Besides CICO, what eating plan have you chosen



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    I’m Pescetarian for ethical reasons, but eat mostly vegetarian. I follow the principles of the Mediterranean diet for health. I’m counting calories in an effort to lose weight.
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    I eat primarily vegan and try to make sure I get enough protein and fibre and stay away from ultraprocessed foods for the most part. I don't think a vegan diet is necessary for optimal individual health, but eating lots of whole foods makes it easier to stick to a calorie deficit while feeling mostly full. There can be a lot of tofu involved though, and sometimes I do not love the tofu :p

    Oh and my goal is to lose weight and then keep eating this way.
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    CICO only for me!
    I've never prescribed to any particular diet and I can't be bothered to do a whole lot of hand wringing over macros. I figure humans have thrived forever without knowing anything about their macros. That said, I've always tended towards a balanced way of eating and I know from experience that I get plenty of protein just eating the way I do naturally.

    I basically put a premium on good nutrition in regards to my fruits and veg, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats but I also don't get overly obsessed with it and have zero issue having pizza night or grabbing some Popeye's for lunch here and there or hitting up one of my favorite NM restaurants or a pub for some fish 'n chips. I just try to keep everything balanced and in moderation.
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    CICO only for me!
    CICO only for the simplicity and not feeling constrained (if I can't have chips, what's even the point). I plan to pay attention to macros once my 30 day average is below obese range, but fall back to CICO if I feel that I need to scale back.
    Last month I decided to do "keto" for exactly 5 days in hopes of dropping some water quickly to fit into a dress for a special occasion and instead the change derailed my whole routine for 3 weeks.
  • Other - please specify
    I put other but perhaps should have put CICO.
    I focus on making healthy choices of food 80-90% of the time.
    I have a standard breakfast I eat that has no added sugar and is one third each carbs, protein and fat.
    I have a typical lunch if salad with hummus and pumpkin seeds.
    I often have an afternoon snack that varies from a piece of fruit to protein shake to a slice of bread with peanut butter & honey.
    Then for dinner I eat what my husband makes for dinner. That typically includes half a plate of vegetables, a quarter plate of carb, a quarter plate of protein, plus we have salad.
    My nemesis: the after dinner/before bed snack. I do my best to skip it. I am unsuccessful most days at skipping it. Most days I am successful at keeping it small. — a small serving of salad, a small handful of peanuts or a piece of fruit.

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    I've been a vegetarian for about 2 years for spiritual/moral purposes. I am unsure what it does for me health-wise (although some studies show the fewer the animal products the better), but it does push me to watch my protein and vitamin intake. Although, I've never had a problem with it or had to try hard to maintain the two. Other than that, CICO has been my tried and true!
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    What the title says - every "diet" boils down to CICO when it comes to our weight and body composition, but curious what other way(s) of eating you follow.
    Along with that, if you care to share, where are you at in terms of your goals and experience (ie: trying to lose weight, gain, maintain, support activities; newbie, restarter, experienced, athlete, etc)?
    If you care to share, why have you settled where you have, and how long have you been eating this way?

    Mediterranean Diet because I moved to Italy 37 years ago. I'm 67 now. My goal is to stay at a reasonable weight, and keep my mobility (I have OA). I've been exercising for over 30 years, especially swimming and walking (all over Rome), but keep adding new things--gym, yoga, powerwalking, tai chi, acquagym, and always stretching. Once I stop I stiffen up.
  • cosmiccurves
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    Low Carb/"keto" not tracking ketosis
    Low carb with bouts of keto, but main focus is low carb with lots of healthy fats, as many plant based as possible, and lean meats!
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    CICO only for me!
    I don't cook, so my diet is largely determined by the whims of Grubhub and the grocery store deli. Anything but straight calories would be too frustrating to track.
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    I used to do cico, but now i just eyeball it. Haven’t seen any loss in progress at all
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    I'm hovering over the poll, part of me wants to tick macros, part low carb, but neither have a huge amount of intention behind them.

    My plan is CICO. How I manage that is lower carb I guess, I exclude most grains, ie pasta, bread, rice - not because I'm deliberately trying to low carb but because I'm just generally not into them and find them a bit of a waste of calories. I'll have them if I want them in context thought, like tonight we have guests so I'm making homemade pizzas. I also keep lower cal treats like Fibre One 90 cal stuff on hand for if I do want something after dinner. The vast majority of what I eat is whole foods, a carry over from a number of rounds of Whole30 trying to pinpoint the cause of my vestibular migraines. But I've also always been one to cook from scratch and not really use premade packaged food. But I'm not deliberate about the low carb, if I have a higher carb day, so be it, in the end it's calories and feeling like I got enough veg in my day.
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    Other - please specify
    I have made my own diet, did cico for a few months but was always hungry…. I’ve been doing my own diet for about 10 years and it fails sometimes and I gain, but eventually I get back on it! LoL. It has 4 rules and one theme. Eat till I’m full as long as it follows the 4 rules:
    1) eating nothing that only walks on dry ground or comes from that animal, except yogurt.
    2) no refined flour or sugar
    3) nothing processed
    4) no fried foods or cooking with more than a tsp of oil

    It’s restrictive and my longest success is about 2 years which I’m approaching now, but it works for me. I allow 2 cheat meals per month. I’m a former chef, so making foods taste good is easier for me than most.
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    CICO only for me!
    Basically CICO and make smart decisions. No empty calories.