Only 41lbs down but so much change in my body! Photo!



  • snowflake954
    snowflake954 Posts: 8,400 Member
    Yep---the OP isn't here anymore. Lovely comments guys, but she's not seeing them.
  • jjlbrick
    jjlbrick Posts: 231 Member
    Don’t say ONLY and 41 lbs in the same sentence you look great.
  • snowflake954
    snowflake954 Posts: 8,400 Member
    Do people even read a thread?
  • parkerpowerlift
    parkerpowerlift Posts: 196 Member
    This is fantastic progress! Your recomp has been excellent, because 41 lbs is A LOT. I think you look great currently, but I understand that you know yourself best!!! Keep up the good work!
  • tdarke1
    tdarke1 Posts: 38 Member
    Do people even read a thread?
    it does not seem like everyone reads the thread! take care!!
  • prettyfitkitty
    prettyfitkitty Posts: 6 Member
    a testament to patience :D well done!
  • snowflake954
    snowflake954 Posts: 8,400 Member
    tdarke1 wrote: »
    Do people even read a thread?
    it does not seem like everyone reads the thread! take care!!

  • sandraws
    sandraws Posts: 22 Member
    Your great attitude, hard work and commitment really show! You look transformed! I am looking forward to the day I can say I've lost 41 pounds!
  • jkhan337
    jkhan337 Posts: 1 Member
    Keep going! You look great!!!
  • kellie16
    kellie16 Posts: 3 Member
    fabulous attitude towards the 'slow and steady' approach, looks like your body is very happy with that approach! Inspiring stuff :)
  • pvanasse
    pvanasse Posts: 1 Member
    WOW! Very good!
  • fionalsmith6432
    fionalsmith6432 Posts: 1 Member
    Thank you for posting this, and CONGRATULATIONS on your incredible hard work and dedication to a healthier self. By sharing yours; reflected, I see that my journey is worthwhile continuing.

    Cheers, so much!
  • Latrellis
    Latrellis Posts: 71 Member
    You look great!
  • stephnstars
    stephnstars Posts: 47 Member
    Hey guys I'm still here! You are right I didn't log in for a year... shortly after my post we got pregnant with our second little boy 🥰 I had a c section last year (end of August) so I am back to post partum weightless and getting slooooowly back to where I was.

    So back here reading old comments to motivate me... now with 2 little ones
  • csplatt
    csplatt Posts: 986 Member
    what i love here is that the average loss per month is 2.2 lb. so realistic. crushed it!
  • Sir_Dark_x
    Sir_Dark_x Posts: 1 Member
    Wow, congratulations
  • lokibucky26
    lokibucky26 Posts: 1 Member
    Awesome work! You look happy and healthy!
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