2023 Cycling Challenge

wendsg Posts: 434 Member
Since the 2022 cycling challenge was quite fun, let's do it again!!

Like cycling? So do I! This challenge is a simple one - ride 2023 miles in 2023!

Type of cycle? Doesn't matter. Indoor, outdoor, don't care. As long as it has pedals (whether for feet or for hands) and wheels (virtual or real), it counts! Peleton? Zwift? Road? Mountain trails? Rouvy? Recumbents? Handcycles? e-Bikes? All are welcome!

Links to Strava or another fitness app encouraged to keep each other motivated and show what we're up to.

Kicking off on January 1st, 2023.


  • Mari33a
    Mari33a Posts: 818 Member
    @wendsg Thanks for setting us up. Count me in!
  • Nixoncat1
    Nixoncat1 Posts: 21 Member
    Please add me!
    I’ll be on a spin bike at least once a week.
  • Bill70sStrong
    Bill70sStrong Posts: 1,009 Member
    @wendsg - thanks for keeping this going! Fell off last time after a strong start, but... jumping back in again!
  • 15822
    15822 Posts: 269 Member
    I'm in! Got sick in December, never got to finish the 2022, but I should be back on my feet next week.
  • wendsg
    wendsg Posts: 434 Member
    Great to see you guys returning!! And because it's 1/1/23, I'm gonna kick this off with an easy ride I did today in Zwift, just to try and establish a habit (keeping them short and very easy right now because the foot is still being a wretch, to the point that I'm not getting quality sleep at night thanks to pain. But while running is definitely out of the question, short cycling efforts, as long as they aren't hard sprints or vigorous climbs, are game!)

    Ride - 11.02 miles
    Previous - 0.00 miles

    Total - 11.02 miles / 2023 miles

    Link - https://www.strava.com/activities/8323462683
  • Bill70sStrong
    Bill70sStrong Posts: 1,009 Member
    1/1- 9.91 miles Peloton Bike+.
  • Baz_Man
    Baz_Man Posts: 23 Member
    Just set my bike up in the turbo trainer in the garage so I’m in. Need to sort some sensors as can only log my time at the moment though. I wasn’t going to bother but this challenge is the perfect excuse for new gadgets 😂 Is there a group or just posting here?

    01/01 - 45 mins. - 9 miles
    02/01 - 55 mins. - 11 miles
  • SavageMrsMoose
    SavageMrsMoose Posts: 418 Member
    Hello! I'm back in again! Happy New Year Everyone!!!

    My Peloton at the house in Colorado has an issue- the seat keeps falling. I need a new "sleeve" apparently. Unfortunately, Peloton sent a handlebar sleeve, so I need to call them again today. I dread this. I spent quite some time on the phone two weeks ago....

    I'm not super tall, 5'6", so its not as bad for me as it is for my husband, but still not ideal with the seat all the way down, so I will stick to short rides until I get it fixed. The one in Houston is new so it works.

    Looking forward to hearing about everyone's rides!!!
  • wendsg
    wendsg Posts: 434 Member
    @Baz_Man no group! Just posting here. :smile: And your estimates seem pretty decent to me (actually, depending on how you ride, might be low-balling). Welcome to the challenge!!

    @SavageMrsMoose Nice to see you back!! So sorry to hear about your Peleton problems. When I had that issue on a cruiser I was borrowing... I may have used some electrical tape on the seat post to keep it from crawling into the seat stay. :lol: It's ghetto as heck, but it almost kinda works!

    Sticking to those short rides. Foot's still being a punk. Am considering going to see the doc in about a week or so if this doesn't start resolving itself. :angry:

    Ride - 10.01 miles
    Previous - 11.02 miles

    Total - 21.03 miles / 2023 miles

    Link - https://www.strava.com/activities/8327541938
  • ashleycarole86
    ashleycarole86 Posts: 5,631 Member
    edited January 2
    First rides of 2023 are complete!

    Mon, Jan 2
    Ride 1 - 30 Min PZ Endurance Classic Rock (Peloton): 9.63 miles
    Ride 2 - 5 Min Cool Down Ride (Peloton): 1.11 miles

    YTD: 10.74/2023 miles complete
  • avatiach
    avatiach Posts: 269 Member
    Interesting. I think I will try. How do people who are working on trainers estimate their distance?
  • Bill70sStrong
    Bill70sStrong Posts: 1,009 Member
    Previous- 9.91
    2/2- 15.08
    YTD- 24.99/2023
  • Jimmyc2019
    Jimmyc2019 Posts: 3 Member
    First cycle since 2021 completed
    Mon, Jan 2
    Ride 1 - 9.9 miles on Road Bike
    Year To Date: 9.9/2023 miles complete
  • Baz_Man
    Baz_Man Posts: 23 Member
    @wendsg Thanks for the welcome 👍

    @avatiach I tend to average about 12mph on a casual outing so have just multiplied my time by that figure to give approximate distance. I’m a fan of gadgets so have ordered some speed and cadence sensors off Amazon which will hopefully fit the bike on my indoor trainer
  • Mari33a
    Mari33a Posts: 818 Member
    Hi Guys. Got 20.11 miles on my spin bike so I’m off the mark!

    Previous 0
    Today 20.11 miles
    YTD 20.11/2023
  • Bill70sStrong
    Bill70sStrong Posts: 1,009 Member
    Previous - 24.99
    1/3 - 4.8 in a spin/cardio/ interval class. On the bike, off the bike, back on the bike....lol!
    YTD - 29.07

    Took 3 hour long fitness classes in a row this morning, so not much mileage today.
  • wendsg
    wendsg Posts: 434 Member
    A very hearty welcome to @SavannahS2016 , @avatiach , and @Jimmyc2019 !! And welcome back, @ashleycarole86 !

    @avatiach , I personally use Zwift. Then again, I have multiple trainers with BLE/ANT+ enabled sensors that can synch with it, and a dedicated laptop to run it. On an ordinary trainer (like a turbo with a bike loaded on it), I'd just use a cheap Bell cycle computer on the back tire. If it's a spin bike, there should be an option on its built-in computer to see how far it estimates you've gone. If it's too cheap for that... I'd recommend once more getting a cheap Bell cycle computer and affixing it to your weapon of choice.

    Then again, Baz_Man had a good recommendation! 12mph for a casual ride, 15 for a more strenuous endurance ride, 18 for a tough effort would be some good ballparks!

    And speaking of Zwift, got another low-distance, low-intensity ride done. Still working foot issues. It's getting (marginally) better. Leaving it until next Monday to make a determination on seeing a medical professional about it.

    Ride - 10.03 miles
    Previous - 21.03 miles

    Total - 31.06 miles / 2023 miles

    Link - https://www.strava.com/activities/8333590430
  • SavageMrsMoose
    SavageMrsMoose Posts: 418 Member

    Traveling to New York for a couple days and it hasn't been going well. Bad news, latest flight is 5 hours late. Good news- the hotel had a Peloton so I got my first ride of the year!

    @wendsg I'm going to use my down time to call Peloton again, but will try the electrical tape !

  • Mari33a
    Mari33a Posts: 818 Member
    That’s my second cycle done😃
    Previous 20.11
    Today 20.13 miles
    YTD 40.24/2023