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  • SamanthaLM91
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    I joined MFP a few years ago, and almost reached my goal weight, but then I fell out of it and stopped using the app altogether and I started to fall back into old habits and now I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been, I get out of breath so easily now and I need to change. Permanently this time!!

    Ready to get back into it. Starting right now!
    If anyone wants to be friends feel free to send me a request, the more the merrier and having some friends on here the last time I found really helped me out! When you have people to cheer you on and support you and give advice when you need it really does make a difference. And I love cheering people on too 😊

    Let’s get it!! x
  • whitfcan
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    Heyy everyone! If you have been active on this app within the last 72 hrs, please add me! I need more accountability partners. I will add back🤗
  • sapperpe
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    I got down to my goal weight (210 pounds) about 6 years ago but then took my eye off the ball and gained it all (40 pounds or so) back. I’ve been sort of kind of working for the past year but really working hard for the last month to get back to my goal and am currently at 229. But I also think I’m going to set my goal a little lower this time around to 200. If I can maintain that weight then I’ll be in good shape.

    Anyway, looking to add more friends because most of the folks I was friends with the first time around aren’t active anymore. Just looking for accountability and motivation partners. Feel free to add me! Thanks.
  • dylanbean7
    dylanbean7 Posts: 3 Member
    Hey everyone! My names Dylan, started my weight loss journey almost a year ago in June! Started at 262ibs and now at 180! Feeling absolutely incredible and looking better than ever, MFP helped me the whole way through. I’m not sure I would’ve kept with everything if I didn’t physically see what I was putting in my body and how much of it I actually was eating! Anyways, looking for new friends to chat with and bounce ideas off! I’m very friendly and love chatting!

    Have a great day 😄
  • emmasellick
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    I'm wanting active female friends to cheer on and also cheer me on as I lose weight!
    I am recovering from a mix of eating disorders so I want to take things slow and mindfully.
    I'm a 28 yo aussie with over 80-100kg to lose.
  • JuanSLOjourney
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    Morning All, finally coming back after dealing with medical issues with my son and I. Stress ate my weight back. Looking for friends and motivation. Thanks. Juan
  • Itadakimasu7
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    Would love to have more friends for accountability! I have about 70lbs to lose. Love cats. Have the 50's starter pack and it came with a whole set of body malfunctions. It's going to take a lot of work on my end to fix things and I have limited self-discipline. Cheers!
  • sharrr40
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    Starting over again! Getting older has really made losing weight much harder. Looking for support to stick with it this time!
  • Hello, I am new to the platform. Just Joined yesterday. Looking for new friends and could use a little motivation.
  • danielotoole315
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    Feel free to add me as I'm new to this app. Looking for motivation and ideas to lose weight while gaining strength. Also aiming for a 6 min mile.

    Username: danielotoole315
  • dblirondog
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    I'm getting jacked, add me..............just kidding that could take a couple of years. Buy now at the discounted rate haha. Yeah, I just like to see super cool people every day. Add me.
  • XxDeadlyDesirexX
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    Hey everyone looking for new active friends to motivate eachother on our journeys feel free to add me ❤️ 💪
  • kymberlylowery
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    Hey there! Back at my weight loss journey again. Could use some friends along the way. Feel free to add me!
  • TomFit18
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    Good morning peeps! Feel free to add me! Summer getting closer!
  • dc8066
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    Hi everone, I am starting my weight loss attempt # 162456789908 or so, the struggle, mostly sugar cravings, is for real. I am 57, just did a 42-day crush diet and now in a maintenance phase, the scariest part lol. Hope for the best
  • avbrinck
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    Hello, my name is Anna. Feel free to add me! I am 42 years old and weigh 175 lbs at 5'7". Looking to loose 25 lbs or so.
    I have been been doing a combo of running and walking on trails. My goal is to be able to run 6 miles a few times per week, and also increase my speed. I'm struggling to combine weight loss with my running goals because running makes me a hungry hungry hippo.
    Also putting it out there, I do well with a little friendly competition.
  • mkemler15
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    I am new here. Looking to become healthy to enjoy my wife and children more. Need friendly motivated people to help me along in this journey.
  • MissLadyOG
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    Hello 👋🏽 Here I go again. 30lbs away from my goal. My plan is to do this slow and controlled. Tone and let my muscle help me out a little. If you have similar interests or can teach me please reach out (:
  • angel2846
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    I could really use some new motivation, and more importantly, a little reassurance that im on the right track 💪

    36 year old mother, 1.62/63kg and been doing 3x weight training and daily dogwalks for 3 months now. No big results, so time to ditch the 1200 calories a day (which did include atleast 120g protein, lots of veggies and low carb).

    And tips what my target calories/macros would be to still lose fat, but gain lean muscle?

    Looking forward to hearing your experiences. Feel free to add me!