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Just Give Me 10 Days -Round 217



  • deepwoodslady
    deepwoodslady Posts: 11,374 Member
    clprieur wrote: »
    Christine from Burlington, Ontario, Canada 😊

    3/18 – 142.6 lbs – Well, I am not hitting all my goals this round, but I am doing very well with a couple of them and dammit, I am going to focus on the positives! Besides, my weight is going down even though I am not restricting calories very much and I am not over-exercising! I wonder where my body will land!! I am eating around 1550 cals per day, but I also walk my dog quite a bit (almost 25K steps yesterday). I know I set my calorie goal for 1345 this round, as recommended by MFP, but I refuse to go to bed hungry. I eat when I am hungry and I try to remember to stop eating when I am full. (Thanks, Intuitive Eating.) I try to watch a bit in terms of getting in fluids, protein, fibre, nutrients and sufficient carbs in (my brain works better when I provide it with enough carbs). But overall, I just look in the fridge and say “what does my body want and need right now?” It seems to work? Also, I am so proud of myself for logging in/going to work every day this past week!! On Monday I logged in even though I wasn’t feeling well and my apartment was a disaster (having my apartment messy gives me a lot of anxiety). I just did it. And did my best. That was HUGE for me. And that turned out to be WAY better than not logging in at all! I have really come a long way with my attitude. And I got quite a bit done this week, and received some positive feedback from my Team Lead! I just can’t get over how some counselling and hard work on my part has paid off in terms of breaking some bad habits – in particular, the terrible habit of perfectionism. I am working so hard at turning off that critical voice inside my head (my father’s voice) that tells me that I am stupid, fat, ugly, no good at anything and just plain disgusting. Eff that and eff him. I am 53 years old and I don’t need to give a crap about that voice anymore. I’m done letting him hurt and control me. I have really come a long way. I’m proud of myself. 😊 Tell me something that YOU are proud of?

    **thoughts for next challenge: journalling, meditation, affirmations, Grow With Jo videos on cold days, X pages of reading, neck stretches, no devices for 60 mins before bed

    @clprieur Your post really touched me today. I don't think that I am ready to face (I'll admit but not face) my perfectionism. Wow, this is hard and powerful! My voice is my mother's. When one spoon was dirty (no dishwasher back then), all the dishes, silverware AND pots & pans were taken out of the cabinets to wash, dry and put away because I MUST need practice if I left that spot on the spoon! Add to that the lack of confidence with teenage acne. Your first job where EVERYTHING had to be learned and you were the new inexperienced kid. Teachers "grading" your papers which felt like judgement every single day. And so much more......

    Too much, too much for me to face right now. Because it does affect your whole life. Your expectations of your husband, your children, their teachers, your co-workers etc. How many relationships didn't work out because of me?

    Being perfect is impossible. It is chasing my own tail and never catching it. I know that. It's just something I need to work on when I am strong enough to do it. One thing at a time.....One day at a time. Because when I face it, I will need to be full-on with it. I'll need to do it perfectly, right?

  • shmmm3
    shmmm3 Posts: 255 Member
    SW RND 217

    #1 No added sugar or ultra processed foods and no more than one alcoholic drink per day.
    #2 No eating after 9 pm.
    #3 Walk the dog twice a day.

    3/13 👍👍This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE. I'm copying this phrase to my post this round because I too need to reframe. My original "why" is the same as today. Most of my health problems were attributed to my weight, diet, and lifestyle factors that I learned how to control. So, I'm now at a healthy normal weight, but the weight itself was only one part of it. I can't throw out the diet and lifestyle that got me here and got me feeling better even if everyone around me thinks it's too restrictive and too strict. I know how I feel and how things make me feel. Eating and drinking things just to fit in makes for a great time in the short term but I pay for it for days afterward. I have to eat well for my body every day if I want to feel good every day. This round I'm going to cut back on caffeine and be very gentle with myself at maintenance calories. Eat well today and tomorrow morning I'll feel good. Okay. Let's do this again.

