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    Got up at 6 am! I know, surprised me too! After exercising at the gym, we need to stop over to the on base clinic and I need to pick up my BP bills, and schedule my yearly appointment. So I have a couple of questions when I go:
    -I want to have better sleep. I want to snore less, and shut down my brain. There are nights where I sit and contemplate life. I fiddle with the sheets, switch positions like a zillion times, pick my nails until I need to get up and put on a bandaid, its so silly.
    -I am still swirling with vertigo at night as well. Just a couple but man, it gets tiresome. Maybe I have a whole ears, nose throat issue?
    -would love a sleep aide, but disconnected using the one I was on. It just kicked in late in the night, and I had the medicine head in the morning. Plus when it did kick in, I snored twice as loud and wouldn't follow husbands urges to "switch positions".
    I would love to just get it all sorted, but like most things, there isn't a quick fix to it all.

    I used to use melatonin but didn't like the morning fog feeling.
    now use these- work faster and no morning fog the next morning. No water needed so keep them on the night stand. Take 4, if you are still awake in 15 min, take 4 more.
    Great also for stressful times during the day, (like dentist appointments)


    Other places have them too- some better prices but that is decent for 1000 tablets.

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    Nice photos, Tina, and great knees! :D

    Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    dlfk202000 wrote: »

    We have one of the Ryobi tire pump- Uses the same batteries as my dh's other tools. We used it so much that we wore it out. Great for car tires but also the kids balls too.

    We found a sale that had this with the battery for $25 a few months ago.


    Debbie, thanks, I will look into this one too. We have several Ryobi tools that take the batteries. I was able to get DH's old compressor to work just fine. I was amazed at how speedy it was, maybe a minute to add 10 lbs of pressure. Can be dangerous though if a person isn't paying attention!

    SW WA State

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    Maybe Tina's beautiful white flower is a Peruvian Daffodil???
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    Chose well: Joe, readings, BP, steps >7400, CI<CO, CI<250<CO, dogs to powerline, AF.
    Bonus: PT appt, help, short chat stroll and lunch w/D, Post Office, Freddie’s, recycling.
    Just one thing: back to bupkes
    Workin’ on it: 141.1, H204, active 4:55
    Meaningful May
    5: Let someone know how much they mean to you and why.

    Received PT’s exercise/stretch instructions and had to laugh. They came from “Brian’s House of Pain” :laughing:

    Belated Welcome @RENAEJAE in Maine. Con VERY grats for keeping off those 60 lbs!
    Lisa would love to hear the story of your travels with the carnival…
    Belated Welcome @Cheetah61 in Michigan. Tracking calories and activity are the keys. Well begun!
    Barbie “Having walked in the morning, I am more relaxed about the ups and downs of the rest of my day because I know I've done something good for my body” Love this. Thankful for Jake’s good news.
    Rita :astonished: That fire was too doggoned close! Thanks for the iphone instructions!
    Rebecca glad you’re not interested in surgery to address snoring. Hope your MD orders a sleep test for you as snoring can be a symptom of sleep apnea as Neena, Allie and Debbie said. If not apnea, Bob and Brad ”the most (annoying) famous physical therapists on the internet” recommend LIGHTLY taping your lips partially closed Kinda creeps me out but way better than surgery or a CPAP. ;)
    Heather what would persuade Johnny of his importance in Edie’s, Bea’s and most especially Max’s lives? We can all see how essential and what a gift he is…
    Lisa “in the right order” is so important, both in speaking and in dong. Recently learned to stuff the plastic bag with frosting BEFORE snipping off the corner…
    OK Tracey now I’m hooked, gonna have to check Lilo and Stitch out from the library. I’ve never seen it.

    So many more I wanted to comment on, congratulate and hug… but my sitting too long timer went off.

    Only to the bottom of pg 10.

    Lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    2022: Be still and listen.
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    Stats for the day-

    walk w/family- 1hr 49min 35sec, 45elev, 3.37ap, 86ahr, 100mhr, 6.15mi= 529c
    Strava app = 701c
    Walk home to gym- 10.14min, .52mi= 50c
    Strava app = 60c
    Spin bike at gym- 19.29min, 15.40amph, 11g, 124ahr, 149mhr, 5mi= 152c
    Hanging stand crunches- 6.33min, 10sts of 10ea= 45c
    Standing crunches- 8.34min, 10sts of 10ea w/ 25# weights= 48c
    Walk gym to home- 10.11min, .51mi= 56c
    Strava app = 58c

    Total cal 880
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    We have quiet and misty weather today. DH & I voted in the Oregon’s May Primary election today. I took our two ballots to the County election drop box. We have officially voted, but it will be awhile before the election is final.
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    I had a challenging but successful diet day, with ten calories left!

