How do I start to exercise??



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    i agree with everyone else...start slow like walking and build up....I'm sure that most people dont vomit when they start working out unless they go all the way extreme with it.
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    Your local Y may have a great gym. Many now compete with local health clubs.
    Either way, you might invest the $100 or $200 for a personal trainer for your first few sessions.
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    I'm a SAHM so I don't get the opportunity to do stuff like gyms and going out. I do have a home tread and I use online workout videos.This really helped me to lose the weight in 3 months. When I work my way up to the higher speeds on my treadmill I've found that if I practice pushing myself in intervals that I can get the higher speeds. I think testing yourself might help. And if you notice on the shows they throw up the one time and that's pretty much it. Your body is rebelling because your doing something it's not used to. Give it time and build up so that you don't regret it. I've gone hard core on a Gillian Michaels video and I wished I hadn't the next day. This is a journey and you will get there but just be careful not to be too eager as you can injure yourself and that can set you back. Although it is good to pay attention to why your doing this. You could be diabetic or have low iron. You may need to eat some fruit before you workout. Not allot just a little. Your body may need the sugar. Best wishes for an amazing journey. You can do this and you will get there. It's one day at a time and it's important to remember to have grace for yourself. You are greatness waiting to happen.:flowerforyou:
  • Simple answer: just move more today than you did yesterday. It doesn't matter WHAT you do as much as it matters THAT you do something. Good luck!
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    I recommend taking baby steps. Don't go full speed ahead. Use the 'talk test" to test your exertion level. If you can sing a song while you are working out, you need to step it up a bit. But don't get to that point where you can't talk at all. Moderation is going to help you ease back into working out.
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    I can relate. I use to play softball then life got in the way.. now I don't know how to start again. I have a gym membership and I would go 2 days then skip another 2 weeks.. then something would happen to me or i would get a ton of overtime at work where all I can do is sleep during the 8 hours in between shifts.

    My husband and I are trying to have a baby. I cut down on the work hours so I need to lose some weight now.. because it will be easier to conceive.
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    Whatever you choose to do, slow down or take a break if you start feeling nauseated. If you're pushing too hard, you have my permission to back off! If you feel sick when your heart hits a certain rate, then get yourself a heartrate monitor that will warn you before you hit "overdrive" so you know not to push harder. You can do it!

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    I started by joining Curves, and I still love it! Since then I added Zumba and bootcamp, and there is always walking for the days I can't get to the gym. Start slow, but push yourself. Now, I hate missing a day of exercise, seriously, that was the only thing I didn't like about my Christmas, but then I remembered that my dogs needed a walk. Ps -- Working out until you barf is ridiculous!
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    I used to be very active a couple of years back, YES YEARS! I am so ashamed but I got off that boat and I am desperate to get back on. I have been trying to work out now but its not the same, I will jump rope, jog in place and do the stationary bike but that is it. I want to join a gym but I don't even know where to start. I have gained over thirty pounds since March of 2011 and I am trying to lose them. I have lost 4 but I really want to knock the remanding off. I will now explain to you that I have a phobia of vomiting and every time I work out to the point that my heart begins to race I start to feel like I am going to get sick so then I avoid exercise. I have seen many times people start to work out and they get sick like on those weight loss shows and what not and I DON'T want that to happen to me. So I know I NEED to start off slow but HOW??? My goal is to be able to work out like a normal person again with out feeling ill afterwards. I don't know where to begin SLOWLY. Should I start aerobics, yoga, climbing stairs, should I even join a gym right now? I need help and I would appreciate anyone's words of advice or encouragement. Thanks in advance!

    Hey love,

    I was in the same boat as you. In 2008 I lost a good 30lbs, then spiked to my highest weigh every this year. I knew I could get it off but just didn't want to, so it was all in my head.

    My recommendation to you is to walk. Around the block at first. Walk for 10 minutes, 3 times a day. Don't walk overly fast at first, just walk. When you feel a little fitter, walk twice a day for 15 minutes each until you can do 30 minutes in one go. When you get to 30 minutes, don't feel bad about taking breaks along the way if you need to. When you work your way into walking 30 minutes at a little bit of a faster pace, walk for 40 etc until you feel comfortable with exercise.

    I started on my treadmill for 30 minutes. I stopped after 2 minutes because I was burning and my heart was pounding. I stretched a little, slowed it down and now I LOVE exercise. I now walk outside for 55 - 60 minutes in one go and I LOVE it. I NEVER EVER thought I would say the words. Now, if I don't go for my walk, I am cranky.