    3/14 Day 1 of a new experiment. I've changed my food diary settings to show 8-10am, 10-12 pm, 12-2 pm, 2-4 pm, 4-6 pm, 6-8 pm. I almost always eat more later in the day and I'm hoping this will give me a clearer picture of my habits. I'm going to aim to eat no more than 1000 calories per 2 hour window. I usually eat very light as I'm running about in the day and then I'm starving at night. With healthy foods like nuts and dried fruits I can easily surpass 1000 calories in an hour. I need to get out of that habit. If I can aim to keep my 6-8pm window to less than 1000 calories I will be more motivated to eat enough earlier in the day and have a stricter guideline for what constitutes over eating. I'm curious to see how this change plays out.

    3/15 126.8 this is a happy surprise. I was sure I'd gained more from the weekend but it seems to have evened out now that bloat is gone. Why, oh why does food have to be so hard to self-police? Maybe when it becomes more socially acceptable that sugar addiction is a real addiction I'll feel less like I'm being a baby about it. Someone else here was talking about being a food-aholic. Yep, me too, but my poison is sugar. My only way out is through fully committing to natural foods in their natural form and avoiding absolutely anything that a neuroscientist had any say in marketing and producing. Good news: I'm not scared of restaurants anymore regarding my diet goals. As long as I steer clear of cheese (I'm disheartened to have confirmed that I'm sensitive to it) and deep fried things, I can keep my diet on track without sacrificing social time :smiley:

    3/16 DNW My experience with dairy has been illuminating. I spent a lot of time researching dairy yesterday. Apparently, people can become lactose intolerant in adulthood and not even know it. That may be me. Further, symptoms of PMS and menstrual pain can be alleviated by cutting dairy altogether and keeping meat products to organic chicken or grass fed and finished beef. I'm trying to find a bright side to not enjoying cream cheese anymore. So, if I can go the rest of March with only kerrygold butter, no cream, no cheese, and only expensive and not as delicious steaks, maybe my next period won't be debilitating. I assumed that my menstrual symptoms were all due to being overweight, technically obese, but now I can't attribute my hormone problems to an excess of fat cells. Wouldn't it be great if this is the last piece of the puzzle? I'm really hopeful. Also, 3 days without binging!

    3/17 DNW Bad day.
    3/18 DNW Thanks for everyone's hugs and support. It really did help writing it out. I'm still dairy free and eating very minimal land meat. So far I haven't had an experience where it's been a problem in social settings and I'm not missing it at home. I'm concerned about an upcoming wedding where I don't want to come off as a health freak with the meat heavy meal they'll be serving. Tonight I've got a party to go to where I can practice saying, "No, thanks. It doesn't agree with me." Who can argue with that? I know I love them but I need to stay strong for myself.
  • musicsax
    musicsax Posts: 4,428 Member
    edited March 2023
    39flavours wrote: »
    F42, 5'4
    Heaviest: 180.8 (5th July '21)
    RGW: 150.6lbs
    UGW: 140lbs (trend)
    UUGW: 122.4lbs

    Past Rounds
    R160 SW:162.8 GW:164.0 EW:DNW
    R161 SW:162.0 GW:159.5 EW:158.2 (-3.8)
    R162 SW:160.2 GW:156.5 EW:154.6 (-5.6)
    R163 SW:154.4 GW:152.4 EW:152.4 (-2.0)
    R164 SW:151.8 GW:151.0 EW:150.2 (-1.6)
    R165 SW:149.0 GW:148.4 EW:149.0 (-0.0)
    R166 SW:148.4 GW:147.0 EW:147.0 (-1.4)
    R167 SW:148.2 GW:146.5 EW:146.6 (-1.6)
    R168 SW:146.6 GW:144.0 EW:146.2 (-0.4)
    R169 SW:143.6 GW:143.0 EW:142.0 (-1.6)
    R170 SW:143.0 GW:140.0 EW:140.6 (-2.4)
    R171 SW:140.0 GW:139.6 EW:138.6 (-1.4)
    R172 SW:141.4 GW:138.6 EW:145.0 (+3.6)
    R173 SW:145.2 GW:142.8 EW:141.0 (-4.2)
    R174 SW:141.0 GW:139.6 EW:142.2 (+1.2)
    R175 SW:141.6 GW:139.6 EW:140.0 (-1.6)
    R176 SW:139.6 GW:139.0 EW:138.4 (-1.2)

