How to make my hips and thighs smaller?

Currently I am 18F standing at 173cm(5'8") and my measurements are…

Weight: 56kg(124lbs)
Bust: 79cm(31in)
Waist: 59cm(23.5in)
Hip: 93.5-94cm(37in)
Thigh: 50.5cm(20in)

No matter what I do the bottom half of my body doesn’t seem to slim down and remains really fat while the upper portion of my body quickly looks small and flat. I really want that slim legged model look but I have terribly wide hips and fat legs. Is there any way I can reduce this or am I just stuck with this build?


  • snowflake954
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    All of us have our genetics and you have to work with that. Trying to be a grey hound when you were born a St. Bernard is not possible. However you can better your situation by diet and exercise. It's a good idea to form realistic expectations. It will save you grief because striving for the impossible just causes frustration. Take a good look at your pluses. Work on them.

    I wish you luck because when I was younger I hated being so tall. I'm now 67 and it's been a plus.
  • Mimi_Mimi_2003
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    I don’t have an issue with being tall. I actually like my height. I just have an issue with my wide build, specifically hips and legs. I am nearly underweight and even so I have the hip size of a slightly overweight woman.
  • snowflake954
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    I guess I'd ask what exercise you're doing.
  • wilson10102018
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    I'm an old man so you can ignore my experience as inapplicable, but I can tell you that I lost 72 lb and I don't think I lost an inch off my thigh diameter. I think the fat was elsewhere and that was the reason. But, who knows.
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    Some great advice above. Keep in mind as well that your hips are bones, so while you might be able to lose any additional fat around there, to a certain extent the width of your hips is determined by your skeleton.
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    A ) You can't spot reduce fat (you can build muscle to certain areas)

    B ) You can learn to appreciate your body for what it does and focus on moving for joy and pleasure. I will never have a thigh gap (and so will always wear through my jeans faster!) but I've come to accept that. My ~23-24 inch thighs do amazing things- I squat with them, do yoga, hike mountains, pretend I can dance with them and they keep the biggest bone in my body safe! Of course, I have some days where I don't enjoy the way they move or wish they were thinner/leaner/different but I am working on accepting my body for what it is and exploring what it will be when I do the things I love. I hope you find some joy in what your body is already doing for you!
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    Most female shaped statues and carvings and quite a few paintings I've seen, all seem to have missed the memo about tall and slim model legs.

    So, you know, there is Media and there is real life... and while models may get paid well (which by itself is a statement that I would seriously question), I am not sure that their shape confers a clear evolutionary advantage!

    XD! 😂🤣😹
  • age_is_just_a_number
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    Mimi Mimi : You weight, height and measurements seem perfect to me.
    I’m 5’5” and weigh 135lbs and most of my measurements are bigger than yours. I’m similar to you in that I have a smaller upper body and a larger lower body.
    Tip from another small chested woman — wear a padded bra to make your chest look bigger. This way you are more hour glass and everything looks more in proportion.