Looking for best app to build exercise routine

Looking for a favorite app that will help me build an exercise routine that also shows how to do the exercise, reps etc.
The research is sending me down a rabbit hole. Right now I'm walking but I know I should add more. I have worked with a trainer in the past, but can't afford that any longer. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance!


  • kpeterson539
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    I have used the BodySpace app. It has plans to follow, places to log reps & weights along with videos showing proper form. It's a small cost per month but the costs may be worth it for you.
    Here is the website if you want to poke around a bit:

  • papercut2k
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    Have used BodySpace it's pretty decent. Currently using Jefit. Again, to get the most variety and features, gotta pay. But maybe the free version might be enough for you.

    It's not super expensive at $69 a year. They do have sales every now and then. Probably would have one on Memorial Day.

    I dig the variety and the feature of randomly generated quick workouts.

    I will say the BodySpace app seems a bit more polished in terms of the tutorial videos.
  • age_is_just_a_number
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    I use FitOn and BeachBodyOnDemand.
    I like BOD because every program has a Calendar to follow.
  • slade51
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    Muscle & Strength has a variety of workouts you can download, but it’s not an app.

    Hasfit has a variety of YouTube videos to follow along.

    For free, Axiom LLC has a set of apps for different kinds of exercise (tabata, bodyweight, dumbbell, barbell, and, etc) it’s not fancy but does illustrate the exercise.

    Ryse is good for tracking workouts and social posting, but not for demonstrating exercises.