    Good luck, friend me if you wish and I can be your support.

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    Check out the classes at the YMCA or other local gyms, see what looks fun, and sign up!
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    I recommend taking baby steps. Don't go full speed ahead. Use the 'talk test" to test your exertion level. If you can sing a song while you are working out, you need to step it up a bit. But don't get to that point where you can't talk at all. Moderation is going to help you ease back into working out.

    This is good advice.

    Personally, I wouldn't bother with a gym unless there is a specific workout that you can do there that you can't do at home.

    I think yoga is a wonderful start, and so is jump rope. Try to keep your workouts simple, and if you are really scared of ralphing, do it at home.

    With jump rope, I would only go for a few minutes at first. Take lots of breaks.

    With yoga, you can probably go as long as you like.
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    Hi, after reading lots and lots of posts I decided not to wait til after the new year got up off my butt and got on tred mill and walked 15 min. at 2.5 mph.....not much but it is a start. Had a big stomach surgery Nov.8,2011 and go back to work the 2nd of Jan. I'm sore but will manage. I need to loose 50 lbs. This is my 1st goal.
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    While you are pondering what to do, walk.

    I used to think too much that I talked myself out of anything (too hard, too expensive, etc., etc.)

    One day in desperation, I started walking. The rest, as they say, is history...
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    I agree with most of the others. It is good to start by walking. What I do is after I go to the bathroom in the morning I do my jumping jacks. This helps me get going in the morning and one thing is done already. Plus I do it before I eat and that help with stomach upset. I try to do a few more everyday. I usually do circuit training with weights before I eat lunch or dinner. If I eat first then I have to wait an hour or so. I never got sick working out this way. Remember you have to build up your exercises after time. The ones on the fat looser are doing it at an extreme and have doctors at the ready. I have bad feet and knees and can only do the elliptical or treadmill for a short time, so I do sprints for about fifteen to thirty seconds followed by about a half a minute at a slower pace. I try to do a little more each time. You can't start of running a marathon. You have to start with the hundred yard dash. Feel free to friend me.

    Stay strong -[------]- live long my friend,

  • Start with a walk :happy:
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    To solve that phobia, only eat toast an hour before your workout. Whole grain, then when your exercising there isn't anything to get aggregation and relieves the feeling of vomit.

    But exercise doesnt need to be that intense. Walking, jump rope, swimming, weights, zumba, running, basketball, tennis, the list goes on. Anything other than nothing.
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    Start slow - Couch to 5k has been listed by others - good plan. Do just a little at first - get your heart rate up then back off.

    The last thing you want to do is either hurt yourself or stop because it's unpleasant.

    Do you swim? Look on the US Masters Swimming website for a local masters club. It's not the same everywhere, but at my health club, we have an adult swim team that meets for practice twice a week.

    If you know how to use each of the weight machines in the gym, just do some light lifting on each machine & if you don't know how to use them, ask - I'm sure there will be people happy to show you how.

    In my case, I'd never run in my life and at 40 I started by running for 60 seconds, then walking for three minutes, and repeating until I'd covered 2 miles. I did this three times a week until, increasing the run time and decreasing the walk time until I could run the entire distance. It took me something like 4 months, but I never got sick of it and didn't sprain anything in the process. Today I can run 10 miles without any real trouble and finished my first 1/2 marathon in October.

    Oh, and if you are going to run, I suggest you find someone (Physical Therapist, Running Club, etc) that can look at your stride. If I'd done that I could have avoided some strain on my knees and ankles if someone had been been able to point out where I needed some form improvements early on.
  • i think you should just join the gym...its like riding a bike! itll all come back to you and youll be at your goal in no time! its normal to have the fear of exercising at first, esp if youve stopped going for a while. i promise as soon as you get into the gym again, youll be the happiest ever once you finish day one..and then itll be day two etc. just do it!! you know you want toooo! yay
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    Yoga is a great way to get in tune with your body ... maybe start a walking regimen, perhaps 3 to 5 miles a day .... you could try some cardio by video ... but I would not encourage you to spend the cash on a gym membership until you are certain what will work for you ! Spend the money on a " Kettlebell " and start building muscle while implementing the cardio in daily by walking or video. The key to finding what will work ... is by finding what you love to do ! People who normally vomit during a workout .. usually push themselves beyond what is supposed to be achieved and or are doing a workout that they despise and therefore vomit to stop. Just an opinion, but for me ... I am a firm believer in " loving " what you do ! :)
  • Just start slowly and gradually build your way back into it. You've already taken a huge step by making the decision to get more active and healthy again.