Anyone take a week off from exercise??

I've never not exercised since starting MFP and so I want to try one week of just staying within my calories to see how my weight loss progresses. What do you think?


  • TooFatToFit
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    I'm not sure. WHY do you want a week off? Just to see if you can ditch exercise and still lose? Personally, I don't think I'd do that because I know my cardiovascular system needs to be improved, weight loss or not. I know my body is unhealthy and exercise is the only way to fix that.
  • cheddar2000
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    For myself, I exercise every day in some form. I can make up all kinds of excuses to not exercise and reason them out so well. Also there is just so many good reasons to exercise why not do it? You will have to ask yourself deep down what is going on? Hope this helps.
  • I took this week off due to being sick...I miss the gym!! Going today despite how my sinus' body needs the exercise!
  • docHelen
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    you'll probably find you loose weight but it will be muscle not fat. :(
  • I took the last week off due to being away on a business trip and noticed the difference, put on five pounds. Getting away from working out caused me to burn on the average 500 less calories a day, my eating habits changes as well as my liquid intake (not sweating out the excess water). I was back to the grind this morning, looking at undoing the damage I did by not keeping up. A lesson learned.
  • Lindz2323
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    I had a friend on here try this as an experiment and she gained a few pounds by the end of that week =/
  • akaChuck
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    If there isn't a reason why you need to take off then don't take one off for the heck of it, it could start a habit of not going to the gym 'just cause'.
  • tameko2
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    I took ALMOST this whole week off except for 2 days of strength training. I plan to workout today for a 3rd day. I wouldn't drop ALL your exercise, but you don't need to do cardio if you don't want to. do your 2-3 days of strength training though
  • deathstarclock
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    Some will argue weight loss can be achieved if you use more calories than you consume. I guess it'll be all about how to expend those calories to achieve that difference (assuming that argument of course).
  • I had a trainer at one point that wanted me to take every 7th week off from working out, his reason was the body gets accustomed to it and adjusts and adapts, that this break confused the body and allowed for better results. I didn't make it to 7 weeks with him due to other conflicts however the reason sounds good, he had me do the same with eating but on a different scale, I had 2 days of 1400 cals followed by one of 1700, again to confuse the body. This allowed for cheat days to be built in but on a regular basis. Once I stopped working out and monitoring caloric intake I still managed to maintain that loss I had accomplished for a long time.
  • dietpop
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    I took 10 days off while on vacation and just walked around. It was fine.
  • I wouldn't advise it. Taking a week off may effect the routine you've had. It may also make it that much harder to start exercising again once that week of rest is up. Maybe just try to lower the amount you exercise for a week to help make sure you stay on track and analyze how your body reacts with the lower level of physical activity.
  • surfrgrl1
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    I've lost weight in the past by only watching my calories. It can be done. But this time around I'm combining both to the best of my ability so that I can enjoy a body that looks and feels better.

    Were you asking this to see if anyone had experienced a plateau breaker from taking a week off?
  • SetecAstronomy
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    I took this week off due to being sick...I miss the gym!! Going today despite how my sinus' body needs the exercise!
    I also did the same thing pretty much...I think I exercised two days last week but had to take the rest of the week off due to illness. I still ended up losing weight but I'd really like to get back on the treadmill, crazy as that sounds...
  • shorty458
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    My fiancee didn't really exercise at all (just took some long walks and walked the dog on a daily basis) and he lost 65 lbs. I haven't done exercise in about 1 1/2 weeks (long story!) and I still have lost weight.
  • shanlynt
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    Exactly. I guess I was hoping it would kick start my system somehow. I think you guys are right though. One week off could lead to another week and realistically exercise is going to be part of my life forever so...yah.
  • algebravoodoo
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    Maybe split the difference and spend a week with light exercise? Example: Instead of running, walk. Take a light week and your body may appreciate the rest and recovery time. Mine usually does. I don't gain weight back and feel stronger when I return to my norm.
  • laneybird
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    I hate missing workout days, I've gotten used to doing some form of exercise 5-6 days a week. This past week I missed 3 days (because of classes for work that I had to leave before the sun come up and got home after dark...and I have a 3yo.) I lost a lot (almost 4 lbs!) last week... but I felt like crap. Starting back, even after you have just missed a few days takes a toll... I was out of breath and tired out quicker.

    It's your choice, ofcourse, if you want to take a break... but just personally for me I wouldn't. If you need 2 rest days a week, then I would do that for sure. Best of luck to you!!
  • ursy87
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    I was sick for a week and didn't do any of my 'normal' routine, I stayed within my food allowances but the scales remained unchanged. Been back exercising this week and hopeful of a good payoff tomorrow. Also I really missed it after a day or two, I wanted to exercise but even light housework was leaving me wiped out.
  • Maybe you could try doing a completely different exercise to jump start your metabolism? For example if you usually ride a bike at the gym, try rowing instead. Of if you normally walk, do an exercise video for that amount of time. I think changing up the type of exercise would work better than not exercising for a week.