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    Good morning ladies!

    So happy to have sunshine today here, after so much rain. I wish this house had a sunny back deck. There used to be a deck which is now an enclosed porch room. It's just like being indoors except for the temperature.

    Anyway, I ate over my limit yesterday. I had cookies when my aunt came over for tea. I resisted them for half an hour, then I just gave up. They weren't even very good. I wish I understood why I do that. If I have to stare at food, sooner or later I will eat some.

    My aunt will be 90 in May. She has some mysterious health problems. Maybe that made me nervous.

    Today I'm going out to lunch. I'm aiming for reasonable which means no appetizer and no dessert. If I get a burger, I will leave a quarter of it on my plate. I'm not going to eat until I'm stuffed.
    So I hope to be about 800 calories for lunch.

    Then I will reward myself with the lite strawberry ice cream tomorrow.

    Machka, you look great in your fencing outfit.

    Barbie I love the picture of you and Jake! Such a happy smile.

    Lisa that peacock is beautiful! I love the green and blue jewel tones.

    Sue, still concerned about your dangerous tenant, and your health. Hope she is soon gone!

    Rita, so glad your panic attacks seem to have gone away. It's tough to believe in medicine after it betrays you like that. I used to get digestive trouble from lactose which is in so many pills! Such a stupid thing to use as filler, when allergies are so common. No wonder so many pills cause tummy troubles.

    Have a great day my friends! May you be happy, healthy, safe and free!

    Annie in Delaware


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    Annie Try having a full glass of water or a cup of tea before heading out. May help in portion control.

    Just a suggestion. I always eat more if I get too hungry first!
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    edited April 6
    Okie My nephew's wife wants to add highlands to their menagerie. They already have dogs, cats, chickens, and goats. Nephew told her no. For Christmas, we got her the highland cow warmie. She loves it! I give them for gifts often. Minis for babies have helped many a colicky child. Great for menstrual cramps or general muscle cramps for teens.

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    Lisa - that peacock clock is so cute and Corey picked the perfect spot for it. What a nifty idea painting a clockface like that.

    Rita - very happy to hear many of your medical problems are clearing up, a shame your renal doc can't be your primary care physician. :p

    Heather - I was struck by the great choice of colors in Max's painting, he did just fine. I can imagine him and Edie on their walk to your house talking about cheese. :p That other painting you posted - is that the "battleship board" ? I really like it, very striking. Glad the paperwork is finally coming together for the cruise cancellation. I'm sure you'll be relieved when it's all finished up. Was your medical system as jumbled up prior to the pandemic?

    Kylia - I admire your Warmie collection. My friend T gave me a Warmie several years ago and I just stuck it in a dresser drawer, time to pull it out. When I go to sleep at night, I start out on my back with a warm rice sock on my troublesome shoulder whether it's achy or not. I need to switch to the Warmie - that material is so soft like having a warm puppy there but without the wiggles, lol.

    I agree with Okie. There really is something soothing like that as we go to sleep. ;)

    I discovered the eclipse that came through the Pacific Northwest in 2017 wasn't total in my area, we were on the edge about 50 miles north of the path of totality that went through Oregon. But it was really dark here nonetheless with streetlights coming on.

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State
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    I did my twenty eight minutes on my bike and fourteen minutes walking! Yay!

    Next is thirty minutes of meditation. I rarely mention it, but it is very helpful for impulse control, which is parting of controlling my diet.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Lanette - the other picture was just my random experiment. I had no idea what to paint, so I started with the colour layers. Then I've always wanted to try the old credit card method for a tree , so I had a go. Then the bottom part looked bare, so I added paint strokes. In the end my 'no idea' picture came out OK. :p

    The Battleship board is cardboard with a chequer system and little shelves. They were inventing it as they went along. So good for kid's to invent stuff and talk about their ideas. Edie loves making things. They still have to finish it. John has endless patience! :o

    Love to all, Heather UK xxxxxx
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    Annie have you thought of a list of non food rewards when you meet your goal of eating less and or leaving a bite or two behind. Great goal!

    My goal is to eat more slowly and chew my food more thoroughly. My mom was a slow eater and really chewed her food. I think that was part of her living to 98. I think eating too fast and not mindfully has contributed to my recent problems with acid reflux.

    I would say voice 80% back. Still feel like a small lump in the back of my throat. I need patience to let my body heal.

