.
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    Plan - Both food and exercise the night before. I make a note of my main meals and what exercise then I know what I have left in the jar for the odd treat during the day.
    That and as a night time boredom snacker - if it gets bad I just go to bed knowing it will be breakfast when I get up!
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    Drinking all my water was key
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    Flavored popcorn!!! I can munch on air popped popcorn with salt and vinegar, dill pickle, sour cream and chive, cheddar flavors instead of potato chips!! If I want sweet I have peanut butter, sweet butter, maple bacon, birthday cake, sugar cookie and a whole variety of other flavors that I can eat without adding a bunch of calories!!!
    It's the the perfect solution for satisfying a craving with out breaking the willpower!
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    Switching my mindset from “I can’t have that” which only made me obsessively want it to “I dont want/need that.” I know if I want it I can adjust what I eat to accommodate. Simple shift sounds silly, but it worked for me. Viewing it as a diet is limiting, but viewing it as a lifestyle is empowering.