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    Lanette thanks for the insulin resistance rabbit hole survey and Dr. Bikman “Why we get sick” recommendation. Triglycerides/HDL at 1.4 last year, will see what happens in June. If Glucose the same as Fasting Blood Sugar I’m ok at 83, but can’t find ever having had an A1C test. Look forward to hearing more about your new Dell. Found this interesting: https://www.zdnet.com/article/when-windows-10-support-ends-you-have-5-options-but-only-2-are-worth-considering/ Makes me think I should try to learn something new. . . like linux… :laugh:
    Kylia thanks for sharing your ratios, inspired me to check Joe’s from last year. 2.17! Need to read that book and cook more for Joe…

    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD x8zcp1ya37k1.gif

    Barbara -

    Bikman et al - Your blood values are outstanding - I'm guessing with a FBS of 83, your doc feels no need to run an A1C. Dr. Lisa only started adding them to my labs at my request several years ago.
    I think Bikman's threshold of 1.5 on the Triglycerides/HDL isn't an absolute, but probably a wake-up call for prediabetes especially if FBS is elevated. When I mentioned this to Dr. Lisa last week, she pulled up her own fabulous spreadsheet showing what my values had been over the past several years - the ratio had actually gotten a little better. She said my elevated A1C could have also been the result of my nagging foot pain over the past few months - elevated cortisol.

    I ran across Jessie Inchauspé who calls herself the "Glucose Goddess". Last year she was on the interview circuit with Chatterjee, Dhru Purohit and others.

    Here's a link to her YouTube channel if you want to spend time down a rabbit hole. Her videos are fairly short. She has the enviable energy of a kid in her 20's and early 30's, lol. In the "more" area of some of the latest videos, she has links to free pdf's - a free Food Classification Master List and one called The Glucose Hacks which I thought were very useful. I haven't really seen her emphasize "low carb" but that's where she's going, and it makes sense.

    She and others like Bikman say toss out the idea of calorie counting and focus instead on higher protein and fat that our bodies need which also control appetite. Turns out, in my case, I've been able to stay in the lower calorie range by doing just that which was surprising. :p We'll see what the scale and FBS shows in the future.


    Windows 11 -
    Thank you so much for that Windows 11 article, I had no idea but of course MS does this. I still mourn the passing of XP Pro. I see my new Dell is W11 compatible. Not sure if this HP is-looks like it might be. I think I will go ahead and take this one in to Staples early next week to have them uninstall the old McAfee and install the new one I paid for - and quiz the Tech about the Windows 11.

    I've put the Dell aside for right now, investigating whether I need to get a Microsoft account. Evidently the Dell has a layer of security that needs to be disabled in order to download LibreOffice. But with a Microsoft account, it appears I can buy it from their store for under $5. Disabling security makes me nervous so I've been watching videos about the advantages & disadvantages of the MS account - another layer of password which might not be a bad thing. Thankfully no rush right now.

    Anyone who wants to weigh in on this, please do!

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State
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    ((((HUGS)))) Rita.
    I don't know if you ever listen to podcasts, and everyone has their own favourites, but I was thinking of you when I was listening to the latest "Barb knows best", especially the second half. Episode 110. "Hard but powerful truths."
    As I said in my book, 'The universe supports you - listen to your feedback. ' Lots of love. <3

    Much love to all, Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    AWW thank you Heather. I don’t care for the podcasts here in the US. I don’t know about where you are, but too many commercials for me.

    Love, RVRita
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    Today is: A good day to take a walk in the park and color with my pencils!!

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    Rita - I fast forward through the adverts. On Spotify, you can just drag the little line on a bit to get through it. :D
    I adore all the podcasts I listen to, but often fast forward. Some are worse for adverts than others.

    I used my new walking stick for the first time today, to get to the pharmacy. It seemed to help, especially if there is a step.I wasn't best pleased when I got there, as they had run out of a couple of the generics I wanted. They often do this. :# Anyway, I picked up my prescription and paid the extra for the brand name for one of them. And then the girl says, "Are you taking any other painkillers? " "Yes, I am actually, I'm taking a lot of different ones because I'm in pain. " Grrrr! I know she's just parroting a script, but I really wasn't in the mood.
    A good thing was that I met my next to next door neighbours when I came out of the gate, so we had a catch up. They said they hadn't seen me about recently. Then we had a gossip about our useless doctors surgery with its extremely low Google rating. I don't know this couple well, but they are always very friendly.

    I'm eating prunes as a snack in the afternoon to counteract the codeine. Very effective!

    Looking forward to my solo time tomorrow when John goes out to meet his younger daughter. What's for my lunch, I ask myself? ;):*

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

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    Good afternoon ladies
    I have been binge watching Call the midwife...
    Nothing new.
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    Hi everyone :blush:

    Lisa - Glad to hear your iron levels are better. Thank you so much for your kind words and asking about my son. I have an update down below.

