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  • FitFor43_2023
    FitFor43_2023 Posts: 7 Member
    Well I've been here before but new account; new beginning; new friends

    2020 saw me finally get my gallbladder removed and I thought that would be the answer to losing weight. Instead it led to a stint of depression and anti depressants. Finally off them and ready to battle the weight once and for all.

    Ever since I can remember I've been on slimming world or weightwatchers and at the age of 42 I've realised I don't have a clue about healthy eating and meals. I've struggled with my weight the last year especially and gained even more so need to do something about it.

    So, if you're in the UK please send a friend request. Even better if you've got hints and tips to help and can help guide me round macros etc.

    Thanks and Good Luck everyone! We can do this 💪
  • PDX_Diamond
    PDX_Diamond Posts: 3 Member
    Hello fitness folks! I am looking for fitness buddies. Let's hold each other accountable and help encourage each other. Add me and we can get fit together! I struggle with meal planning and making time for fitness. I am a nursing student and that is all my life consists of. I do have a personal trainer and I meet with her twice a week. But try to make the time any other day to exercise and it's a wrap! Sound familiar? Let's help each other! :smiley:
  • Skybleupink
    Skybleupink Posts: 3 Member
    I'm just a couple of weeks into my MFP journey. I love tracking my food and exercise! (I never thought I'd say that.) I have about 30 lbs. to lose and am really excited to have found a process that's working for me. Glad to be here! Looking for positive, inspirational companions on this journey!
  • jaliv78
    jaliv78 Posts: 5 Member
    Hi, I'm new here, 44 years old, trying to get in shape. Can you guys help me to understand how you add friends, and btw add me to your friends will love to get some motivation and support. Thanks!
  • Major_Psy_Girl
    Major_Psy_Girl Posts: 24 Member
    Hey all! Just started up MFP again relatively recently (mid-December). I’ve decided to tackle my goals from a different angle and with a renewed mindset. I’m in the process of recomping at the moment and so far it’s going better than I expected. Any serious, like-minded peeps on here are welcome to add me. 💪🏻👊🏻
  • animalrane2316
    animalrane2316 Posts: 10 Member
    Hey all... just signed up... trying to lose some weight off my power lifting body!
  • StrongMandi13
    StrongMandi13 Posts: 4 Member
    I'm looking for friends. I have an open diary - my goals may be different than some... I'm focusing on maintenance and building muscle (re-comp). But I'm hoping that in a few months I will begin a deficit since I am a chunky one! I'm just really enjoying lifting again after many years off, and I don't want to trigger binge eating by restricting too much with the new change.
  • Justn_83
    Justn_83 Posts: 492 Member
    Hey hey back at it again! Hit me up 😁😎
  • kravbeast
    kravbeast Posts: 3 Member
    New to this as well. I've been overturning all the stones in my life for a couple of years now. I'm doing this for self, family, and to improve in Krav Maga and BJJ. It's been a long time coming; life changes are on for good, let's get it! Feel free to friend me as well.
  • robertkinneyca
    robertkinneyca Posts: 3 Member
    looking for more support
  • Dawnwicks0830
    Dawnwicks0830 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi.. im new to using MFP.. I can not get it to change my calories, pro, carbs, fat etc... it keeps changing right back to over 1900 calories.. I want to change the calories and macro percentages... if it doesn't change, I'm going to get rid of it. Lol.. and yes, I did save after putting my numbers in
  • kcmcguga
    kcmcguga Posts: 1 Member
    Looking for support in my journey towards getting back to healthy eating and living.
  • Letsdreadlift
    Letsdreadlift Posts: 29 Member
    Back at it again. Fun times! Feel free to add me! Let’s do this together!
  • juanwilly1
    juanwilly1 Posts: 25 Member
    Hi I am Juanwilly and I need to lose 10 lbs over and over so need friends to push me!
  • 7Zyzz7_
    7Zyzz7_ Posts: 1 Member
    Jan 20, 2022 I snapped my depression, and decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and face my problems head on. I wish you all well on your journey, We’re going to me it Bruhs!!!🥇✅💪🏾 #Ps I’m new here feel free to Add me!
  • ritasmiles2020
    ritasmiles2020 Posts: 3 Member
    Add me
  • RaevsReality
    RaevsReality Posts: 31 Member
    Always looking for more interactive geeky, gaming, nerdy and/or bookish friends :)

    Got back on the wagon recently and lost 17 lbs so far, but would love to expand my support network even further.

    I game mostly on PC these days, from Skyrim to Civ to WoW. Am a forever DM in D&D and have been trying to get back to reading.

    If you'd like to have an active, chatty and geeky friend feel free to add!
  • melanelson
    melanelson Posts: 16 Member
    Hi! I am a 38F and I would love some friends who actually use MFP lol. It seems like most of mine have fizzled out lately :'( I just lost 50 lbs just by tracking my calories here. Talk soon!
  • kravbeast
    kravbeast Posts: 3 Member
    Hello community. I'm on MFP for the sole purpose of what this is designed to do, improve. I don't have this journey all figured out yet, but I'm smart enough to be dangerous. I enjoy helping to encourage others on their journey as well. If you are looking for a legit contact here for encouragement, feel free to add me.
  • TashaHenry89
    TashaHenry89 Posts: 13 Member
    Hi all. Been using mfp for years. Due to MH I've been up and down on this journey.

    All the people I began with are no longer active. Please feel free to add me.