What's your NSV of the day? September 27th, 2011!



  • I turned down a lunch invitation to the most disgustingly delicious lunch place, and I stuck with my no even when they fought me on it :-)
  • shickam062604
    shickam062604 Posts: 133 Member
    People are seeing a change and complimenting me! :)
  • My teacher that I actually don't like at all told me he could tell I had lost weight just from the class that I took with him over the summer.

    and me and my roommate just got back from walmart and put back cookies (that I had already told her I would probably open in the car) back when we got to the check out line.
  • snookumss
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    So... a bunch of my jeans (and I discovered as I was changing in the gym) even my underwear are getting too big! My underwear in high school was a size 6... the ones too big? Size 7!!! Woohoo! I know underwear have large ranges but still! I gotta try on some of my old stuff!!!

  • I had two today.

    I made good food choices and at the end of the day when I entered it all in my journal, I was under by 500 calories!

    Also, I put in my 30 minutes on the elliptical and someone was waiting so I got on the treadmill for my cool down. Instead of cooling down, I jogged 3 minutes and walked 2 minutes alternating for another 25 minutes! I started my workout slowly, feeling tired, and I surprised myself at the end with a huge burst!
  • corgifan
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    I just signed up (well, will be soon, but I'm committed to the event by publicly declaring it on Facebook with friends) for my first OBSTACLE 5K! It's next year, but should be a blast. It's one of the "Run For Your Lives" Zombie runs. Basically they put you in an area with trails and you run, trying to avoid the "zombies" that want to "eat" you (take a flag off your belt- everyone gets a belt like you would in flag football, with each flag representing your health). Through it you have to do 12 obstacles, including tunnels, mud pits, and a wall climb. If you finish with flags on your belt, you "survived," if not, you became a zombie!

    Sounds crazy intense, but I'm already SUPER excited for it!
  • ejohndrow
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    Realizing that I need to tighten my gun holster around my thigh.
  • missyyclaire
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    Jeans were so baggy that I could pull em down without unzipping. Time for some alterations!
  • Monanik
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    First let me say I love this topic! My nsv's are my wedding rings are loose now and my undies are getting loose too lol! Time for smaller sexier ones!
  • Monanik
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    duplicate post sorry!
  • mhainlen52
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    Scrub pants at work were too baggy - had to get the next lower size. =)
  • kjannan
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    I put on a pair of old jeans to mow the lawns that used to fit quite snugly. I found myself waddling like I did when I was overweight but this time it was because they were so loose! :)
  • Out of the blue, my husband for the first time tells me, "Wow, you really are losing weight!" So, I go upstairs to try on some old size 12 jeans and lo and behold, they fit just right.
  • My partner being able to grab a handful of loose fabric at the bottom area of my jeans (that not long ago fitted my bum perfectly)
    I guess I now know where the 10 pounds have gone from :bigsmile: .....Although he said it sucks he can't see my bum in them anymore :laugh:
  • AH2013
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    My shorts nearly fell off this morning taking the dog for a walk...when I put my phone in the pocket! Embarrassing!

    Also, (but this probably isn't a victory!!) my husband asked me, after I bent down in front of him wearing a low cut top, if I wanted a pair of his socks to fill my bra now!! Cheeky, but I guess it means I'm losing a good bit!
  • I am getting fitter and fitter... able to run for longer on the treadmill and do all the exercises in our aerobics class instaed stopping all the time. :-)