Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 213



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    @deepwoodslady Throw the old candy away. Feed the soup to the wildlife or dump it. Be strong! REMOVE TEMPTATION!

    That was the best thing I did when I started LCHF. Got rid of the junk carbs.

    My recommended reading right now. Two books by Gary Taubes
    The Case Against Sugar and The Case for Keto. He sites studies done by individual doctors (not paid for by PHARMA) included a fellow back in 1825 - almost 200 years ago who simply stated “grains and starches are fattening and that sugar makes it worse. His recommendation for obesity was “ more or less rigid abstinence” from those foods.”
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    @fmfdfa2020 A couple of things I have changed since cutting carbs - I make my own “breadcrumbs” by putting pork rinds in the food processor and I use Xanthan gum as a thickener - arrowroot also works. It only takes a small amount of Xanthan to thicken so depending on the quantity you’re making, start small. I think it took about a teaspoon slowly added to the broth to make gravy.
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    @hammycakes Look back at choices 2 or 3 days earlier to explain those weight jumps and drops.
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    Hi, I'm Charissa, ready to go for Round 213/4.
    I love these 10 days at a time rounds! Very doable. Better than a week as you tend to follow the same up and downs per week and it doesn't always show your progress. Also being able to refocus after 10 days is great!

    62 y/o female
    OSW 2022-03 230.3
    1SW 2023-01 221.8
    RSW 2023-01 216.6

    Goal This Round per Day:
    Water: 64 ounces (minimum)
    Alcohol: 0 ounces

    ✔✔✔ - - ✔- - -
    ✔✔ - - - - - ✔- -
    HW: 230
    CW: 216.6
    Goal Weight #1 199 Target Date 4/1/2023
    Goal Weight #2 180 Target Date 6/10/2023
    Goal Weight #3 160 Target Date 9/30/2023
    Goal Weight #4 150 Target Date 12/30/2023

    Round 210/1 SW: 221.8 EW: 220.6 Loss 1.2 Total Loss 1.2
    Round 211/2 SW: 220.6 EW: 218.6 Loss 2.0 Total Loss 3.2
    Round 212/3 SW: 218.6 EW: 216.6 Loss 2.0 Total Loss 5.2
    Round 213/4 SW: 216.6 EW: 219.8 Gain -3.2 Total Loss 2.0 Yikes!

    SW: 216.6

    2/1 216.6 (-0.0/-0.0) My body seems to have adjusted to the lack of alcohol😞 I did have some wine last night but back on target for today and hopefully the next 10 days. Both Goals met ✔✔

    2/2 215.8 (-0.8/-0.8) After a 3 day stall, the scale is moving again and in the right direction! Today's meals are planned and should see another loss in the morning. Both Goals met ✔✔

    2/3 215.6 (-0.2/-1.0) Better than 0... Water Goal Met ✔

    2/4 216.3 (+0.7/-0.3) Expected but was hoping to not see it...The day was good and I saved my calories for crustless pizza. 2 glasses of wine showed up...I ended up over calories by 300. And now it's the weekend....

    2/5 217.8 (+1.5/+1.2) Ooops...The first mistake was not planning dinner for Saturday. At around 4pm, looked around and had nothing prepped for dinner so did a unplanned grocery run....and I was hungry....you know where this is going. All kinds of interesting things ended up in my cart!

    2/6 218.2 (+0.4/+1.6) The good news - I enjoyed my weekend. It was a lazy kinda weekend. Sunday was kind of back on track but the damage was already done. And this week kinda has "doomed" written all over it. Tuesday we go out to dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Saturday we go out to finish celebrating my husbands birthday and finally Sunday is superbowl. It will be round 214 by then... One day at a time.

    2/7 Mulligan - it will just depress me. Not sure what's going on in my head but it started with a bag of cheetos after lunch. The kind that looks like it should be a serving but when you read the label after you've consumed the bag you see that it was 2.5 servings😞 But, here's why these rounds are so powerful, at least for my mind. I've got dinner tonight then I have 3 days to get at least back to starting weight for this round and then the new round starts and I can forget that this round ever existed!!🙂 I need to at least meet my water goal today!!! Water Goal Met ✔

    2/8 220.3 (+2.1/+3.7) Too bad gaining isn't my goal, as I'd be killing it! :haha: Dinner was fabulous!! I usually skip dessert - but they had a turtle cheesecake that had my name ALL over it. Today is a "normal" day . Alcohol Goal Met ✔

    2/9 219.8 (-.5/+3.2) Back in the right direction but going to need everything in short of a miracle to get back to starting round weight. Oh well...maybe starting weight from round 212?????

    2/10 219.8 (-0.0/+3.2) Wow...not a great 10 days...But what's awesome - it's very clear why I gained this week. I only met both of my goals 20% of the time. Alcohol goal only 30% and water goal only 40% of the time. I got attacked by the munchies (last night too) . :wink: I didn't plan my meals well and had one extravagant meal with dessert included. So there's no whoa as me.... It's all here in black and white! So next round will start a little rough - hoping to just maintain and not gain. I forgot we also have my grandsons 3 year birthday party on Saturday. Good news - I can easily pass on cake (unless it's cheesecake!!). I expect to do fine at the party, then I looked at the menu for the restaurant, probably not so fine!! Then there's Superbowl Sunday. So my hope is Monday - I come out at no more than 220.
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    @kayjay1960 The way I look at it, ANY LOSS IS A GOOD THING
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    Thank you so much for your kind words. You are so spot on. I should have thought of that before I went on my eating binge. Lesson learned but I will not let that evil lady wreck what I have worked hard to achieve. Keeping at it next round is going to be great. I bought a book to journal so working on the emotional part. You are so kind have a blessed day. :smile:
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    Thank you so much for your thoughtful words they mean a lot. I have come to the realization that I am an emotional eater and with negativity in the world I am going to need to find other ways to deal with people who are unkind or I will fight my weight issue forever. Thank you for giving me some tools to work with. Have yourself a wonderful day and thank you for your kind words and inspiration.
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    You are so right. I am hopeful that I will not encounter her cruelness again. But I will use your words. there is so much good in this community I am glad I found it. I will try to meditate I know it will help. I also talk to God and it helps too. Have a wonderful day and thank you for your kind words and inspiration. People like you will help me so much on my journey.
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    @shmmm3 Sugar is sugar
    “replaced added sugar cravings like ice cream and cheesecake with medjool dates, frozen mango, pineapple”

    2 dates, 46g 140 cal 36g carb
    Mango, 56g 36 10g
    Pineapple, 50g 25 7g

    Vanilla 1/2 c 136 16g
    Chocolate 1/2 c 142 19g
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    Enjoy all your celebrations!!!