JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS - Round 234



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    @SModa61 LOL at aging yourself prematurely. My husband did that the other day when he said he’s 75 then realized that’s not until mid-November!

    @quiltingjaine I make the mistake frequently because my husband is 7 months older than me, so he is 62 right now (me @ end of October). The funniest error was in my late 40's. My husband had turned 47 in the spring. Somewhere along the way, i started saying i was 47. Then when my birthday came in October, I said I was 48. I told people at work. I even had told my daughter so her card said "Happy 48". I got quite the razzing from DH. :P

    This is the time I wish there was a laugh react. That is glorious, but I'm horribly guilty. All my friends are born in March/April and I'm an October baby. So they're all 32 and I'm still 31 but I say 32 usually because then it confuses people

    @camandjarvis Yes, Hubby is end of March, I am end of October (26th). So don't you make the mistake of turning 33 this year. :P Believe me it gets worse as you get older!

    I had to sit there and think about my age for a minute when typing that. I know I'm past 30 but am I turning 31 or turning 32? BF's age saved me - he turned 41 this year meaning I turn 32 haha
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    I’ll be sure to dedicate my body to science …. Because it is definitely an anomaly.

    Hahaha! I love your attitude. Best wishes!
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    There are specific colors it will accept. Perhaps @tiabirdie56 still has a list of them she can share?
    @deepwoodslady, Donna, I do still have the post. I have to check if the links are still active. I don't have time this weekend to update it though.