    R177-R210 DNW regained 26.6lbs 😵 Never again!
    R211 SW:165.0 GW:163.0 EW:160.8 (-4.2)
    R212 SW:161.4 GW:159.0 EW:157.6 (-3.2)
    R213 SW:158.0 GW: 156.0 EW: 156.8 (-1.2)
    R214 SW:154.4 GW:153.4 EW:154.4 (0.0)
    R215 SW:153.4 GW:152.4 EW: 151.6 (-1.8)
    R216 SW:150.8 GW:149.8 EW: 151.6 (+0.8)
    R217 SW:151.6 GW:150.6 EW:

    3/11 150.2 (trend 151.9)
    3/12 151.6 (trend 151.8)

    3/13 151.6 (trend 151.8) Had a poor night's sleep, OH chose to sleep in a different room after not speaking to me all day, he's so stubborn sometimes. Woke at 4am and knew I wasn't going to get back to sleep as I was fretting about an early appointment at the doctors for a cervical screening, yuck. So got up, weighed and made a coffee. Not sure I'm going to make it to the gym today as I'm really tired. My weight is really resisting my efforts, but I refuse to drop below 1200 calories or increase my exercise any further as I will make myself ill. Better just to keep doing what I'm doing, at least I'm lighter than I was at the start of the year and much fitter.
    2hrs strength training, 1hr walking yesterday, and I forgot to have dinner, so under calories, oops. Craving carbs today, I need the energy. Round goal weight is set for basically the same weight I was at the start of last round, so should be doable. I am leaving for a week in Portugal on the last day of this round so I want to give this round my 100%... except not today!

    3/14 150.6 (trend 151.6) I didn't do any exercise yesterday. I had a busy morning with a Dr appointment, then decided to go and use a sunbed to get a bit of base colour on my skin. Not something I've done for many years, and I've only done 3 or 4 times ever, but I'd forgotten how warm and relaxing it is, even if it is so bad for you! Once in a while can't matter that much, can it?
    My weight is down today but I think it's just dehydration as my eyes felt really puffy when I woke up. I went over calories by a few hundred, I just felt like taking it easy. Had my first hot cross bun of the year, soooo good!
    I haven't planked for a few days, need to get back on it.

    3/15 147.2 (trend 151.0) What the heck? I couldn't believe my eyes, 3.4lbs gone over night! I am late posting today as I couldn't really process the number. I think some will come back tomorrow as I've been very thirsty so think I'm still dehydrated. Hopefully not all of it will come back though...

    3/16 150.8 (trend 151.0) As expected, back up again, sigh. Definitely just water weight, but what I don't know is if I'm retaining water or just normally hydrated. I thought about taking water pills but think it's a bad idea, if my body is retaining water then there must be a good reason for it. At this point I can't see myself getting solidly into the 140s ever, gah, never mind the almost 30lbs I want to lose to get to my goal weight of 122.4!

    3/17 151.4 (trend 151.0) Argh, so infuriating! Met all my targets yesterday, strength training for 1hr, over 10,000 steps, calories within range, lots of water. Sigh. Well, the positives are I'm progressing well with weights, it was legs day and I made improvements on all my sets. Planking is getting better, I can do 3 x 1 minutes with 90 seconds rest between, before I was spreading it out during the day. I have ordered some resistance bands to take to Portugal next week as I will have a lot of time free because OH will be working so I will be able to keep up with the workouts. I'm determined not to come back with a gain.
    My DD's granddad's funeral will be on the 4th April so I'm relieved that I will be back by then. No news from her father though, I think he has cut contact from all his family, he's really taking it badly. He's currently on a boat somewhere in the English channel, I hope he's OK. Not really fair to be worrying everyone at a time such as this.

    3/18 150.8 (trend 151.0) I had a bit of a crappy start to the day yesterday. I was really down about my weight going back up and feeling like I'm getting nowhere. I was angry, confused and resentful that I felt like I would have to restrict for the rest of my life just to stay where I'm at. OH gave me some home truths from his perspective. He said that he's tired of always hearing about how unhappy I am and that I have become obsessed with weightloss and it's vain and boring. That I used to have hobbies and be more fun, but now I'm just hyper focused and am not contributing anything positive towards our home or life together. He has a point, but one of my main reasons for me wanting to lose weight and become fitter is because of the many many times in the past when I've avoided doing something fun or adventurous because I was too self-conscious and ashamed of how I look. So this is my way of trying to ensure I don't ruin any more holidays or days/nights out due to feeling so uncomfortable and embarrassed. I'm trying to fix something that makes me unhappy, but in the process I'm making others unhappy. Anyway, I went to the gym after that but tried to have the mentality of doing it because it feels good and gives me a dopamine release, and to be proud of my body and what it can achieve.
    I really could have just done with him giving me a hug and saying he understands, but hey ho, he can't help the way he feels and neither can I.


