Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 212



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    @cassique I love your post very inspirational I copied it for my next round hopeful it will motivate me. I hope you are OK with it. Thanks again
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    @musicsax I can’t believe he’s already three! I remember those days when we got frequent updates on your DGS and can’t imagine how hard that was for you all. Praise God for that donor! Happy birthday to the little guy! 4wz4brmjisdf.png
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    @Machias1949 LOL at "not your Mother's jeans"! I've noticed the current trend is high-waist pants/jeans. I have found that those that are closer to the hip/belly button work best for me.
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    @Skyleen75 My late MIL was a food pusher. Sometimes it’s really hard to resist. Small portions, you can do this!

    @deepwoodslady Avoid anything ending in -ose. Regarding monk fruit . . .
    @amnu_co and @fmfdfa2020 I bought my first monk fruit liquid sweetener last week because the store quit carrying their own brand of liquid stevia. Flavored liquid stevia was about $13 for 2 oz but you use so little that lasts a very long time. I use it in one or more cups of coffee. The monk fruit flavored liquid (2 oz for under $5) takes about 4 times as much to achieve the same sweetness and flavor. I guess I’ll be searching on Amazon. Just MHO and experience.

    @Kayjay1960 I am a bread-aholic. I knew I had to not eat as much of it because it triggers an insulin response that requires frequent “doses” of bread! Going low carb-keto is what works for me and I have also figured out that large amounts of “good” carbs (such as fiber) are not good for me.
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    Female 5’1” Age 72 years
    Started Keto WOE 7/17/17 (mid-Rnd 10)
    *Travel - no scale part of the time
    HWE 197.0 (2/2008)
    Weight on 1/17/17 174.5
    OGW 137 (set by WW 2008, WW goal 1985 was 126) UGW was 125 (HS weight 1968)

    👍👍This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE👍👍
    Rnd 7 167.0 to Rnd 17 155.5
    To Rnd 27 146*
    To Rnd 37 139.0
    To Rnd 47 133.5*
    To Rnd 57 131.5
    To Rnd 67 128.0
    To Rnd 77 125.0
    To Rnd 87 121.0*
    To Rnd 97 121.0
    To Rnd 107 122.0
    To Rnd 117 116.0
    To Rnd 127 117.0
    To Rnd 137 117.0
    To Rnd 147 116.0 🙌
    To Rnd 157 115.5
    To Rnd 167 119.4
    To Rnd 177 118.3
    To Rnd 187 120.0 AW 119.6
    To Rnd 197 121.5 AW 119.15
    SW RND 198 119.0 AW 119.75
    SW RND 199 119.5 AW 119.55
    SW RND 200 120.0 AW 122.35
    SW RND 201 123.0 AW 121.35
    SW RND 202 124.0 AW 121.25
    SW RND 203 122.5 AW 122.65
    SW RND 204  122.0   AW  122.9
    SW RND 205 122.0 AW 122.95
    SW RND 206 123.0 AW 124.25
    SW RND 207 123.5 AW 125.0
    SW RND 208 124.5 AW 125.25
    SW RND 209 124.5 AW 125.7
    SW RND 210 124.0 AW 124.4
    SW RND 211 126.0 AW 126.11

    We ALL have good rounds and bad but that is part of life. Don’t stay away, stay accountable. We don’t judge, we support.-Jpv,2/13/19

    What we need to succeed is a sustainable way of eating, not a DIET we go on and off.

    People say keto/LCHF isn’t sustainable. I’ve been doing it for over 5 years with amazing results!

    This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE.

    We are unstoppable not because we do not have failures but because we continue on despite them. - paraphrase of original quote by Beau Taplin

    Up and down - just riding the waves of life. 🌊 🏄‍♀️ (My new mantra-3/19/22)

    "Do or do not. There is no try." -Yoda

    **Comments apply to previous day**

    SW: 127.0
    I need to get back to a fasting schedule.

