What to do when you REALLY want chocolate?????

Are there any suggestions or alternatives to when your REALLY craving chocolate?? I have to admit for being a major chocolate lover I have been doing good not having chocolate except maybe on my cheat day and even then I sometimes don't have any. It's been 1 month now and today I REaLLY REally wanted some chocolate!!! I had some just a little but my question to everyone is is there a such thing as a healthy chocolate?? Or what do you guys suggest as an alternative???? HELP PLEASE!!!!! Thanx!! :smile:


  • KayteeBear
    KayteeBear Posts: 1,040 Member
    I eat a small square of the dark chocolate. :)
  • skinnnyxoxo
    skinnnyxoxo Posts: 210 Member
    Just eat a Snickers bar. NOW.
  • chuckyp
    chuckyp Posts: 693 Member
    Just have some but don't go crazy.
  • Acg67
    Acg67 Posts: 12,142 Member
    eat some and fit it into your daily cals
  • slmclellan
    slmclellan Posts: 6 Member
    I have some chocolate!! I haven't totally given up anything because I don't believe it's realistic to live that way and I've still managed to lost 40 lbs in 6 months.
  • Deckershann
    Deckershann Posts: 272 Member
    diet hot chocolate
  • kritty123
    I take hot coco packets and sprinkle a little in my mouth....maybe a tsp or so and it takes care of my sweet tooth almost instantly! HTH!
  • sykin
    sykin Posts: 1,676 Member
    Dark chocolate if you're worried. But honestly, go get some of those freaky healthy chocolate things in the all natural aisle. Or Skinny Cow chocolate candy. Or mini chocolate bars. A little won't kill you. I also really enjoy making really rich chocolate milk or hot chocolate :)
  • Cakepiebeer
    I eat a small square of the dark chocolate. :)

    What she said
  • mgmlap
    mgmlap Posts: 1,377 Member
    dont deny yourself...have a square of dark chocolate...or maybe a bit more...just as long as you stay within range for the day.
  • reese66
    reese66 Posts: 2,920 Member
    I eat chocolate :)
  • doinit4tayzie
    Okay I am a firm believer if you are craving something you should have it. Otherwise ur gonna overeat trying to avoid that one thing. However you cab have it but dont over do it!! I recommend the skinny cow candy clusters or bars. I like the peanut butter one when my sweet tooth attacks. Good luck!
  • katcottrill
    Have some chocolate! Depriving yourself of it that much is not helpful, it will just make you want to go on a massive chocolate binge. And make sure you enjoy every last bite!
  • runner_girl_120
    I mix some chocolate whey protein with some chocolate soymilk and water in a big glass and warm it up, and it's like a huge glass of hot chocolate but full of protein ahha
  • MrsCon40
    MrsCon40 Posts: 2,351 Member
    If I have the calories to spare, I eat chocolate. If I don't have the calories to spare I will go work out so I can eat chocolate. If I can't motivate to work out to earn the calories, I don't eat chocolate.

  • snookumss
    snookumss Posts: 1,451 Member
    Chocolate Jello Pudding Cups! There are 60 calorie ones, and they are TASTY :D
  • SarahBeeMe
    SarahBeeMe Posts: 91 Member
    I exercise myself some extra chocolate calories! Then eat chocolate, with what can only be described as an inappropriately blissful look on my face. ;)
  • robinellis
    Fat Free Fudge Bar!
  • sarah44254
    sarah44254 Posts: 3,078 Member
    then I eat chocolate!
  • krbn2
    krbn2 Posts: 98 Member
    Sometimes I get a really fancy candy bar--like the $3 organic-fru-fru kind. Then I break it up into 100-200 calorie portions and put them in ziplocks and store them in the back of my fridge (because I like them cold), and when I really really want one I go get it.

    I'm not actually stocked with that treat at the moment...brb : )