    Someone mentioned on here recently, sorry I forget who, that they relish this forum as they can vent and rant instead of over burdening family and friends. I agree. I went through a stage of resenting my husband's constant nattering of his job. I decided every time he prattled on I would follow up, in great detail, on how I cleaned the toilets. Yes, childish. Yes, ineffective. And now I find myself over sharing about my steps and macros and insights from the forums here. Meh- give and take I guess lol. I too fear adventures due to my weight. My worst is the unknown event. Unscheduled party or a death with nothing appropriate to wear. Bumping into what's her face from highschool....we need to be proud of who we are and who we are becoming. Sometimes I want to wear a chat bubble over my head saying "yes I am a big girl but not as big as six months ago"
    Let me just instead say to you " I understand and hug"

    You've said a lot of what I am sure many of us feel, when it comes down to it so many of us are the same, but we are all doing the best we can to get over this feeling of inadequacy. It's good we can share this here about ourselves xx
  • GrandmaJackie
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    edited March 2023
    March 13 - March 22, 2023

    Please join us starting on 3/13 for JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS, when we will begin Round 217!

    Anyone can join us at anytime during the round.

    Join us! If we stay mindful we can do this, you can do this.

    Welcome back past members, welcome new members, let's keep each other accountable for another 10 days!

    Here is what you do: Post your daily weight and add little comments along the way of how your day went. You have only one hour to edit your post. Post everyday to let us know how you're doing! Copy and paste the days in your response--tell us how much you lost and other non scale victories (NSV) you'd like to share.

    FOR NEWBIES - I find it easiest to copy the dates to a document or note in my device and edit it each morning. Then copy and paste to the message board. MFP will return you to the spot on the board where you left off on your previous visit which is nice to know if you like to scan all of the posts.

    👍👍This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE

    SW RND 217

    Starting weight 3/12 157.3 - Lots of emotionally eating so I’ve been meditating lately…..hopefully this helps.
    3/13 156.5
    3/14 154.9 - Today I will hopefully be able to take the first step in making changes….
    3/15 152.5 - It was tough day starting out but IT TURNED out successfully as far as getting things accomplished.
    3/16 152.1 - Taking one day at a time, not letting my emotions get the best of me. We went to pong but came home early, hubby choice not mine..
    3/17 151.9 - Definitely making progress “remember” in a unselfish way, my health is my number one concern! I have three beautiful children and two gorgeous grandchildren! ❤️. I went to a fantastic St. Patrick day function, with so so many wonderful people❤️
    3/18 151.5 - Force on things I can change!

    Goal weight 153

  • tiabirdie56
    tiabirdie56 Posts: 4,061 Member
    Round 217~Mon Mar 13 2023 ~ Wed Mar 22 2023

    Round 217
    Mar 13 2023~ Mar 22 2023

    My name is Tish.
    Age: 66
    Height: 5'7.5"
    USW: 260
    2023 Start Wgt:Don't know (Jan 1)
    RG: 76g Protein; 64ozs to 80ozs water

    Mo•March 12 2023~ 212.6
    ▪︎Day1▪Mo Mar 13- ¤212.6

    ( Su•43g Prot; 64ozs water)

    ▪︎Day2▪Tu Mar 14- ¤DNW

    (Mo•34g Prot; 64ozs water)

    ▪︎Day3▪We •Mar 15- ¤211.8

    (Tu• 50g Prot; 72ozs water)

    ▪︎Day4▪Th•Mar 16- ¤210.7

    (We• 56g Prot; 64ozs water)

    ▪︎Day5▪Fr•Mar 17- ¤209.1

    (Th• 38g Prot; 48ozs water)

    ■Day6▪Sa•Mar 18- ¤209.1

    (Fr•40g Prot; 48ozs water)

    ▪︎Day7•Su•Mar 19- ¤

    (Sa•g Prot; ozs water)

    ▪︎Day8•Mo•Mar 20- ¤

    (Su•g Prot; ozs water)

    ▪︎Day9▪Tu•Mar 21- ¤

    (Mo•g Prot; ozs water)