    It was my aunt's birthday so I had cake, but I will exercise too, and it is all working out. Except I could always eat more veggies.

    The sad thing is that when we went over to my aunt's, my mom's hair looked pretty bad. I got her to comb it before we left, but it needed washing. No harm done, no police, no hospital; but I feel bad. I guess I need to be more invasive.

    The happy thing is that my knee is good enough to ride Henry, and we had a good time. I did some trotting at two point (elevée). So there was actual progress instead of just hacking around.

    Hope you all had good days,

    Annie in Delaware
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    :) I am so happy because the rain stopped long enough for me to spread four buckets of bark. :)

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
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    Margaret-thanks for the arnica tip. I also have some of that-cbd was the first thing I stumbled upon!

    Not a darned thing new. My husband was a horrific snorer-pretty sure he had sleep apnea. We ended up sleeping in separate bedrooms because of it. He snored and got up to go to the bathroom tons and I had to work-so I figured sleeping separately was better than me taking other actions (lack of sleep can lead to evil thoughts!). I believe I snore (truthfully I think most people do at least sometimes). Since the cats don't complain and I have no other issues, I'm not going to worry about it.

    Rainy here this week. Had enough of a break today for my yard to get mowed. Then rain started later-supposed to rain tomorrow also.

    Going to get stuff ready for work tomorrow.

    Take care all,

    Ginny in Ohio
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    ginnytez wrote: »
    [ (lack of sleep can lead to evil thoughts!).
    Ginny in Ohio

    OHHHH, I have to totally agree with that.
    Many nights I laid in bed, listening to him snore and seriously think about using my pillow to STOP the noise- I spent many nights then sleeping on the couch.
    I sleep so much better now that he has his CPAP.
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    Lanette, I think this model may be discontinued - VIAIR 0073 - 70P. I do see comparable newer VIAIR models ranging from $45 to $90 on Amazon, though.

    I like this because it is compact and portable. We use it for the lawn tractor, the trailer, and our car tires. With the worry, inconvenience, and time it has saved, it paid for itself long ago.

    Karen in Virginia

    I looked again at Amazon and was overcome by decision fatigue! So I grabbed DH's little Black and Decker Air Station, cleaned off the bird doo, and announced I was going to try my luck at getting those front tires inflated. He said "it's easy to use."

    And by golly, it was. The front tires were both at 20 PSI, now I have them up to around 28. Recommended is 29. They have enough air to take me to town to the tire store next week, this will give me a chance to see if they hold air OK til then.

    I learned how to check the year the tires were made. 2006. Might be time for new ones even though they have a lot of tread left.

    I'll check on the portable DC air compressors at the O'Reilly auto parts store next week.

    Rebecca - good luck with the sleep! Hope they can find something that helps.

    I have blackout curtains in my bedroom but light still creeps in along the edges so I go to sleep with a little pillow over my nose/eyes. Tried a sleeping mask like Machka uses but it just wasn't comfortable. DH and I have long slept in separate bedrooms because of "snore wars". :D I also take 6 mg melatonin and a couple different magnesium tablets. Unless my allergies are acting up and giving me sinus headaches, I sleep well.

    Lanette B)
    Soggy and chilly SW WA State

    Well done you!!

    And I found I had to try several different sleeping masks before I found ones I liked the most.
    There are really lightweight ones, which I'm not as fond of but will use now and then.
    There are really thick ones which I use occasionally.
    I'm like Goldilocks ... I like the ones which are in the middle.

    And the bands vary too ... I found some bother my ears and others don't.

    Trial and error.

    Machka in Oz

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    bwcetc wrote: »
    Machka ... I was the one who asked for the links to the apps! Thank you!


    My apologies! I couldn't remember who it was. :blush:
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    We had 85.2 mm of rain in 18 hours last night. All in one night we got about double the average rainfall for May.

    There is, of course, flooding all around the place but we're all right. Today is my Friday off so I don't have to go anywhere. :)

    And I slept 12 hours last night ... just so tired.

    However, it was interrupted by a loud thunderstorm at 8 am and by our smoke detector malfunctioning and going off every so often starting about 4 am.

    I woke up a couple times with the smoke alarm, but my sleep cocoon mostly blocked that out. Fortunately, I guess, it woke my husband each time and he got up and turned it off. We had a technician in about an hour ago who replaced it.

    I woke up with the thunderstorm because the house shook!


    Machka in Oz