Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 213



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    SW: 170 pounds: Ultimate Goal weight 145 pounds
    RND 210: SW:170.8 EW 169.8 <3
    SW RND 211: 169.8 EW 167.4 <3
    SW RND 212: 168.2 EW 166.6 <3

    Rnds 210-212 progress
    Goal 1: Cut down on the boozy days: Stay dry for 7 out of 10 days. <3:/<3
    Goal 2: Increase water intake: Hit 70 oz per day for 8 out of 10 days. <3:/<3
    Goal 3: Log my food 9 out of 10 days. <3:/<3
    Goal 4: 20 minutes of movement separate from day to day activities. 8 out of 10 days. <3:/:/

    213 goals
    Goal 1: Cut down on the boozy days: Stay dry for 7 out of 10 days.
    :) X X :):)
    Goal 2: Increase water intake: Hit 70 oz per day for 8 out of 10 days.
    :) X X :):)

    Goal 3: Log my food 9 out of 10 days.
    Goal 4: 20 minutes of movement separate from day to day activities. 5 out of 10 days--Starting the round with Covid so I am lowering this expectation for this round.
    X X X X X
    SW: 166.6
    Weight goal this round: Stay below 166 for the last 3 consecutive days of this round.

    2/1: 165.2 Tested positive for Covid last night. Not expecting too much movement in the next few days, but my fridge is ready for easy to grab veggie most options so I think I will be okay with diet. I realize I am not missing booze as much as I was in the beginning of this, I don't even really think about unwinding with a glass of wine or beer most days anymore. I still think of it some days, but must less frequently. The weird thing Is I don't feel much different without it. I thought I would feel more hydrated and energized and I don't. Then again, I am sick so there is that. I need to make sure I keep up with my water. I have a routine when I am working--12 oz on my way to work, 24 oz during work, 12 oz on my way home, 24 oz from coming home to bed time. Being home messes up my routine and water also makes me cold, which isn't desirable when I have the chills. But I will do my best.

    2/2: 165.4 I ended up being a few oz sort of water and I had a cocktail after dinner. I had a some nervous energy due to some upcoming life changes that is both joyful and overwhelming at the same time. Listing the to do list and the time line had feeling a bit anxious and so I poured myself a small drink.

    2/3: 162.8 My covid symptoms are much better, but the breathing and coughing still lingers. I think I might have to sit out at least one more day of movement, but I will see how I feel later today. I am actually shocked by my weight. I don't think it is lingering this low at this point, most of my eating happened before 4 pm and I wasn't hungry for dinner so it might be mostly just an empty stomach and low water weigh in. I got a new tape measure yesterday so I will probably take measurements today.

    2/4: 164.0 A bit too much Friday indulging last night. Feeling it today. I am appreciating my dry days more now that I am feeling the day after effects of a not dry night last night. And it really wasn't even worth it. Just a hanging around watching movies with my partner night. Booze wasn't needed but it was there so I had some.

    2/5: 165.0 Back to work tomorrow. Still have a bit of a cough and covid test is still coming up positive, so I will need to wear a mask. I was hoping to try and get back to the gym, but with the cough and mask requirement I will have to skip it again. Maybe I will feel up to doing some time on my home rower tomorrow instead.

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    Its been a long time since Ive been part of this challenge, but found it excellent to keep me on track so we're joining up again! Sorry its kind of half way through this round. But no time like the present to get started again.
    Starting Weight - July 2022- 82kg
    Lowest Weight- Dec 2022- 74kg
    Current Weight- Feb 2023- 77kg

    👍👍This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE
    2/6 - 77.9kg- started tracking again, PT session, Aiming for a 'perfect week' on apple watch.
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    64 yr young F, 5ft 4 Round 213 (my 145th). As always, thank you. @QuiltingJaine.

    Goal for this round; I'm not looking at a specific number, instead I need to aim to cut out chocolate & biscuits 'cuz I can't stop at 1 or even 2, it starts me on a downward addictive spiral. So that and any loss is my aim. No binges, keep within calories & macros.

    1/ 31 139.8 – Damn!! Why do I binge!!? I need to think before I mindlessly shovel things into my mouth!! A 2 pound gain through the round, must get control of this food addiction I have. 9.92 miles walked.

    SW 138.6
    2/1 138.6 - 9.91 miles walked, a much better day & under control! 5% of exercise calories eaten back.
    2/2 138 – 11.04 miles walked, half of exercise calories eaten back.
    2/3 138.4 – childminding DGS; no structured walking.
    2/4 139.8 – don't ask!!:( 9.68 miles walked, but that was not enough to negate the massive amount of food I binged on :(. I'm such a stupid greedy pig!! Today is Saturday, it will be good to spend my walking together with DH.
    2/5 139.4 - 11.86 miles walked, & back in control, all but 197 of exercise calories eaten back. Saturday for us is pizza night together with a massive delicious crunchy salad, we also have oven roasted chips, I normally have just 100 calories worth, but last week I realised that I am not that bothered about the taste so this week didn't have any and to TBH didn't miss them. More importantly no chocolate/biscuits. Thank you for your kind words, I'm over yesterday’s rant at myself now.
    2/6 139.4 – no structured walking, DS & family came down for a roast lunch & then we all went to a wider family get together; 27 of us, all my DSs & their children & grandchildren. We try to do this a couple of times a year, not all of us manage it as to get a date that all of us can make is near impossible!!
    I'M WORTH IT !!