    Did briefly talk to a friend who has similar symptoms. She is still having a sore throat and is starting to sound hoarse. She has had a series of minor health problems over the past three years. She retired but now is working full time again, so she is not able to take the time to fully heal. I told her I do understand the satisfaction she is getting for her job at teaching. She is an excellent teacher. The down side is she like me is getting to age that it is even more important to address when you are not feeling well. It is time to shut down and take that time to fully recover. When you teach full time it is next to impossible to do this. I didn't say this to her...I liken it to your body having a series of minor traffic accidents. These are warnings to take care and change your habits now before you have a major crash that will be much more difficult, more expensive, and sometimes impossible to bring your body back to health. A friend a long time ago told me your body is like your home. You only get one and how comfortable it is to live in your body is up to you in how you take care of it.
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    Today is a good day to be determined to accomplish a DIY project, perhaps make some caramel popcorn??
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    Afternoon All
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    Today’s gratitude: full freezer/pantry, sound roof, woodstove.
    Rita Bravissima! You are the poster child for what wholesome, proper nutrition can do. Surely as you ease off the anxiety meds, your food cure will help there too. Well done! Would your renal doc recommend a pcp since he declined… :}
    Linda Doubtfire is versions ahead of Maizey. Does she self-empty? That’s my next wish . . . but may not be practical with the double coated dogs. . .
    Rosemarie Proud of you for taking steps. So very sorry the ER doctor just never came back, and that the CT center is closed and can’t scan you sooner. Do you have a date?
    Carol I had good luck with Wright’s Copper Cream. . . until I wore the finish off my decorative copper. Ended up donating it as it was too much of a PITA to keep clean.
    Barbie :love: the pic, your smiles . . . and the sign and posters in the background. ;)
    Beth yours to Rosemarie about a CT scan in the ER. Good thinking!
    Lanette I dislike Edge and prefer FireFox. Hope that Windows 11 will have a driver or whatever to support your scan function before they end Windows 10 support. A cool pack helped my shoulder more than warmth, at first.
    Heather hooray for the date, foo for the rest. I really liked Max’s painting. Edie cracks me up!
    Machka I’m with you on the carpet and tiles for the same reasons. Neither am I a fan of seams, cannot believe that LVP is truly water proof, would imagine the moisture could work its way down between the planks. Guess my preference would be a for very high quality, hardwood lookalike, laminate sheet. If it was too cold in the bedroom could always add a rug. For the bathroom I’d go for stone-look-alike sheet vinyl. Good luck!
    Kylia keep me posted on how your LVP holds up to drenching, ok?
    Annie Karen in VA (boy I miss her) used to tell herself that the food she was looking at, was contaminated with e coli, then focused her attention elsewhere. . . :devil:
    Okie :love: Highland “coos”.
    Margaret I’ve heard of the benefits of “Fletcherizing” though I could really not chew long enough to thoroughly liquefy my food… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horace_Fletcher
    Lisa hooray for the approval! Whew!
    Eclipse: suggestion to keep pets inside is that some might become confused/disoriented and that could be deadly with crazy eclipse traffic. Living in Oregon most likely the sight of the partial will be “eclipsed” by the cloud cover. Sorry ;}
    Need to keep reminding myself, it’s stronger I want to get, not some number on the scale. Time to get up and do those PT and dumbbell exercises.
    Later, lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD x8zcp1ya37k1.gif
    April: Move more than yesterday, fuel better than yesterday, live NOW.
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    Stat for the day-

    Walk w/family- 2hrs 3min, 47elev, 2.84ap, 85ahr, 101mhr, 6.04mi= 606c
    Strava app= 739c

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    Sunny but cold today after thunder storms/rain/hail/etc yesterday and the day before.
    Went and walked MIL's dog so got my exercise in for the day. Have to push a bit to finish at 10,000 today but will make sure I do.

    Making big dinner tonight- kids(26yr old "kids"-son and his girlfriend) are here because they like this dinner.
    Chicken tikka masala(store bought), rice, green onion pancakes instead of naan, boiled potatoes and carrots. Ice cream sandwiches for dessert.
    Waiting for Rovin to get back from the gym then we will eat. At least she is going when it is daylight-worry about her going at 9PM by herself(son doesn't go with her)

    Napa Valley,Ca