    Allie - My heart and prayers go out to your daughter and her babies. I second what Margaret said, about talking to other parents who have children who are missing limbs, and what they did to help their children. Maybe there is a support group in her area?

    Michele - What a beautiful bedspread. Sorry to hear about Loki. :(

    PIP - I am so sorry about your mom's passing. 

    RVRita - It's been quite a few years since I had a panic attack, but they are very scary. Prayers of peace for you.

    Sorry I've been MIA, but the last two weeks have been rough. My son has had two setbacks, which resulted in hospital stays both times. (He's still there in ICU) with aspiration Pneumonia, and had to have surgery to switch from a G-Tube, to a GJ-Tube, due to complications. The doctor's warned me about a long recovery time and bumps in the road, but it's still hard to deal with when it happens. My dad was just admitted to the hospital today too. He has dementia, and developed a severe kidney infection, which requires IV antibiotics. That old saying, "When it rains, it pours" sure is true.

    My weight loss journey is still going well, albeit a lot slower than in the beginning. I recently increased my exercise (daily walking) from 20 minutes to 30 minutes a couple of days ago, and I now have a shin splint in my left leg from walking to much. Guess I got a little to confident in my abilities, and my body said, "Nope". So I'm icing my leg, and sticking with stretching and breathing exercises for the next few days.

    Take care everyone and have a great weekend.

    April from Southern Indiana

    @ATnowornever Hugs to you and prayers said for you and your family. ❤️🙏🏻
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    Lisa - I am like you in wanting to get everything done in one day. It’s a hard habit to break. It’s why I didn’t like cross stitch, although I did give it a bit before I gave it up.
    Ceramics is teaching me some patience.

    Michele - glad it wasn’t anything serious with your eye.
    What a beautiful quilt.
    Have you had that callous checked out by anyone?

    Michaela is spending the night tonight, she went to ceramics with me. She painted three Easter eggs, a caterpillar and a butterfly. I have to spray them tomorrow and take pictures, I’ll share tomorrow.

    One of the ladies at ceramics gave me some photo albums, they will be perfect for organizing the old photos and they will store nicely in my hope chest because they are sets in a box. I’m so thankful!

    I finished another session today. My final grade for this one was 95.12%.
    2 more one week sessions to go.

    I am in agony in my shoulder and neck when I try to lay down to go to sleep. I was up and crying last night off and on . It’s fine during the day though. I did some googling and couldn’t decide what it might be, but everything suggests it should be better with rest and to change my sleeping position. It’s hard when you sleep the same way for 55 years to change.

    I’m hoping a three day weekend will help it.

    Tracey in Edmonton

    @Snowflake1968 I have use in the past and it has helped with the tension\ stress in my neck.


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    Today’s gratitude: able to do wii balance games this morning, not well but done. Had to get down onto the floor to search for Shadow’s pill/treat and really struggled to get back up. Thankful I have another chance today to get back to the PT exercises.
    Wednesday I thought I lost my wallet. Panicked as it had $400 cash for a bank deposit in addition to all the credit and insurance cards. Thank goodness, and T’s second set of eyes, found it on the floor beneath the car’s back seat. Told T I was going straight home and printing a copy, both sides, of everything in my wallet to keep with important papers. Have I done it yet? Naah.
    Ginny the egress window sounds like a real value add.
    Tracey, replacing our opaque shower curtains with transparent ones eased my shower aversion. Thank you Alfred Hitchcock :devil:
    Heather “Easter faces”?
    Lanette would love to have you visit, and bring all you can cram into the teleporter.
    Rebecca, loved the “flatbread” story. Not just Navy but most guys will . . .
    Rita thanks for clarifying your DH’s response. What the doctor ordered definitely counts as medicine-not-joy-juice in my book. Hope this brings a little smile. q2no6zce3d3x.jpeg
    Debbie :love: the pics of your son.
    Welcome back @MsElphaba Linda! One foot in front of the other. Yes, you CAN do this.
    Lanette I love, love, love Ginny’s balsamic crockpot chicken recipe. I’ve varied it using seasoned rice wine vinegar once. Next time I’ll use a pork loin instead of the chicken, acv instead of balsamic and apples with the onions.
    Annie I really really hope there’s nothing wrong with your car. Hate it when the mechanic’s can’t duplicate the (shocking) experience.
    Allie yes, thinking of Tracy but even more so of you. ((hugs))
    Barbie yours to Heather about the value improved life and health. Truth.
    Only through pg 64 but time to get up and scan those id/insurance/credit cards :laugh:
    Later, lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD x8zcp1ya37k1.gif
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    <3 🌻😀🐾👣😍🐕