Overeating triggers

Does anyone know what their overeating triggers are? The only one I can really think of for me is watching tv. I mindlessly eat when I do that, I’m trying to think of other common ones.


  • quiksylver296
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    Afternoon boredom at work.

    Excessive stress.

  • Lietchi
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    Over restricting calorie intake can provoke pushback from our body where we subsequently overeat (restrict-binge cycle)

    Personally, I also get cravings around my period.
  • quiksylver296
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    Lietchi wrote: »
    Over restricting calorie intake can provoke pushback from our body where we subsequently overeat (restrict-binge cycle)

    Personally, I also get cravings around my period.

    Oh, yeah! And at ovulation.
  • glassyo
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    Food being in front of me. Knowing food is there in general. :)

    Being tired is a trigger.

  • scarlett_k
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    Emotional distress. Also eating too little, but I know how to not do that now so that happens less often.
  • bluesheeponahill
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    anxiety and mental state. I was doing really well for a couple of years where I was able not to reach for food as a stress reliever, but then COVID came along and messed that one up real bad. So I am back on to try undo all that damage.
  • corinasue1143
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    Being tired. Always chasing energy.
  • missysippy930
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    It tastes good and gives pleasure and it’s something you have to do to live. It takes discipline, determination and awareness for me to not over consume.
  • awesome_wells
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    I can think of 2 big ones for me. Boredom, and lack of variety. Due to work, I'll plan and cook meals for 3 days at a time, sometimes by day 3 I just want something else. So I'll snack a lot.
  • mlrtri
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    I don’t know that I had triggers but more of bad habits. I did a lot of mindless eating. I would snack on food when cooking or cleaning up dinner or packing lunch for my kids. If I was in the kitchen I was sampling. Hungry or not. Also, when I was heavier I “treated” myself with things that were bad for me. I justified fast food runs and sweet treats in all sorts of ways. I didn’t have the energy or confidence to treat myself in other ways. Now that I have had some success with losing weight I feel better and have treated myself by taking a class I have wanted to take for years. My daughter and I are going to go get our nails done. I haven’t done that in forever. It always felt like putting lipstick on a pig.

    I guess my triggers were just being around food and feeling the need to uplift myself - and food was how I accomplished it. Glad I have found healthier ways to address that.
  • EliseTK1
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    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    Hedonism deep in my psychological wiring, pretty much. Food tastes good, and I like eating it.

    A key to success for me was learning that being at a healthy weight is also something that feels good (very good!); and internalizing the sense that future Ann is a real person I care about, and that I need to behave now in ways that will let her feel really good, too.

    If I eat all the delicious calories I can now while staying at a healthy weight, I balance my current happiness and my future happiness. It's still about the hedonism.

    Well stated! I completely agree.

    I am also a social eater, so I am more careful nowadays to not overdo it at parties/gatherings so I don’t feel terrible later. I am very into sweets, and eating sugary things triggers me to want more and more. The problem is that sugary foods are not deeply satisfying, so I end up eating more “real” food to compensate, and it becomes too many calories. Sweets are how I gained most of the weight in the first place.
  • katiekaczmarek1
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    Tiredness. If I haven't slept well, I gravitate towards carb-dense and sugary foods. It's rough right now with a newborn!
  • Sinisterbarbie1
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    I don’t usually overeat when left to my own devices - sometimes I forget to eat altogether, which is not good either - I like to cook for people and entertain people so that could be a “trigger”

    Oddly, while some people get cravings from cooking shows, magazines and cook books, I am the opposite - I almost feel like I have enjoyed the meal especially from a cooking show. And if I am cooking all day for a family event I am often not really hungry by the time I sit down. This is a combination of being around the scents of cooking all day, but probably also tastes of this and that along the way to adjust for seasonings etc.
  • thegreatcoyote
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  • Sunshine_ofhope
    My overeating triggers are :
    - Anger
    - Anxiety / overwhelmed type
    - depression/ really upset having a hard time coming back from it
    - Eating in my car
    - Standing up and eating
    - Chocolate of any kind
    - Cake & cupcakes
    - Ice cream
    - Water Ice
    - Any types of nuts
    - Peanut butter or any type of supplement of peanut
    - Pretzel, chips, cheese puffs . ect.
    - Peas
    - Corn
    - Cauliflower
    - Squash
    - Avacodo
    - Coffee creamer
    - Candy of any kind
    - Meat { only once a week & 3/4 to 1/2 a serving of it .}
    - Bread
    - Pasta
    - Fruit
    I have food addiction. I finally am 1 year recovered .