    1/22 126.5 Fasted until 4:30 or 5. Got an Unwich at Jimmy John’s (#7) and could only eat half! I did have a glass of red wine and dumped the remaining 1/2 bottle down the drain!
    1/23 125.5 Art Quilts, etc meeting this morning, picking up a friend for lun-ner this afternoon (Golden Corral?) Weight might jump up tomorrow.
    1/24 127.0 As anticipated. Golden Corral for the first time in months. Not as good as I remembered it. 🤷‍♀️ Stayed to 25g TC limit but too much salt and not enough water and drank coffee later than usual so couldn’t get to sleep.
    1/25 127.0 No TMI for a couple of days UGH Got my new Garmin and set it up yesterday afternoon. YAY! Calories, protein and fat all under; carbs over by 6 - all came from assorted low vegetables.
    1/26 126.0 Good day yesterday- only 13g TC and over 5000 steps due to shopping. Today I have guild meeting an hour away and meal with a friend before repeat meeting. I’ll do my best to make that a good meal.
    1/27 126.5 20g carbs - it was 15 until I ate 2 squares of Sam’s Choice Dark Chocolate-something has changed with that product. It no longer melts in my mouth. Oh well, Amy and I went to Chipotle for dinner - we each got a salad and no chips. Or as many steps as I expected. I’m so happy to have my new Garmin and that it is synced with my iOS devices!
    1/28 127.0 No idea except no TMI. I have beef and Brussels sprouts with butter and my BP coffee with cream.
    1/29 126.0 Great Greek today for lunch
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    @musicsax - Great news about your DGS! Wow. Happy third birthday!
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    @sheilaboneham LOL-not sure I would call myself a “writer?” I wrote my father’s life story (mainly for my siblings), I wrote a children’s book about my dad’s family on the Oregon Trail (for my grandchildren and nieces and nephews). I wrote my great grandfather’s life story as told by my father as a young boy (again for my family)

    This story is different-it is ALSO a TRUE story-but NOT about my family. It is a minister (Rev. George Jones Adams) who in the 1860’s conned people that he was a religious leader chosen by God to take them to Jaffa for the second coming. Since the families have loaned me their family diaries and letters-I am doing it for them. Once done, I will send copies to the historical centers near the locations plus provide it free on a facebook site I set up for them.

    I will take your advice and pace myself. It is hard as I get tied up in the research. I promised the families I would get this done six months ago.
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    SW Round 212: 198.0
    1/22 198.0
    1/23 197.4
    1/24 198.4 wrong direction but I lifted weights for the first time in a few weeks so probably holding water
    1/25 199.0 even more wrong direction! I did go over my calorie goal yesterday but not by a lot.. we shall see what tomorrow brings. Plan to drink plenty of water today.
    1/26 197.4 ok that's better. maybe my body go the picture about weight lifting. I stayed up really late reading a novel all in one sitting last night, it's probably been 20 years since I did that last, haha! and I also feel like I'm getting an ear infection, which I also have not had in about 20 years? weird day!
    1/27 197.4 again, not bad, had a glass of wine last night and my food was a bit high sodium. The cold weather makes me not want to drink water and we've had a ton of rain so I don't want to get outside as much. Making up for it with tea and inside yoga.
    1/28 197.6 just hangin out here. need to stay mindful with my logging.
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    Round 212 (my 47th)
    January 22, 2023 - January 31, 2023
    Female, 5’7”
    HW: 181 pounds (Dec 30, 2019)
    Previous Rounds:
    R164 SW: 164.7, EW: 162.3
    R165 EW: 161.2
    R166 EW: 157.4
    R167 EW: 157.0
    R168 EW: 153.7
    R169 EW: 154.3 - Thanksgiving week
    R170 EW: 149.9
    R171 EW: 151.0 - Travel almost the entire round
    R172 EW: 149.7 - Christmas holidays
    R173 EW: 148.6
    R174 EW: 146.8
    R175 EW: 145.5
    R176 EW: 143.5
    R177 EW: 142.4
    R178 EW: 140.2
    R179 EW: 139.6
    R180 EW: 137.6
    R181 EW: 135.6
    R182 EW: 136.2
    R183 EW: 134.9
    R184 EW: 134.9
    R185 EW: 135.4
    R186 EW: 132.7
    R187 EW: 132.1
    R188 EW: 133.2
    R189 EW: 133.8
    R190 EW: 134.3
    R191 EW: 132.5
    R192 EW: 132.9
    R193 EW: 132.5
    R194 EW: 133.4
    R195 EW: 132.7
    R196 EW: 133.6
    R197 EW: 134.9
    R198 EW: 132.3
    R199 EW: 130.7
    R200 EW: 130.5
    R201 EW: 130.7 (last weigh-in before traveling)
    R202 EW: 134.5
    R203 EW: 132.9
    R204 EW: 134.0
    R205 EW: 132.7
    R206 EW: 133.2
    R207 EW: 134.0
    R208 EW: 134.5
    R209 EW: 134.3
    R210 EW: 131.8
    R211 EW: 131.3
    RSW: 131.3 pounds (1/21/23, EO Round 211)
    RGW: < 135.0 pounds
    UGW: 130-135 pound range

