Gaining Muscle/Losing Fat Buddy

Hey y'all! Looking for a partner in crime who's also interested in gaining muscle, not just losing fat. 25 year old female here, and I think a lot of people with my stats tend to get hung up on the weight. If there's anyone at all interested in an accountability partnership, let me know!


  • train2concur
    train2concur Posts: 3 Member
    Hey MissHalcyon , I'm Amanda saw your post looking for the someone to push me to the next level And provide the same.
  • MissHalcyon
    MissHalcyon Posts: 7 Member
    Awesome!! I'll get in contact :)
  • Dinadoll83
    Dinadoll83 Posts: 7 Member
    That’s exactly what I’m looking to do as well. I’m 38 and my goal is to get into the best shape of my life by the time of my 40th birthday. I’d love to connect.
  • capgordon1293
    capgordon1293 Posts: 149 Member
    Awesome read people same here
  • JBanx256
    JBanx256 Posts: 1,479 Member
    Heya, I'm considerably older than you (40), but a female who has competed in bodybuilding and powerlifting, so absolutely, gaining muscle is a priority for me.
  • newnurse2014
    newnurse2014 Posts: 1 Member
    I am interested as well. 29 female living in Canada.
  • bcnieto
    bcnieto Posts: 91 Member
    Hi! Can I be a part of it. I could use some accountability.