Curios: Do you weigh yourself naked or with clothes?

I've been weighing myself semi-naked since I started (I'll leave my undies and shirt on).

I use my sister-in-law's scale every week because I flung mine out the window in a state or rage in early July (ended up breaking a light pole on the street...thank God I didn't hit anyone).

Anyway, yesterday, there were too many people at her house, so I decided to weigh myself with clothes on and I was 4 lbs heavier than the week before. I had jeans and a turtleneck on. I'm sort of jeans and a turtleneck weight 4 lbs? I doubt it. Now I'm scared. I don't think I'll re-weight myself until next week or the week after.


  • misty589
    misty589 Posts: 319 Member
    I weight nakey. Denim is heavy for sure. When I buy fabric (I sew) and I'm calculating shipping, I average 1 lb per yard that I'm buying, and you're probably wearing 3-5 yards of fabric, so it sounds about right
  • 1FitBabe
    1FitBabe Posts: 111 Member
    It depends on the material but jeans weigh usually weigh 1 to 2 pounds and some are heavier. You may have weighed yourself at a different time of day also.
  • Mrsfreedom41
    Mrsfreedom41 Posts: 330 Member
    I weigh myself first thing in the morning with just a light nightgown on, and before I have anything to drink or eat. For me this is the best time.
  • susan1024
    susan1024 Posts: 41 Member
    I always weigh myself in my underwear. Jeans are really quite heavy. I wouldn't be afraid to reweigh myself without the jeans and turtleneck.
  • Beezil
    Beezil Posts: 1,677 Member
    Definitely without clothes - sometimes I have undies and a nightgown on, but pants/shirt/shoes usually I notice adds an extra 4-5 pounds for me. My shoes alone are 2 pounds.
  • MelissaL582
    MelissaL582 Posts: 1,422 Member
    I weigh in the morning with my light jammies on. There are times I'll run to the kitchen naked to weigh myself; don't want to scare my kids. :laugh:
  • onmywaytoskinny155
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  • Rachaelluvszipped
    Rachaelluvszipped Posts: 768 Member
    sports bra and boy, every morning...right when I wake-up, can't help it..haha!
  • subela
    subela Posts: 76
    Naked,:love: first thing in the am.
  • GreenLifeGirl
    GreenLifeGirl Posts: 381 Member
    Naked right before my morning shower. Clothes are heavy and can vary in weight too much. I would completely disregard the weigh-in with all those clothes.
  • ingeh
    ingeh Posts: 513 Member
    Always naked as when I wear clothes I can be 1-2lbs heavier not much but I want an accurate reading!
  • Sweet_Southern_Tea
    Sweet_Southern_Tea Posts: 63 Member
    You should always weigh yourself first thing in the morning after you empty your bladder. If you weigh yourself later during the day with clothes on it will show weight gain even though you haven't gained weight.
  • beccadaniixox
    beccadaniixox Posts: 542 Member
    I wear a pair of underwear and that's it.
    I don't have a real scale so I use the WiiFit where I can pick "How heavy my clothes are". Which is a horrible idea because I used to always say "Oh they weigh two pounds!" (Even if i was almost all naked)
    Lying to myself didn't get me anywhere.
  • auticus
    auticus Posts: 1,051 Member
    Naked in the morning right as I'm about to shower after I've woken up.
  • BeanyFrog13
    BeanyFrog13 Posts: 161 Member
    First thing in the morning and undies all the way lol!
  • moushtie
    moushtie Posts: 371 Member
    I weigh myself in my gym clothes with shoes on.

    Yes it probably weighs a few lb more than if I was naked.. but I figure my clothes weigh about the same each time.

    I am NOT stripping off naked in the gym!
  • candicole007
    candicole007 Posts: 120 Member
    Panties and socks, at most - unless it's weigh in day at the gym, in which case I wear hoochie shorts and a camisole - no jewelry, no sunglasses, take my phone out of my pocket, etc =P
  • TheGlen
    TheGlen Posts: 242 Member
    Naked. First thing in the morning on the way into the shower. I've always read it's best to weigh yourself at the same time of day and wearing (or not wearing) the same thing. I know some people say they see a difference even depending on where they set the scale on the floor (I guess how flat it sits, etc). Mine sits in the exact same place, right beside the shower. I weigh myself on Sunday mornings usually (or sometimes other mornings if I'm anxious to see my progress because I'm having a really good week).