Morbidly Obese

Hi all :) I'm 5'4" and 514lbs. I've lost 20 lbs so far, but really starting to get into recording my meals and exercising now. I have to get down to 450lbs to get gastric bypass surgery, which I'm very excited about.

Good luck to everyone on their goals, and hope to make some friends :)


  • chevy88grl
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    Welcome! You're off to a great start. Just keep going. :)

    Good Luck to you!
  • mistresseeyore
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    You can do this.
  • Shyloh1
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    Best of can do this,I know you can!

    Just believe in yourself!:flowerforyou:
  • spiritwolf13
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    hello and welcome to MFP. The hardest part is getting started and your there so kudos to you. Send me a friend request if you like and remember no matter what are goals are or where we are at we all need support thats why we mostly come here
  • kelly3779
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    You can do it!!! You're already off to a great start! :)
  • 2Bgoddess
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    good for you! long road ahead, and what is best for a road trip? FRIENDS! feel free to friend me. wishing you all the best, and sharing some +++energy. you go girl!
  • jlineber
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    Congratulations on your decision to regain your life. You will not be sorry. Keep up the good work. I used to be morbidly obese, too. That was 130 lbs. ago. I just got back from a 22 mile bike ride and I am 61 years old. It's never too late to start.
  • I'm so excited that you are doing this and not giving up! Friend me, so I can be there with you when you reach your goal and congratulate you. I would love to support you in any and all ways and you embark on this journey.
  • WalkingZero1
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    congrats on starting your journey!!! If you need support and motivatin words, I'm here :)
  • metisgirl
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    You can add me anytime......I lost 200 lbs with hard work and a lot of slips and trials and tribulations with my food addiction...i still have a ways to go, but I would luv to be your friend throughout your journey....
  • Congrats on loosing 23 lbs! You are headed in the right direction to a healthier and happier you! Feel free to add me and we can motivate one another. :)
  • msundrstd1
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    You can do it! Congrats on the twenty pound loss. Stay focused and pray about it! You will be there before you know it!
  • heykatieben
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    Welcome!! This is an awesome place, and it's helping so many people - best tool I've seen ever for losing weight! Make lots of friends here and you'll do well!! Feel free to add me! :)
  • Deirdre_R
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    Good luck nalfavi!
  • ysherry
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    Hi! I am new and would love to be counted as a friend. We all can use the support.:wink:
  • RhonndaJ
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    Congrats on your decision and success so far.
  • flnative
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    You are inspiring me! Keep up the good work! WTG!!!
  • You go girl... continue to be excited and encouraged... hug!!
  • I admire your strength and ability to follow through with your goals. You are an inspiration to me!!! Keep on taking those steps toward a healthier you!
  • Hang in there girl. You can do this!