JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS - Round 234



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    How do you write in colors? I can't figure it out. lol
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    @quiltingjaine I'm in Australia! I'm originally from Southern California though (Orange County). I've been in Australia for 8 1/2 years now. I'm not sure about the other time zones in the states, I'm a day ahead but 6 or 7 hours earlier than California depending on daylight savings. So for me, it was 10.04.am on Thursday when I made the post.
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    for colours you use bbcode. you would use brackets [ ] and "color=color name" (or hex code) to change the color.

    for example,

    I want the word [ color=red ]RED[ /color ] to be the colour red
    I want the word RED to be the colour red

    You need to take out the spaces in the brackets though, and make sure you use the ending bracket when you don't want it to be that colour any more.
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    Good Luck to all this round- went off the true and proven MFP how to lose weight guidelines - Track track track- weigh weigh weigh! I surprise surprise surprise (only to me) gain my weight back. So I am striving to weigh me and my food and track these 10 days...

    SW Round 234: 120.4
    GW Round: 119
    UGW 118

    8/30- 120.4- Started last round great- and seemed to lose weight so decided to become complacent and not track- worked for a day or 2. Went immediately to my head- thought i did not need to measure anymore and no one here needs to guess what happen- only me. So back 2 rounds and trying again. Am proud of myself- Did Les Mills Body Pump last- think this was second time since my accident - but now with PT guidance I am confident- Very sore this morning and hoping the 4 ounces is from the high sodium dinner I had last night and my weight workout.

    8/31- 119.8 Still sore from Body Pump workout there are several muscle groups in thighs I was not aware of before, and I used such little weight. I need to start scheduling that workout several times a week. Not much time this morning- I so enjoy reading all your post during breakfast but seeing the sleep doctor today. Nervous about what sleep study will involve. Having to prove I have insomnia and doze off constantly for a day or 2 sounds so miserable. I hope I can do on a weekend.