Just Give Me 10 Days -Round 217



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    Round 217
    Hey, I am new here. Starting out at 186 (march 13). Thanks for sharing your progress, everyone
    3/17:. .
    3/18: 183. Lost a pet this week after 15 years, she has been a part of my family from the time she was a 5 week old scrap of a kitten Proud of staying on track, even though I am not as attentive to the recording as I can be. Something in me is resistant to sharing progress. It is safer to win and lose in private. And I want to be proud of my self because, for the first time in my life, I am doing this for myself, not to make up to other people’s expectations. Maybe learning to be in community is part of the growth here.

    @begin2023 I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your pet. I am sending out prayers and {{{hugs}}} to you.

    In regards to your sharing progress feelings. Being anonymous here is what is so great. There are no expectations here. Everyone just shares their journey for self inspection and reflection. It is also our hope that what we experience or learn can help others. No judgements here. You are in a safe place!
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    3/13: 239.8 (+2.0), BF%=33.4 (+0.5).

    3/18/23: 235.6 (+0.2), BF%=32.5 (+0.1). I got a little "snacky" last night. I was about to say that hummus is a hard snack for me, but that would only be true if I did not have means to measure things out (which I do). It's amazing how little I question some of the things I tell myself. Being mindful (aware) of those thoughts is fun. Or at least interesting. I'm going to measure my hummus next time. Tonight is dinner out with friends, and then we're going to a bar to watch the UCLA basketball game. I would not drink tonight if I were not going out, particularly since I'm still on-call for work... so I'm not going to drink. I love alcohol (even in a relatively healthy way, I think), but we're gonna stay on a break until at least Tuesday, which means I'll likely be on a break until next Thursday night (my workweek is M-Th). I'm going to clean out my garage for the next few hours, which will involve moving some things around and "some" heavy lifting, which should get my heart rate up. Wish me luck!

    @HoopsGuy72 I love the attitude that you've had lately and am going to try to implement it into my own daily habits. The fact that you would not have had a drink had you not been going out means you won't have one now, just because your situation or overall plan for the evening changed - This is a great way to look at it. Another tool in the toolbox! Thank You!
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    I hope you enjoyed a wonderful day full of birthday celebration!