Fitness New Years Resolutions

What are your fitness new years resolutions? What are you hoping to accomplish in 2012 that you have not been able to so far, fitness wise? I hope to start running enough to be able to participate in a marathon.


  • Smokey19
    Smokey19 Posts: 796 Member
    My goal is to join a health club, keep a food diary, and lose the last 90 lbs.
  • JennieAL
    JennieAL Posts: 1,726 Member
    Not sure this is a "resolution" but I plan to keep whittling away the body fat until I reach my ideal... with some major muscle definition. I want to get all the basic kettlebell moves down, so I can focus on my kettlebell workouts (about 3-4 days a week) to get that muscle definition.
  • Dumbell_Diva
    Dumbell_Diva Posts: 175 Member
    Im planning to take up running again, walk more and have a much healthier lifestyle, and to cut out chocolate!!! Oh and lose the 30lb I gained this summer! Good luck everybody, we can do it, hey!
  • quietlywinning
    quietlywinning Posts: 889 Member
    To resume the weight loss that seems to have stalled out since Thanksgiving. This means I must resume exercising.....that is the part of MFP I've pretty much stalled out on! :blushing:
  • lvnspoonful
    lvnspoonful Posts: 391 Member
    Already told hubby that come 1 JAN I am cleaning out all the non-healthy (tempting food) and I will NOT be buying anymore - if he wants that kind of food he will have to buy it and hide it in his man cave (the garage). I am going to get healthy and my family healthy!!! My resolution is to lose 40 pounds - I want to lose 1 pound a week and go from there. I also want to drink MORE water, eat more veggies and fruits and cut down on bad carbs. I would love to increase my running from 2 miles to 5 miles and look into doing a mini-marathon. I have LOTS of goals and I will definitely need help and support and motivation to keep me in check!!!

    Side note - I am always looking for new, supportive friends. Feel free to add me! :smile: :flowerforyou:
  • DakotaKeogh
    DakotaKeogh Posts: 693 Member
    Next year will be the push to the final goal of arriving at 10% body fat. I've got all this momentum so I may as well go all the way.
  • josavage
    josavage Posts: 475 Member
    In 2011, I achieved a personal record in every race I did - 5k, 5 miler, 10 miler, half marathon and sprint triathlon. My goal for 2012 is to beat all of 2011's times. If my foot holds up, I hope to add a personal best marathon time to that as well. I got a stress fracture in my foot training for a marathon this year and had to give up 2 weeks before the race. I was heartbroken.
  • shack1157
    shack1157 Posts: 97 Member
    For 2012 I plan on losing about another 10 to 15 pounds! I also want to do muscle toning! I have to firm up my arms, legs. chest and stomach.
  • I pretty much stalled too..getting back at it soon though!
  • For 2012 I hope to participate in my first 5k and lose 50 lbs by august for my 21st bday.
  • sufikitkat
    sufikitkat Posts: 596 Member
    Continuing to keep in shape for the half marathon distance and building on it to run my first full marathon in September :-) Also to just keep sticking with it AND to not allow myself to get too caught up in worry about calories, etc.
  • WifeMomDVM
    WifeMomDVM Posts: 1,025 Member
    Do some pull-ups at 9 months pregnant (which will be in August) - I can barely do one pull-up now - better keep up with it!
  • MindyBlack
    MindyBlack Posts: 954 Member
    Start C25K and do a 5k running, not walking like I usually do. Other than that, lose last 10+ lbs and maintain.
  • Elzecat
    Elzecat Posts: 2,916 Member
    My fitness goals for 2012:
    -drop the last 5-10 pounds
    -add strength training/boot camp workouts/resistance work to work on my muscle development --took some "before pics" today to get started
    -lower my body fat percentage
    -clean up my diet to better fuel my workouts
    -train for and complete at least 2 more half marathons (did my first half in October 2011)
    -complete the Bolder Boulder in under 75 minutes (my current PR for a 10k)
    -run a 10 minute mile (for more than 20 seconds lol)
    -be able to do a toe pushup...preferably more than one :)
  • Elzecat
    Elzecat Posts: 2,916 Member
    BUMP so I can find this again! hehe
  • angel79202
    angel79202 Posts: 1,012 Member
    - lose the last 20 pounds
    - run a 5K
    -keep working out 6 days a week
    -get preggo
  • lodro
    lodro Posts: 982 Member
    Continue to do bikram yoga every day
    Join the training sessions for Alpe Duzes (climb Alpe d'Huez 6 times in 6 days on a bike)
    get in beween 150 - 200 training kilometers weekly on the bike (outdoors)
    be superfit when I go to guide vision quests in France so I won't have to recover for a week when I get home again.

    enjoy the outdoors
  • funkycamper
    funkycamper Posts: 998 Member
    Continue with my weight-lifting, HIIT, and C25k training so I can complete a 5k in February. Then switch my cardio over to cycling so I can complete the Seattle to Portland bike event (200 miles/2 days) in July. After that, not sure if I'll cut back on cycling to do more running again or continue with cycling to do a 150-mile event on the Coeur de' Alene trail in September. Oh, and now that my back is getting strong enough (long recuperation from a severe back injury a few years back), I plan to hoist my pack and do the 40 mile round-trip hike into Enchanted Valley.

    Of course, continue with healthy eating to continue my weight loss as well. But fitness is my focus and the weight loss will follow as it has done for the last 65 pounds.
  • kizzym
    kizzym Posts: 250
    -WEIGH 16O IBS BY MAY 26, 2012
    -WEIGH 125 IBS BY DEC 31, 2012