Eat like a thin person and what else?



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    I try to pick only the most tasty looking items. I tell myself to just take a small amount of the things I want to try first and if it something I like I can go back for a little more of the same, but in a smaller amount. If I picked something and don't like it I tell myself I don't have to eat it just because it's on my plate.
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    I do the same thing and also I have to tell myself if I have something in the house I don't need to eat the whole thing!! I have learned to eat in moderation, helps a lot and tracking because it is crazy how many carbs you can consume with just a handful of crackers here and there!!
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    Just don't use me as your 'eat like a thin person'. I'm currently sitting at 122lbs at 5'5"

    If I'm out at a buffet or pot luck (or holiday dinner or even just a bimonthly date night) what I'm going to eat is not going to be appreciably different than it was when I weighed 200lbs. Ie: I'm eating what I want, it's an occasion not my daily life. The last time I ate out, I ate a steak, loaded backed potato (sour cream and butter) some kind of forgettable vegetable side that came with the meal, wine, rolls with cinnamon butter, and peach cobbler.

    If these events are more frequent for you, yeah, you're going to need a strategy of SOME sort. Pick the best thing/thing you want most. Eat dessert first (this was mine. I want to eat cookies. I will keep eating cookies. If I start with a cookie and then go eat broccoli I'm going to stop eating because I'm full and over the broccoli taste and broccoli has removed the taste of cooke from my mouth). Load up on salad and water before you go. Plan on talking a lot or an activity before or after, whatever. But infrequent things? Eh.

    What I do to keep my head in the game at this stage is...not a lot. I'm absolutely coasting on new habits re: activity and DAILY, normal diet, and tbh those are the things you should look at when trying to take inspiration from other people. Not the special occasions or events. Looking at any snapshot is going to give you a really false image and where, I believe, a lot of the ideas like 'weight is all genetic; there are some people who can eat what they want and not get fat' or the reverse: being thin means being miserable all the time.