diet soda


i switched to diet soda I used to drink coke and lots of it then i went to diet and now i tend to grab that every time and i know that is slowing my weight lost down

oh what to do


  • MysticMaiden22
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    ummm give it up?
  • LuckyLeprechaun
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    how can anything containing zero calories slow down your weight loss? :noway:

    That's rubbish. Every pound of my loss has been saturated in Coke Zero.
  • janeinspain
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    if it helps you stay on track, just have diet soda. try to reduce it, replace with water and tea, but have it around.
  • It isn't slowing your fat loss down.
    The carbonation can bloat you and appear to hinder

    Good job on starting to cut it out!
    I gave up regular soda, switched to diet, and slowly limited that. I still have one a day or maybe a couple a week
  • dga226
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    i know that is what i am trying to do but it is one of my weekness
  • AMIS456
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    Cut back! If you get caffiene headaches then slowly remove them from your diet and restrict the number you are allowed! I had to do this and now almost all I drink is water ( plus my AM coffee of course!) You can do it!
  • SusanMcAvoy
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    Diet soda slowed my weight down too so I had to stop drinking it. If you really like it that much, how about just 1 can a day? That's better than drinking it all day. Old habits are hard to break aren't they? What a pain. Good luck ! :flowerforyou:
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    Drink water? Lol, when you're thirsty, drink a cup of water and then a sip of soda, it'll make you feel like you're full of soda!-- haha, I'm only half joking, you should try it! ;)
  • bevsdietfor2011
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    I hear you!!!! I drink diet coke too and need to give it up!!!! It is really difficult but I know it would help my weight loss also!!! Hang in there and keep trying.
  • i know that is what i am trying to do but it is one of my weekness

    Then drink it :]
  • annabellj
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    i just quit again for the umpteenth time the diet soda that is. i found this time that if i drink it then i get the urge to eat sweets but never noticed it before. so today no soda and i didnt eat the blueberry scone at the cafeteria. it smelled good but it wasnt like i had to have it. yesterday i ate 3 choc chips cookies that i didnt really want anyway! i dont really know if it was related but it doesnt hurt to quit anyway. i drink water and the crystal light natural now. it has 15 cal, but i only need maybe one a day. hope this helps, i dont drink coffee either so losing the caffeine was way harsh!
  • I know a lot of people struggle with soda when trying to lose weight, but personally I don't get it. My thought is that if you're going to indulge in something, why not make it a food so it's at least more satisfying?

    Stop buying it and you won't have the option of resorting to it anymore. If that's not an option (ie: if other people in the house drink it) try to gradually limit your intake until you don't crave it anymore.
  • aochoa123
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    If it's the flavor your looking for try adding flavor packets to your water. I know in my case it was the flavor I was missing and when I started adding flavor packets to my water it helped me drink more water and no soda, now I only drink plain water
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    i used to drink lots of fizzy pop, i was actually underweight then but a nervous wreck. i switched to lucozade but still darank lots of it, i've been cutting down gradually, i'm now on one 500ml bottle a day. i buy the next days bottle the day before and i won't drink it because i know i want it in the morning to wake up. i know it's bad for me, it really is an addiction, i too would appreciate any suggestions on how to get off the fizzy stuff, thanks
  • sarahliftsUP
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    If I were you I would not use diet soda to wean yourself off of regular soda.. Aspartame is just nasty stuff and regular pop isn't great for you either but it has real sugar in it that your brain can read as being calories.

    Limit yourself to just one can of regular soda a day.. or how much of it have you been drinking? If you drink the stuff with calories, it will make you think of how much the taste is worth the calories.
  • snockers3112
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    I found myself drinking it every day at one point and knew it couldn't be good for me but craved it so much - until one day I decided enough was enough and stopped drinking it. Now I have no interest in it at all :)
  • I second the giving it my opinion, diet soda is even worse for you than regular soda because of the aspertame and other chemicals. Also, the artificial sweeteners actually increase your appetite.

    I used to be addicted to Diet Pepsi,consuming about 12 cans every few days. I pretty much drank it and nothing else. I quit drinking it 8 months was the hardest thing I have ever done, but I know it is why I have been successful at losing weight and working out.

    My advice to you would be to stop buying it and stop drinking it. Learn to love water!
  • EuroDriver12
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    just sit down... decide whats more important to you health and goal wise... keep satisfying ur cravings or see good results n take care of ur health??

    i used to be a drinker with friends all the time... now.. last time i drank was my bday july 31st... yet i still go out with my friends once in while but just have water or juice... drinking lowers ur testostrone and raises ur estrogen for about 4 days... so thats a week waisted at the gym pretty much cuz u wanted to get hammered... not talking of other bad effects

    what helps me is i run cycles e.g. bulking, cutting, strenght.. between each cycle i take a week rest to let my body get itself back in check and i have my cheat meals, drinks, n everything during that week before i start on my next cycle/goal..

    i know its little different pop n alcohol etc.. but just making a point.. that u have the will in you to stop drinking pop.. u just have to want something else bad enough
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    According to my deititian: Diet drinks and other zero calorie sweeteners trick your brain into expecting sugar. So your brain will cause you to release insulin which in turn causes the existing blood sugar to drop, making you more hungry than you should be. If you are trying to control your appetite, diet soda and artificial sweeteners are working against you.

    Hope this helps.

    I stay away from all liquids except water and an occasional coffee or tea. Sometimes I drink sparkling water and lime. Its nice.
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    that stuff will rot your teeth...give it up