    ▪︎Day10▪We•Mar 22-¤

    (Tu•g Prot; ozs water)

    *Round End Weights*

    {Mar 19~Round 34- lost 2.8 lbs~215.8}
    {Mar 28~Round 35 - lost 2.4 lbs~214}
    {Apr 7~Round 36 - lost 1 lb~212}
    {Apr 17~Round 37 - lost 5.6 lbs~206.4}
    {Apr 27~ Round 38 - lost 1 lb~205.4}
    {May 6~ Round 39 - lost 3.4 lbs~202}
    •••Transition Round⬇•••
    {May 17~Round 40 - lost 3 lbs~199}
    {May 27~Round 41 - lost .8 lbs~198.2}
    {Jun 6~Round 42 - lost 2.6 lbs~195.6}
    {Jun 16~Round 43 - lost 1.4 lbs~194.2}
    {Jun 26~Round 44 - lost 1 lb~193.2}
    {Jul 6~Round 45 - no loss~193.2}
    {Jul 16~Round 46 - lost 3.6 lbs~189.6}
    {Jul 26~Round 47 - lost 1.4 lbs~188.2}
    {Aug 5~Round 48 - lost 1.8 lbs~ 186.4}
    {Aug 15~ Round 49 - lost .8 lb~ 185.6}
    {Aug 25~Round 50 - lost 3 lbs~ 182.6}
    {Sep 4~Round 51 - .4 lb gain~ 183}
    {Sep 14~Round 52 - lost 2 lbs~ 180.8}
    {Sep 24~Round 53 - lost 1 lb~ 179.8}
    {Oct 4~Round 54 - lost .8 lb~ 179}
    {Oct 14~ Round 55 - gain .8 lb~ 179.8}
    {Oct 24~Round 56 -lost 3.2 lbs~176.6}
    {Nov 3~Round 57 - gain 1.6 ~178.2}
    {Nov 13~Round 58 - gain .2 ~178.4}
    {Nov 23~Round 59 -lost1.2 lbs~177.2}
    {Dec 3~Round 60 -gain 3.4lb~180.6}
    {Dec 13~Round 61 -lost 3.4 lbs~177.2}
    {Dec 23~Round 62 - lost 2.8lbs~174.4}▪2019▪

    {Jan 2~Round 63 - gain 2.8 lbs~177.2}
    {Jan 12~Round 64 -lost 1.2 lbs~ 173.2}
    {Jan 22~Round 65 - gain 1 lb ~174.2}
    {Feb 1~Round 66 - loss 1.4 lb~ 172.8}
    {Feb 11~Round 67 -gain 2.4 lbs~175.2}
    {Feb 21~Round 68 - loss .6 lb~174.6}
    {Mar 3~Round 69 - gain .4 lb~175}
    {Mar 13~Round 70 - lost 3.2 lb~171.8}
    (Lowest weight 171.2~March 17, 2019)▪RETROSPECT▪This is the point when I looked too bony to myself. I purposely wanted to gain back 10lbs. I'd lost 89lbs in a little over a year, but I thought it was too fast, even though it didn't seem fast during the process!

    {Mar23~Round 71 - gain .4 lb ~172.2}
    {Apr 2~Round 72 - gain 2.6 lbs~ 174.6}
    {Apr12~Round 73 - gain 3.6 lbs~178.2}
    {Apr 22~Round 74 - lost 2.8 lbs~175.4}
    {May 2~Round 75 - gain 1.8 lbs 177.2}
    {May 12~Round 76 - lost 3.2 lbs~ 174}
    {May 22~Round 77 - gain 4 lbs~ 178}
    {Jun 1~Round 78 - lost 2 lbs~176}
    {Jun 11~Round 79 - lost .2lbs 175.8}
    {Jun 21~ Round 80 - gain .2 lbs~ 176}
    {Jul 1~Round 81 - gain 1.4 lbs -177.4}
    {Jul 11~Round 82 -gain .8 lbs -178.2}
    (*Round 82 • LIFE STRESS ROUND* gains begin)

