LESS Alcohol ~ January 2024 ~ One Day at A Time



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    So far so good! 6/25 AF 1/6 A - staying on track and honestly loving how much better I feel in the mornings
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    January Goals! AF 5 days/week.

    Happy New Year everyone! 🎉 I'm looking forward to a healthier year with you!

    JAN 1: A 🍷
    JAN 2: AF ✅️
    JAN 3: AF ✅️
    JAN 4: AF ✅️
    JAN 5: A 🍷
    JAN 6: A 🍷
    JAN 7: A 🍷
    JAN 8: AF ✅️
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    MissMay wrote: »
    I am sorry to hear your co-MIL has those health issues. She seems to not want others to worry about her health conditions from your post. It is a brave gesture for her to keep people from stressing about them.
    Still, not easy on anyone in such a senerio.

    I am so glad though you found the strength to come join us for 2024.

    We are thinking of your concerns and the thoughts you have for your friend. Keep yourself well in all of this.


    Beautifully said, @MissMay, you said what I was trying to express. Hugs to you @forestdweller1.
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    xbowhunter wrote: »
    Turned 55yrs young on Jan 04th. Had a few glasses of wine to celebrate then a few more this past Saturday. No alcohol yesterday and don't plan to have any today either! :)

    3 - AF
    4- A


    Happy Double Nickels!!!!!
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    @xbowhunter a very special belated birthday to you on the 4th. 🎉