• themommie
    themommie Posts: 5,011 Member
    I prefer nonfat chai latte or a vanilla cold brew with sweet cream steamed milk....yum, but mostly drink coffee at home
  • fatty2begone
    fatty2begone Posts: 249 Member
    Eight 0 Clock coffee... Black, made at home. Way better then Starbucks and much cheaper ;)

    Afternoon treat, raspberry or hazelnut and cinnamon, or most any flavor of coffee... black, no cream, no sugar.

    I used to indulge in Gloria Jeans Coffee occasionally, (always black) but have moved to rural area and no coffee shops.
  • Stepping__Stone
    Stepping__Stone Posts: 1 Member
    Does anyone have any suggestions for drinks or mixes to boost energy levels during the day instead of getting coffee? I did used to use spark, but I’m trying to use alternatives including omega mixes with supplements including B vitamins and low-dose caffeine. Did not know if anyone had a good brand they use?
  • LiveOnceBeHappy
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    Over a couple years I progressed from drinking what amounted to a snickers bar mixed in a mocha all the way to black coffee with 1tsp of sugar! I can’t believe I used to drink that whipped cream coffee now! It was a progression though.