5'7 19yo F (Pics)- What I accomplished this semester!



  • cowboydan43
    cowboydan43 Posts: 306 Member
    awesome you look great! sucks to be your ex bf! haha

    Haha right? Hes on MFP I hope he sees this.
    Thanks for the kind words again everyone you are totally making my day!
  • kittuk86
    kittuk86 Posts: 192 Member
    WOW!!! ur my inspiration hon!!
    I want to look how ur lookin right now..

    again.. WOW!!
  • MelMoly
    MelMoly Posts: 1,312 Member
    ^ five! this is fantastic!!! :drinker:
  • Caylee320
    Caylee320 Posts: 56 Member
    Fantastic resuts! Very inspiring, Thanks.
  • You look incredible! Congrats :)
  • amandar0chelle
    amandar0chelle Posts: 11 Member
    OMG I am 5'7" and I started at 300lbs but am currently 192lbs. I have been looking for someone my height and my goal weight!! my goal weight is 165lbs and if I want to go down from their I will. I think you look amazing and im soo excited to get where you are. You are an amazing woman!!!!
  • Amy2201
    Amy2201 Posts: 13 Member
    Wow, you've done amazing!
  • minadeathclutch
    minadeathclutch Posts: 375 Member
  • laurelderry
    laurelderry Posts: 384 Member
    You look FANTASTIC, girl!
  • msundrstd1
    msundrstd1 Posts: 27 Member
    Be very proud of yourself! I am 35, and you have inspired me!
  • Kickinkim418
    Kickinkim418 Posts: 257 Member
    WOW, you look AMAZING!!! Good FOR YOU!
  • rileysowner
    rileysowner Posts: 7,804 Member
    Amazing. Great job.
  • tuskegee4
    tuskegee4 Posts: 110 Member
    That ex will be calling soon, you look awesome....can an old guy say
  • candicejn
    candicejn Posts: 458 Member
    Amazing transformation, congratulations!!
  • You are amazing! Keep up the good work, fabulous!
  • cowboydan43
    cowboydan43 Posts: 306 Member
    That ex will be calling soon, you look awesome....can an old guy say

    He can talk to my voice-mail :devil:

    Thanks again everyone!! So very kind!! I'm glad to inspire. Not something I ever thought I'd be doing that is for sure!
  • Tunia85
    Tunia85 Posts: 212 Member
    You look awesome! One semester and you look and probably feel like a different person! I am so proud of you, I can't begin to tell you. Keep it up!
  • Emzorline
    Emzorline Posts: 5 Member
    wow you look amazing. really insprational
  • WOW, AMAZING JOB! I'm shooting for about the same weight we're just about the same weight! Hoping to get to my goal VERY soon! Fantastic Job!
  • Wow you look amazing!!! How tall are you?
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