    1/22: 131.3 - I’m surprised it is not higher since I’ve had two late night binges in a row. I think the only saving grace calorie-wise is that on both days I ended up eating only one meal. Today I’ll go back to a more normal meal schedule.
    1/23: 131 - My daughter stopped by on her way home (we’re about half-way on her 7+ hour drive) and took a bunch of the goodies that I had made for our dinner party with her.
    1/24: 132.9 - Binged last night
    1/25: 131.8 - Did better yesterday. I think it helped that all my meals were very vegetable-forward (less carbs)
    1/26: 131.4 - Still too many sweets/carbs yesterday. Did not do my usual workout but got a hike in instead.
    1/27: 131.4 - Ate better and got some extra walking in, but still need to lay off the after dinner eating.
    1/28: 131.4 - Got my workout in towards the end of the day…
    1/29: 131.6 - Good workouts and so-so eating
    1/30: -
    1/31: -

    Total round weight loss/gain to date from EO last round: + 0.3 pounds
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    musicsax wrote: »
    I am feeling vey emotional typing this, there were times 2.5 years ago that I doubted I would ever say that when he was so ill. Yet again I am so thankful to the brave family that donated their loved one's liver to save our little brave lion's life and the marvellous NHS. I hope that they also get a little comfort from the fact that a very important part of her still lives on in a very independent, larger than life personality of a delightful 3 year old, 2 and a half years on from their very sad loss.

    Celebrations all around! On the 22nd we celebrated 2 years post transplant for our little MiracleMan! It's so good to hear your little big man is doing well and he looks so good! Happiest of birthdays with your stunning smile!! Seeing him so happy and healthy looking makes my heart beyond happy

    Our donors are Angels on Earth <3 I'm thankful for our donor as well as yours. I hope they all know how loved and appreciated they are.
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    HSW: 211.6 lb (Aug 2021)
    SW: 191.1 lb (Oct 2022)

    Round 208 EW: 175.5 lb (-0.5)
    Round 210 EW: 173.7 lb (-1.8)
    Round 211 EW: 173.2 lb (-0.5)

    Round 212 SW: 173.2 lb


    1/22: 172.8 lb
    Stayed within calorie budget and exercised. I am going to aim for consistency this round.

    1/23: 172.8 lb
    Achieved my goals for the day.

    1/24: 173.0 lb
    Stayed within calorie budget and exercised. Was an active day for me and I was a bit hungry during the day.

    1/25: 173.0 lb
    Why O why do I eat my children's leftovers? My youngest is the worst for leaving food on his plate. He eats like a bird - the occasional peck at his food then he moves on. I need to add a goal which is not to eat my children's leftovers and get him to sit at the table until dinner is done.

    1/26: 173.3 lb
    I have been naughty and have not been counting a vegetable stir fry I usually eat for lunch. I think that is the reason for my lack of progress. I will count it from now on and see what happens. I thought it was relatively benign. It has cauliflower, zucchini, mushrooms, onion, and bok choy. It will be interesting to see how many calories it comes to.

    1/27: 172.0 lb
    Well the "benign" stir fry turned out to be 100 calories per serve. So not insignificant. I will count it from now on and not treat it as a free pass. I think my consistency otherwise has lead to a drop finally showing up but I will wait to see how much of a bounce back I get tomorrow. Oh and I didn't eat my kids leftovers!

    1/28: 172.0 lb
    Surprised this weight stuck. I did not indulge in pizza night instead having a cauliflower stir fry. My DS made brioche though and I had 2 small slices. I don't know why he felt the need to spend a few days making it but he is already a better cook than me!

    1/29: 172.4 lb
    Unfortunately there was leftover brioche and I had a few large slices. Combine that with a big dinner and that might account for the increase.

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    @sheilaboneham LOL-not sure I would call myself a “writer?”

    @Machias1949 I would call you a writer based on all that!