Hi all back here again after a few years off 32 soon and need to get back on the grind and be healthier in general,
looking for people to help with fitness and gym plans etc and meet new people

Add me and let's reach our goals together 😁


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    feel free to add. Just coming back after an injury
  • KLCruz88
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    I'm 34 and just getting back on track! Feel free to add me!
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    Just a quick aside. Choose your words.

    “Grind” implies this is something you hate to do, and will be done with it asap.

    If you think of it as something you want to do, aspire to do, challenge yourself to do, it gives you a whole different outlook.

    My mother used to hit herself and talk to herself. “You stupid fat *kitten*”. That kind of thing. It’s a self fulfilling kinda deal.

    I’m about the most negative person you’d ever meet IRL. It’s been a challenge to change my self berating, complaining vocabulary, but you know what, it works. And I feel a helluva a lot better

    Much success to you!