    {Jul 21~Round 83 - gain 2.8 lbs-181}
    {Jul 31~Round 84 -loss 1 lbs - 182}
    {Aug 10~Round 85-gain 1.6 lbs-183.6}
    {Aug 20~Round 86 - gain .6 lbs - 183}
    {Aug 30~Round 87- gain .6 lbs -183.6}7 1.2 lbs -184}
    {Sep 29~Round 90 - lost .8 lbs -183.2}
    {Oct 9~Round 91 - gain .4lbs~183.6}
    {Oct 19~Round 92-lost 1.8 lbs 181.4}
    {Oct 28~Round 93 -gain 1.6 lbs~183}
    {Nov 8~Round 94 -lost .4lbs~182.6}
    {Nov 18~Round 95 - gain 1 lbs~183.6}
    {Nov 27~Round 96 -lost lbs~183.4}
    {Dec 8~Round 97 - gain 1.8 lbs -185.6}
    {Dec 18~Round 98 - 185.6}
    {Dec 25~Round 99 -185.6}

    {Round 136 - 215 EW}Dec 31 2020(1/01)
    {Round 137-209.8 EW}Jan 11 2021
    {Round 138- 209.5 EW}Jan 21 2021
    {Round 139-  DNW EW}Jan 31 2021
    {Round 140-   EW}Feb 10 2021
    {Round 141-  211 EW}Feb 20 2021
    {Round 142-  215  EW}Mar 2 2021
    {Round 143-  215  EW}Mar 12 2021
    {Round 144-  215  EW}Mar 22 2021
    {Round 145-  214.3 EW}April 2 2021
    {Round 146-  DNW EW}April 11 2021
    {Round 147 - 216 EW}April 21 2021
    {Round 148 - 216.3 EW}May 01 2021
    {Round 149 - DNW EW}May 11 2021
    {Round 150 - 216.7 EW}May 21 2021
    {Round 151 - DNW EW}May 31 2021
    {Round 152 - 216.2 EW}June 10 2021
    Round 153 - 215.6 EW}June 20 2021
    Round 154 - 216 EW}June 30 2021⬅
    Round 155 - 212.6 EW}July 10 2021
    Round 156 - 209.4 EW}July 20 2021
    Round 157 - 208.8 EW}July 30 2021
    (???? is diet break)
    Round 158 - 206.6 EW}Aug 9 2021
    Round 159 - 204.6 EW}Aug 19 2021
    ????Round 160 - 202.6 EW}Aug 29 2021
    Round 161 - 200 EW}Sep 8 2021
    Round 162 -196.8 EW}Sep 18 2021
    Round 163 - 198 EW}Sep 28 2021
    Round 164 - 197.6 EW}Oct 8 2021
    Round 165 - 195.2 EW}Oct 18 2021
    Round 166 - 197.6 EW}Oct 28 2021
    Round 167 - 197.4 EW}Nov 7 2021
    Round 168 - 198 EW}Nov 17 2021
    ~illness spanning next 4 rounds~
    Round 169 - DNW EW}Nov 27 2021
    Round 170 - 188.2 EW}Dec 7 2021
    Round 171 - 189 EW}Dec 17 2021
    Round 172 - 191 EW}Dec 27 2021
    Round 173 - 193.6 EW}Jan 6 2022
    Round 174 - 194 EW}Jan 16 2022
    Round 175 - 196 EW}Jan 26 2022
    Round 176 - 197.8 EW}Feb 5 2022
    Round 177 - 199 EW}Feb 15 2022
    Round 178 - 199 EW}Feb 25 2022
    Round 179- 205 EW}Mar 7 2022
    •March 15, 2002- 202.5lbs
    Round 180- 203 EW}Mar 17 2022
    Round 210- 210.4 EW}Jan 11 2023
    Round 211- 211.7 EW} Jan 21 2023
    Round 212- 212.5 EW} Jan 31 2023
    Round 213- 215 EW} Feb 10 2023
    Round 214- 212 EW} Feb 20 2023
    Round 215- 211.8 EW} Mar 2 2023
    Round 216- 212.6 EW} Mar 12 2023
    Round 217- EW} Mar 22 2023
  • shmmm3
    shmmm3 Posts: 255 Member
    @begin2023 I am so sorry for your loss. It is a distinct pain to lose a part of the family like that. If you're comfortable sharing a picture of her, I'm sure we would all like to see her.

    I'm the same with fear of winning in public because then the losing is public too. This group of people has proven to be incredibly supportive no matter what. Being a part of it has reduced my shame about losses and slip ups incredibly and has given me a lot of confidence in myself and in everyone else here.