Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • OhioDido
    OhioDido Posts: 39 Member
    60 yo grandfather here looking to lose weight and get more fit so I can be there for my toddler granddaughters who we’re helping to raise. Always happy to make friends and so we can support each other
  • zayneyb
    zayneyb Posts: 1 Member
    edited April 14
    Hi All, it’s my first week of what I hope will be a sustainable weight loss journey. I have a very very long way to go but would love to make some friends on here as I have failed many times in the past and can do with all the support. I’ve also decided to document my journey on insta ‘hungry_4_changes’ if your interested, figured it’s another way to try stay accountable
  • BansheeCatXD
    BansheeCatXD Posts: 7 Member
    um hi i am new and dk what to do XD
  • snowdancer03
    snowdancer03 Posts: 238 Member
    I'm starting again and trying to finally get back on track after having kids and taking care of my busy, Young, family.
  • Hangrycatapilar
    Hangrycatapilar Posts: 56 Member
    Add me if you want to, I’m here logging and annoying people everyday 😁
  • AM_1974
    AM_1974 Posts: 53 Member
    50 year-old from the UK. Feel free to add me 😊
  • JefferyBunn
    JefferyBunn Posts: 2 Member
    Hi, I'm Jeff. I'm 5 ft 4, 157 lbs (as of today). I'm trying to get to 145 lbs by May 18.

    I was at 156 Friday, and have logged 157.9 today, very demotivating.
  • janetdivin
    janetdivin Posts: 4 Member
    Motivation and friends are always a good idea!
  • Sugartown2
    Sugartown2 Posts: 77 Member
    Happy Tuesday my new future friends. If you are looking for a connection to give you a smile, then feel free to send a request. If you are looking for a connection to just be a friend number and not be active, then I am not the one for you. Of course, all this depends on MFP being up and running.
  • relaylaura9707
    relaylaura9707 Posts: 1 Member
    Ok, so I'm clueless on how to add someone as a fitness buddy. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I'm a 15 year rectal cancer survivor who has multiple complications from the diagnosis, which included chemo, radiation, and a dozen or so surgeries with complications. I currently have chronic pain, and a chronic open wound that is now 12 years old. Because of these, I have difficulty exercising (and getting in steps). I'm a vegetarian going on about 20 years now for the second time (5 years back in college, too). I'm married 26 years (together 36 years). I'm just trying to lose the 50 or so pounds I gained since I got sick. I'm looking for anyone who's going through or can relate to similar things I'm going through (I know, no one is going through exactly what I'm going through... It's a lot! But anything close or similar would be appreciated). Can you feel me?

    Can you tell me how to add someone as a fitness buddy?
  • GettingCut70
    GettingCut70 Posts: 35 Member
    If anyone needs an add feel free to add me.
  • RenewedCleaningServices
    I am always looking for friends to chat with and hold each other accountable. Lets do this weight loss journey together. Its always better with friends 🧡
  • Rxman1971
    Rxman1971 Posts: 263 Member
    Always open to new friends add me if like
  • elc4705
    elc4705 Posts: 4 Member
    UGH. back again. Please add me. I need all the motivation I can get!
  • ShamelessFlaxseedPusher
    Hello, can people add me please? I can't figure out how to do it!

    33f, 190lb aiming for 130lbs. I am doing keto 20:4.

    Thank you!!
    DVDBEASTMODE Posts: 149 Member
    Hi my name is David. I have been on here for quite some time. I comment on all of my friends workouts, logging streaks etc etc. I also put up daily motivation and workout 5-7 days a week. I just can't seem to get any interaction from most. Would be nice to get some reciprocation, motivation and or a community. Please add me you will not regret it. I WILL KEEP YOU GOING!!!! RRAAWWRR BEASTMODE
  • Hennie7983
    Hennie7983 Posts: 1 Member
    Morning ☀,

    I'm Hennie from Canada,
    busy executive assistant and empty nester,
    going on 59, former yo-yo dieter looking to take the weight off for good AND KEEP IT OFF.
    I'm a Noom member who joined MPF for its renowned food tracking system.
    🌷 Have a great day.
  • Keeks7x
    Keeks7x Posts: 15 Member
    Hello 👋🏽 , I’m 29 and from the UK.

    I’m back into using MFP after a while and in the early days of another (and hopefully successful) weight loss journey. I use Zwift (are there any fellow Zwifters out there 🚴🏽‍♀️?!) and Strava.

    Irrespective of that tho I’m just looking for new friends (as most of mine are inactive 😓) and motivation along the way rather than plod on alone! Hope to meet some of you lovely lot soon 😊