Anyone Lost Over 30 and kept it off for more than 5 years, who doesn't work in the fitness industry



  • fit4journey
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    Yes. I lost 67 pounds starting 7.5 years ago and ending about 6 years ago. At my worst regain, being when I started MFP this time, I was still 38 pounds lower than my highest weight. I am currently at 44 pounds below.

    I work in IT, have a few sedentary hobbies and recently recovered from ankle surgery.
  • mjc614900
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    I am a year and a half. 5'1. Age 64. Lost 25 pounds. I am now 130.

    Weighed 155 for over 15 years (Okay since I got up to 165 and was there for about ten years).
  • cguti91
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    I took off 60kg (120ish) lbs and am on year 5 of keeping it off :) I bounce up and down 10lbs or so but never more
  • padi82
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    I listen to the Half-Size Me podcast. Heather Robertson has kept off 170 lbs. for 11-12 years now. She's not in the fitness or appearance industry, just shares her very common sense approach and it has ended the diet drama for me. I am steadily losing and it's not a struggle, and what I'm doing now to lose the weight I can do for the rest of my life to maintain the loss.
  • jhjenkins4fit
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    CICO works.
    CICO is not what makes you successful at doing CICO.
    Effectiveness of CICO and its effect on the body are driven largely by hormones. (as are nearly all bodily functions).

    You can just do CICO or you can do it and add other elements to leverage its impact and success.
  • nossmf
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    Took me about a year to lose 25#, kept it off for 13 years now. It's not quite the 30# you're looking for, but considering I've also been an avid weightlifter during that time and I know I've added muscle, I'm sure the actual fat loss was over 30#. I work at a sedentary desk job, which until recently included midnight shifts where snacking runs rampant just to stay awake. But there are snacks (chips and soda), and there are snacks (red pepper slices, ice water with caffeine pill).
  • blackjade64
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    90 pounds kept off for about 9 years, but for the past 4 I am gaining and losing the same 20 pounds. Probably should say 70 pounds off for 9 years. Food tracking, walking, occasional periods of doing yoga, lazy low carb.
  • AnnofB
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    Yes. Heaviest weight: 183 lbs. Current weight: 124.2. In fact, this month makes it 10 years since I reached my goal. Up until I found MFP in 2012, I had lost weight but would regain and would try again. Many, many times. I think I owe my Pals (one in particular joined the same month I did all those years ago) a lot of gratitude for being so helpful and encouraging over the years.

    Never worked in the fitness industry. I've been retired for a while. I worked mostly in the communication industry.
  • lpina2mi
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    Not quite there--but I did stop wt gain creep and kept a small handful of pounds off before and through the pandemic via MPF & IF and just all-around-sensible healthy nutrition. Lost my exercise routine during the pandemic, but am putting it back into my weeks.
    Also back with MFP adding Lumen measurements to my macro tracking and IF and I have lost another 10lbs since Memorial weekend.

    I will need the remainder of year of mirror your success stories. --Congrats to You ALL