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    Barbara -- Max is in his final year of junior school and is 'leaving' or 'graduating' this summer. The parents must have thought it was a good way to celebrate. ;) The kids do love it though. They have cook outs and nature trails etc.

    Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Morning, afternoon and evening, all,

    Lanette - I was scared to try the zero turn mower when Corey first got it, but Kylia's instructions are really good. I just got out there and figured it out, but I admit it was easier to figure it out if Corey wasn't around. Quite unnerving when they're watching. The hard part for me was braking (I'm better now) and figuring out where the blades are running so I could get close to the fences, etc. The fun parts are the long straightaways that let me run fast enough to create my own breeze and the turns around the trees. Once I figured out a little bit about what I was doing, I really enjoyed it. I do love instant gratification... :smiley: I did have to get him to take the sissy bar off, as I kept catching it on tree limbs and scaring the living snot out of myself when the front wheels would come off the ground.

    I genuinely need to start back on weights. I've waited all week for Corey to stop and get gas for the mowers, and I hate nagging at him. But the reason I have to have him do it is that I cannot lift the five-gallon gas can, which weighs 40 pounds when full, and get it back in my car trunk. Right now, the big mower, the walk-behind trimmer, the small tractor mower, and the push mower all need gas. My upper body strength is gone, and I need to ramp up the weights and get it back.

    Today is yard work day, and it's nice and cool this morning. Good time to do it. Corey's still asleep, and he still hasn't picked up gas, but I can use the battery trimmer or hand tools.

    Later, y'all,

    Lisa - thank you!! <3

    I appreciate all the tips! My DH always has the speed set on "high" - maybe it needs to run that fast, but I'm going to read the manual again. I know I can slow it down with the hand levers. I'll get used to it. It's a Toro.

    I tried moving one of the full 5 gallon gas cans last fall. No way I can even lift 40 lbs let alone have enough stability to hold and pour.

    I've started putting only 2 to 3 gallons in the 5 gallon cans when I go to the gas station. I can manage lifting 16 to 20 lbs. The gas station is only 1/2 mile from us, so no biggie running down there and putting gas in a couple cans every few weeks.

    Looks like we can mow the entire place with 2 gallons.

    I guess all this yard work keeps us out of mischief. Darn!

    Rori - thank you for popping in. Look at that snow! Hope it doesn't do much damage to trees and shrubs and flowers. I think of you often. When my DH is no longer here, I know I'll miss him terribly. The company, the caring, the friendship we had all these years. So I have to concentrate on being grateful today.

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State

    PS - DH actually ate a banana this morning. It's a start. I'm going to make custard in a little bit, hope that tastes good to him. Otherwise, more for me.

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    Sue that's a gorgeous picture of a beautiful dog. Look at those eyes!

    Annie in Delaware
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    KJLaMore wrote: »
    Hopping on real quick. Dealing with sinus issues again (high pressure system moving through this weekend); my head feels fuzzy and achey. blah. DH has got it, too; but he turns into a big manbaby.
    Michele- Parenting is all consuming and it sounds as if Denise is ready to hand over some of that time with PJ, so she can have a little alone time. As far as meals that PJ can help with; I was going to suggest the same things Machka suggested. Meals that need "assembling" like, sandwiches, tacos, pizza. If you want a great memory for him to have, go with the pizza. ALL of my kids (my own, my grandsons, and my childcare kiddos) have fond memories of making personal pizzas with me. I can send you an easy pizza dough recipe, or you can by pre made crusts and have everyone add their own toppings.
    Pip- Are you turning 63? or 64? Do you think you and Kirby will be attempting the MS ride this year?
    Kylia, Lanette. I see a riding mower in my future. Either that or more "non-grass" areas in my yard. Since I am doing the majority of the mowing; it would just be nice to NOT have that much lawn to mow. lol
    Heather- Oh boy! Camping where there is mud! The kids will remember this forever! lol I love camping but I married a "glamper". Tim's idea of camping has always been in a large fully furnished RV. The only time he has gone tent camping with me was before we were married. It rained the entire weekend. I was out walking in the rain, grilling in the rain, etc and he was trying to talk me into going home. lol I still do an overnight camp-out, in my backyard, once a summer with my older childcare kids. Two summers ago, I went camping with my son. He slept outside in a hammock and a bear ended up going through our campsite. I was in the tent and slept through it. I woke up the next morning and my son was in the car with the doors locked. lol
    Well, there are more of you that I wanted to reply to; but everything has leaked out of my brain. :( I will get another dose of sinus meds in me and have to head out to do my shopping. That is all I am doing today. Maybe a quick sweep of the floors and a surface clean using clorox wipes. I only have a four day week coming up, due to the Memorial Day holiday. (That actually means four day work week this week and next week, as I have Friday and Monday off). Hopefully this sinus thing goes away and I am healthy and can enjoy a four day weekend next week. Fingers crossed. ttfn xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)

    I will b 63. I will b doing the MS RIDE. virtually again. I don’t know if Kirby will b riding virtually with me.
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    Carol yes that does sound dysfunctional. I'm sorry you had to grow up with that. And then to have your husband leave! You must be strong as a rock after all that.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Lanette— My DH is a banana fan. He likes them for breakfast and as a good snack. I like blueberries, cherry tomatoes and apples. (Something about the smell of bananas seems unpleasant to me.)

    Katla in NW Oregon
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    Annie will she follow the advice of her doctor. It comes a point where someone will have to have power of attorney and that person makes the decisions. Sounds like she is not there yet. She is at the stage where very frustrating for you. We found if you get them talking about the past and just enjoy that time with them. Simple projects like puzzles, gardening, helping to prepare food can make things more doable. Thoughts and prayers.
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    So sorry Annie. I think, at this stage of the game, trickery is the kindest thing. Get a doctor or social care on your side. Are you contacting all the charities, resources etc that you can? Don't be afraid to ask for help. You are now the adult here. You sound very isolated. There is help out there.
    My brother has had similar problems with his MIL. It was very tricky for a while with police and lawyers,(driving etc) but she has now got obviously past that stage. It is so very sad. She didn't know who I was at the party on Sunday. You are an angel to take it all on. I'm afraid I left my mother to the care of my DSIL and the same brother's MIL who is now in need herself. I just know I don't have it in me. Luckily my mother faded very quickly and died in hospital within a few weeks. It was a relief for my brother and me.
    The kind of love you need for what you are doing, we just didn't have.
    Sending love and strength.

    Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    I lost both of my parents due to smoking cigarettes. I still despise tobacco. It is addictive for so many people. I am very happy that DH and I are non-smokers.