Best friend told me he likes me more than a friend!

laurenmXD Posts: 141 Member
So my best friend told me he likes me more than a friend and im not too sure how i feel. Hes amazing and i enjoy spending time with him but do best friends work?
Would like your views on this thankyou xx


  • sc1572
    sc1572 Posts: 2,309 Member
    Most couples I know married/dated their best friends :)
  • mmhenry28
    mmhenry28 Posts: 163 Member
    Tread very carefully, if it doesnt work out you can risk losing your best friend.
  • tjames719
    tjames719 Posts: 136 Member
    I believe best friends are the way to go. :smile:
  • mznisaelaine
    mznisaelaine Posts: 2,262 Member
    It will work out :) ....But just make sure you take it one day at a time. I ended up with my bestfriend for 3 years... We no longer are together but I think if you know it may work then it will work. Most of the best marriages are those who were bestfriend..hence my parents and they have a great marriage going on 25 years on Valentine's day! :)
  • Liluth
    Liluth Posts: 84 Member
    I think it's vital that you be best friends with your boyfriend. Some might disagree but if you can't just hang out with them, talk and argue, what are you basing the relationship on? Ultimately, it's not what we think that matters! Do YOU have the hots for him? If not, don't go for it. It's hard, if not impossible, to force that kind of feeling.
  • I have been married to my best friend/high school sweetheart for almost 17 years!! Do you love spending time with him? Do you miss him when he's not around? Do you get jealous if he is out with another woman? If the answers are yes you might have more than "friend" feelings for him also! Being best friends is a great way to start a relationship!! (as far as I'm concerned).
  • tjames719
    tjames719 Posts: 136 Member
    sorry dublicate post
  • Chellski
    Chellski Posts: 42 Member
    i married my best friend :) also dated a best friend in high school n it worked out fine
  • Lobster1987
    Lobster1987 Posts: 492 Member
    Oooo La La!
  • BrettPGH
    BrettPGH Posts: 4,720 Member
    Do it honey. If he really is a great friend you'll be stupid happy. Trust me. A significant other is supposed to be your best friend anyway, so you're halfway there already.
  • Puffins1958
    Puffins1958 Posts: 614 Member
    Well, let me give you my two cents worth.
    I also am in a very platonic relationship with my best friend. He is 4 years younger than I am, but that does not matter to either of us. He considers me to be his BEST friend, and he is mine. We do everything together, movies, drinks, dinner. He is very charming and I've often thought what would happen if our relationship went to the next level.

    It wouldn't work, I would expect things to be different. Things that generally don't bother me, I think would if we were more intimate. We have a great time together, because we expect nothing from one another. It just works well this way.

    I hope you make the RIGHT choices for you.....

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  • slimmingdownsteph
    slimmingdownsteph Posts: 201 Member
    my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years and i started out as best friends :):)
    it's sooo much better that way, since you know everything about them and you're used to each other.

    i say go for it! and good luck! :D
  • laurenmXD
    laurenmXD Posts: 141 Member
    Well whats made me think that i may like him is that hes just gone on holiday and i do miss him. I look forward to speaking to him every day. But im not physichally atracted to him that much. Im very confused at this moment. Its nice to get other peoples views tho x
  • rmwinters
    rmwinters Posts: 288 Member
    I married my best friend..You never know until it's too late thou.
  • nakabi
    nakabi Posts: 589 Member
    I married my best friend and we have been married over 4 years. We still have an AWESOME relationship; even better than when we were just friends!
  • I just married my best friend in June. But it was after 10 years total of knowing each other but we dated for 3 of the 10 years. Just take it slow!
  • barwood
    barwood Posts: 48 Member
    I think thats fantastic. I think everybody should be best friend first before they are in a relationship. You go girl.
  • fitniknik
    fitniknik Posts: 713 Member
    Do you want to do it to him? If you do... go for it. If you dont... DONT!
  • Kolohe71
    Kolohe71 Posts: 613 Member
    Been married to my best friend for almost 17 years now!
  • Run4iiiiiit
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    I was hoping this was gonna be a dude, that would have been funny.