Good workout app

Not sure what everyone else is using for workout apps. I've tried alot in the past and some are better than others. I've been using fitbod lately and works great if u hitting weights at house. You can input the equipment you have and it auto designs workouts for u. So far so good but I do have to supplement my own stuff into it as well for specific movements that I want to do. What are you guys using?


  • Mattpelaw
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    JEFIT is a great app so far. Switched to it from Fitbod and ended up purchasing the annual subscription for $29. Very similar but I like that JEFIT has a timer built in for rest periods between sets.
  • kdhaile
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    If you have a free map my run account you can also set up your own work out. I was previously using it and going to look at it again
  • I use BOD (BeachBody on demand) costs about $120/year and FitOn free app with an upgrade to Pro option. Both have a variety of workouts.
  • metaphysicalstudio
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    I like using Les Mills on Demand, usually in the winter when I am indoors a lot.
  • ToffeeApple71
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    I like the Adidas training app. It's free. Gives you a range of exercises/focus and videos to show you how to do the exercises correctly.
    I also use the Garmin ones to track for a challenge I'm doing. These can be done through the app if you need video instructions or just in the watch if you know what you're doing.
  • Pipsqueak1965
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    I just subscribed to Caroline girvan's YouTube channel - loads of workouts, some in series, all free and you don't need much equipment.
  • sdcooper9
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    Can't believe nobody has said this yet: FitOn!!

    Its FREE and has so many workout options and different trainers so you can pick and choose. I've been using it for over a year and still love it
  • barefootbridgey
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    I like using Les Mills on Demand, usually in the winter when I am indoors a lot.

    YES to Les Mills on Demand. Or is it Les Mills+ now? Regardless, its great.
  • Justin_7272
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    Seconding JeFit - there are many lifting routines you can select, or modify/build your own (which I did). It also provides very useful graphs so you can track lift progression over time. You also gain points for logging workouts, stats, etc., which you can turn in for free subscription months. I don't do classes or follow video workouts, so I don't know it's advantages/disadvantages in that realm. It might be better to describe what you mean by "workout app," i.e. what are you looking for?
  • annliz23
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    I use FitOn a free app from Google play store.
  • yxlr8
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    I also use FitOn, have for last few weeks and enjoying it.
  • AvySobby
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    Sorry for bumping into an old conversation. Thanks for the recommendation; I've heard good things about Fitbod too. Personally, I've been using the Muscleandmotion app, and I love it. It helps me to move in the right way when exercising to achieve results quicker. But it's also great to hear about other workout apps since everyone has different preferences and needs when it comes to fitness. Thanks again for starting the discussion!
  • dblbbl88
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    I use Gymaholic (even though I don't go to a gym). It has a large bank of different exercises that you can use to build your own routine. You can even swap out different types of weights (barbell, dumbbells, Kettle Bells, body weight, machine, etc.), add cardio, build supersets, and all kinds of other features. If you want something you can customize to your routine, this one is great. It shows what muscled were worked in a given routine or exercise, AR tech so you can see how to perform the exercise in the room you are in, and tracks measurements, progress, etc.
  • ilfaith
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    I started using FitOn when our gym shut down during Covid. I think it has a good variety…and the price is right: free.