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    For those of you who can’t post pictures from the app. These directions are how I do it too. Quick access to forums:

    Please go to the following URL from within your Safari app on your iPhone https://community.myfitnesspal.com/
    Tap the Share icon located at the bottom of the page (See attachment "Add to Home Screen 1of3.jpg")
    Scroll, find, and tap "Add to Home Screen from the Share menu (See attachment "Add to Home Screen 2of3.jpg")
    Tap Add to create an icon that will be added to your Home Screen so you can quickly access the MFP community outside of the Beta builds. Bonus: You can decide to rename the Icon by tapping "MyFitnessPal Community" if you'd prefer it to be labeled another way. (See attachment "Add to Home Screen 3of3.jpg")
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    Virtually standing by your side Lanette. 🫂💕👽

    Mellow mood but not much more to say right now. Stay strong ladies!

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    Beth- thanks for posting the update on your pup- so scary for all of you, I am sure.

    Kelly- I think I have the same crud as you- Felt terrible all weekend. I didn't cancel my daycare
    because it is just the one and only half day. If I still had all the kids, I would seriously be thinking of canceling-Don't remember ever canceling but sure felt like it MANY times- always felt guilty thinking about it. Just hoping it doesn't trigger my asthma again-it is close, I can feel it. Slept off and on until 9:30 when dh came home from work.

    Carla- I hope your new situation at work turns out ok.

    Viv- hope your mom can find what works best for her

    Time for another cup of hot tea- drank so much last night that I was full and skipped dinner(barely ate lunch, skipped breakfast) had a bean burrito for lunch and a few pieces of beef jerky in the afternoon.

    Napa Valley,CA
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    Michele-I agree with Tracey. Jess and Denise are adults and they should work it out and not put you and Vince in the middle. Don't punish yourselves and PJ for their behavior. I’d also just go by myself if the mister chose not to.

    Beth-Glad the pup is going to be OK.

    Tracey-So sorry about your daughter and SIL.

    Katie-My mother was taking care of my grandmother when she had dementia. It got to the point that it was too difficult and she was not qualified to perform the care my grandmother needed. Eventually, she had to go into a care facility. It was not the ideal situation, but my mother could not take care of herself and my grandmother anymore and the health of both started severely suffering.

    Well, I have my workout completed. Am sitting outside in the sun to cool down. It has started getting really windy very early in the morning now, so the cool wind with the warm sun is nice right after a good sweat. The rest of they day, it’ll be too cold to sit outside like this.

    Tina in CA
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    sending good thoughts to all. hugs and support and encouragement to those who need them

    long day, as usual, nothing special, taking care of stuff, all seems to take more time all told than is available. conundrum! weather is nice.
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    :)<3 Be looking for the new thread--coming soon :)
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    okie - I never lied to my parents. I never hurt someone. Not going to a Newcomer function? That doesn't hurt anyone's feelings. And I've gone to some that I really didn't want to go to but went for others. "Something came up". That's not a lie. That's sparing her feelings, not telling her that she made the wrong decision.

    Just called some places near Steve where we can get some fried chicken and I'll probably get a frozen mac & Cheese.

    Michele NC
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    I didn't go to my own uni graduation, nor my MA graduation. I did not go to either of my sons' graduations. I don't recall anyone sending gifts, or cards. It was just a piece of paper to me. I did keep the certificates in a drawer, but I don't think I've ever had to show them! :D

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    I went to all of my grads but sometimes I was the only one of my family there.

    Thing is ... my grads mean something to me but they're pretty boring for the spectators.

    And most of my grads limited our guests to 2. So it's not like you can bring the whole family.

    M in Oz
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    Way behind 😝

    Pg 70
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    Happy I caught up before the month was over! Tough to do at times!
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    Stat for the day-

    Walk w/family- 1hr 51min 22sec, 3.21ap, 75elev, 94ahr, 127mhr, 6.03mi= 513c
    Strava app = 688c